LG FB163 Micro Hi-Fi System

LG FB163 Micro Hi-Fi System

This LG speaker system was waiting for me when I got back home, the FB163 — a 15-kg DVD player and sound system that’s also made for the iPod.

The FB163 is all black and shiny. Connects fine with most iPods including the iPhone 3G.

lg stereo speakers

The front panels are touchpad-controlled and looks and functions much like the clickwheel of the iPod (plus the glowing effect).


lg dvd micro hifi system lg speakers lg dvd player

The stereo system is loud and crisp, powered by two front speakers each rated at 80 watts.

lg ipod dock speakers

I have yet to play with it some more. You’ll see what’s my approval rating once I put out a review.

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15 Responses

  1. how much it this? srp? sir Abe?

  2. Obed says:

    Oh my gash! It’s sooooo sleek!

  3. Adrian says:

    wow ang ganda naman. :)

  4. calvin says:

    sweeettt… ganda abe.

  5. yuga says:

    @[email protected] – didn’t get the SRP but the official LGE site indicates $399.

  6. CPB says:

    Yikes!! Makakabili na ako nito pagdating ng february income ko.. iPhone or iPod or PSP? Hmm.. My hardwork had paid off.. I wanna invest in Globe Telecom pero di ko alam requirements.. May 30k php na ako ready for investment. :(

  7. Leojay says:

    Thanks Sir Abe, This is great, your reviews really helps us a lot. Please include also other speaker systems, like pc, car, etc. & car stereo too also. Maybe you’ve posted already here but havent checked it yet. Especially items really commensurate the price,.. i forgot the right term, “value..” whatever..

  8. Selboy says:

    ganda sana. kaso wala akong $400 na money

  9. babies says:

    Very nice idea, big plus for LG.

  10. yuga says:

    The SRP is Php12,990.

  11. Roy Chan says:

    But, can this Hi-Fi system support iPhone 3GS?

  12. Roy Chan says:

    I tried it, plugged iphone 3GS to FB163, & iphone would change to the flight mode and become iPod.

  13. Tony says:

    I have this stereo, and i like it alot. The sound quality is great but i’m not so crazy about the touch sensitive control circle at the front. I think if it were to just have buttons it would be much more easy to use.

    also i was wondering, does a remote for this stereo exist? i had to buy the display stereo at best buy because all the box sets were sold out, and it didnt come with a remote. I would reeeally like to have a remote so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

  14. I just wanted to tell you I was able to use your website for a recent university project. Saved me quite a lot of work.

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