Gear4 outs speaker systems for iOS devices

Gear4 outs speaker systems for iOS devices

Gear4 showcased its wide range of speaker docks for iOS devices last night, which include app-enabled wireless home speakers, portables, and alarm clock docks.

Leading the pack for the home speaker dock range is Gear4’s flagship, the AirZone Series 1. The AirZone Series 1 utilizes Apple’s AirPlay wireless technology for easy wireless music streaming. It has an adjustable EQ, FM radio with preset saving and a premium metal design with high gloss finish. The AirZone Series 1 has a SRP of Php11,590.


Next is the HouseParty Portable Wireless from the portable speaker dock range. It is capable of apt-X lossless Bluetooth music streaming and works with the SmartLink Wireless App for iOS. It has an adjustable EQ, customizable power settings, USB charge port, clock display and alarms sync. The HouseParty Portable Wireless speaker dock has a SRP Php6,690.

From the alarm clock docks is the Renew SleepClock that offers a unique way of waking you up. It’s not your average alarm clock dock for your iOS device as it also functions as a non-contact sleep monitor that detects sound and movements wirelessly as you sleep. Using a dedicated app, it measures and records your sleep and wake cycle then wakes you at the right moment with your favorite music. The Renew SleepClock has a SRP of Php10,190.

Last are the Angry Birds-inspired dock speakers and mini speakers. These are officially licensed Angry Birds merchandise that would appeal to kids and collectors. The angry avian speaker docks have the following SRPs: Php3,390 (Red Bird), Php4,690 (Helmet Pig) and Php4,990 (Black Bird). As for the Angry Birds mini speakers, each has an SRP of Php1,390.

Gear4 Speaker docks and accessories are available at major consumer electronics and IT retailers nationwide.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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