Mouse Hunting

Mouse Hunting

Of the computer peripherals that I value the most, I gave the mouse the top marks (the speakers just came in second). In the last 3 years alone, I may have bought at least 5 of these devices and most of them came in style. All but one of of them are made by Logitech (including the keyboard).

I mentioned about my alleged case of CTS a few months back so I thought it’s time to get a new mouse — something with a different anatomy from the previous ones. I already have the the Logitech Netscroll, the MX 500, Logitech Marble Mouse, and just now the LX7 Cordless Optical mouse, still from Logitech.


Slimmer than the MX 500, as comfortable as the Marble Mouse but not as expensive as the MX1000 Laser Mouse.

It connects wirelessly so no more spaghetti straps all over my table.

The damage: Php2,250.

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8 Responses

  1. markku says:

    No more wires so now you can lose the entire mouse. ;) Hehehe.

  2. demonhale says:

    No wires, No Batteries, Laser, and standard Hair Click Response, scroller, clickable scroller, and cool design… look for the A4 Brand

    Liked logitech, but I far value function… but my first love are of speakers anyways…

  3. Migs says:

    CD-R King Mouse is good enough for me!

  4. Logitech MX Laser is the only way to go! It’s expensive, though. When I bought mine it was about P4,500.

  5. Migs says:

    A mouse more expensive than my processor? That’s not right …

  6. markku says:

    Yeah, CD-R King mouse is quite good, but is always out of stock! I’m now using the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical, quite okay but if you consider the price, you can get better for your money.

  7. kzap says:

    down with mouse space and up with marble mice! :)
    i find the marble mouse very good for the wrist
    maybe your mouse elevation is higher than your elbows at 90 degrees?

    I saw this mouse on TechTV before it was a vertical mouse so to speak where you held it sort of like a joystick but moved it like a regular ball mouse, might prove a lot easier on the wrist.

  8. yuga says:

    @ kzap

    It’s way above the 90-degree angle! :D

    @ demonhale

    I tried the A4tech models but I didn’t like the weight.

    @ Mindanao Photoblog

    I just couldn’t get myself into spending more than 3k for the mouse. The MX1000 laser’s chassis is the same as my older MX 500 model so I veered away from it.

    @ Migs & Markku

    I haven’t tried those. How’s the lifespan?

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