Microsoft Zune 2

Microsoft Zune 2

While everyone else is waiting for the iPod Touch on the 28th, this sketch of the 2nd generation Microsoft Zune was seen last May on a German website.

And I must say, it looked gorgeous in black. See screenshot after the jump.


Zune 2

I can’t understand the discussion there but it looks like a 100GB HDD on wifi and a full touch screen.

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8 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    Although it also looks nice, it doesn’t have the same appeal as the iPhone or iPod Touch has. I wonder how much these Zunes will cost once they come out?

  2. vance says:

    the zune 30Gb only cost as much as the iPod 30GB 5.5th gen…

    so the iPod touch cost as much as 20k something.. the new prices were available in Apple Retail Stores and it is a 5.5gen killer..

    NO Matter how good the zune looks! it is still not as open as the iPod.. If MS finally decide to ditch DRM (which i don’t think they will) then Zune will be as hot as the iPods or any other MP3 player.

  3. noelperlas says:

    It looks similar to the iPod touch.. maybe wider. Even the “album art search” looks like the similar concept to ipod’s “coverflow.” The Wifi would be worthless if it doesn’t have a decent browser… IE?

  4. pao says:

    wow, looks nice. though i don’t really need an mp3 player (i use my pocket pc for that), i still don’t like ipod that much because it’s software dependent. if i will ever buy an mp3 player in the future, though. zune would be one of my choices, or creative.

  5. vance says:

    @pao… google is your friend if you think iPods are software dependent. There are tons of 3rd party apps that can transfer files from and to an ipod.. Zune needs to have all your MP3s DRM protected or else Zune would be useless…

  6. kdkdk says:

    @vance. you dont have to have all of your zune music DRM protected only the music you bought off of zune marketplace.

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