Luxa2 Groovy T Magic Boom Box Speaker Quick Review

Luxa2 Groovy T Magic Boom Box Speaker Quick Review

There are different ways you could connect your music player to a pair of speakers. There’s the classic wired approach that uses a 3.5mm cable, docking the device onto the speakers itself, over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth pairing, and NFC pairing. There is, however, a newly-emerging way of doing this without the use of wires or Wi-Fi and it’s called Near Field Audio. This is what Luxa2‘s Groovy T Magic Boom Box speaker is all about — being able to amplify your music just by placing it on top, without any configuration.


The device is just this 5.1-inch long plastic box which is lightweight and could easily fit in most bags. It’s got an overall matte finish which doesn’t scream to be noticed and blends well when placed on top of shelves, tables, etc. The physique of the Groovy T is very basic: Its flat surface up top is where you place your music player, the front is where the two 1.5-inch drivers give out sound, and at the back are your power switch, mini-USB for charging, and AUX port.


The way the Groovy T works is through induction and it requires a few things. First, the music player needs to have a speaker of its own and second, it should be placed on top of the strip of white line. This area is where the device picks up the sound coming from the music player, amplifies it, and sends it out the two drivers with a louder volume. We’ve recently came across this kind of technology when Airborne Technologies introduced the AT Boom Box.


Here’s a video of how it works:


We would say the the Groovy T effectively amplifies the original volume from the music player. From something that could only be heard by a little, the boom box makes it audible for a group of people. As for the sound quality, it still was decent, but definitely not as good as dedicated speakers. Turning the source’s volume all the way to the maximum produced slight distortion and overall, the sound was tin-y and lacked bass.


You have to understand, though, that Luxa2 didn’t make this specifically for audiophiles. It was targeted more to those who just want music playing in the background with a really convenient method of doing so — simply place your smartphone or iPod on top of it and you’re all ready to go. As for the battery life the company claims that it could last 5.5 hours of continuous playback, which it did. In fact, it lasted longer than that while playing music with 50% volume. With a battery life lasting more than 6 hours, it just proved that it’s a good companion for indoor and even outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a simple music player that effectively does its job, the Luxa2 Groovy T is one of the devices to consider. It’s also competitively-priced at just Php750 so those minor niggles aren’t really something to complain about. It will be available starting this January 2015.

Luxa2 Groovy T specs:
Drivers: 2x 1.5-inch
Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 4 ohms
Maximum Power: 1250MW
800mAh battery
1-meter mini-USB cable (included)
31 inches 3.5mm cable (included)
130 x 47 x 69mm (dimensions)
155 grams (weight)

What we liked about it:

  • Handy
  • Positively amplifies volume from source
  • Impressive battery life
  • Priced competitively

What we didn’t like:

  • Tin-y sound
  • Lacks bass
  • Slight distortion on maximum volume

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