New Samsung Touchscreen MP3 Players

New Samsung Touchscreen MP3 Players

Before Apple announces their new line of iPods (with speculations of a fully touch screen iPod video) this coming September 5, Samsung has already preempted their timing by annoucning the YP-P2 and YP-T10 (yeah, weird naming schemes).

See screenshots and video after the jump…

Samsung YP-P2

Limited specs are available — a 3-inch wide-screen at 480 x 272 video resolution (DVD-quality 30 frames per second using WMV9 or MPEG4 video formats), 4GB and 8GB capacity, FM tuner/recorder, voice recorder, image viewer, Bluetooth 2.0, plays MP3 and WMA and lasts up to 35 hours on music playback and 5 hours for video.


Here’s a video demo of the P2:

The Samsung YP-T10 is the smaller version with only a 2-inch screen. Colors available in black, white and burgundy.

Still, the P2 looks amazing and Samsung got it out before Apple did. { source: CNet }

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12 Responses

  1. Eugene says:

    Intriguing… I like the extended battery life, the FM tuner, and the recorder. If this is cheaper than a comparable iPod, I might just buy one. :)

  2. Elizar says:

    cool! I want one! I agree, it this is cheaper than 5th gen ipod, i think i can talk my my wife to buy me one. :)

  3. retz says:

    I recently won a K5 MP3 player from 7/11 (Yes the one with the scratch card and TEXT the code) last month. It is a 4Gb MP3 player with external speakers. Same touchscreen technology image viewer/ file storage, but no video.
    One thing I hate is when you get the batteries drained, you get a BlackSOD until you press the little reset button at the back. Took me 1 week to figure that out. ;P
    Send ko sau pics kuya abe…

  4. trishtan says:

    is it already available here in the Philippines? thanks… and whats the price?? thanks again…

  5. Grey says:

    I saw at 8 gigabyte yp p2 model sold for P13,899 roughly at Style Electronics (new shop at the new midtown wing of Robinson’s Place Ermita) and at mp3 express. I’m choosing between this and the 8 gigabyte creative zen (P9,499).

    Anyone have any experience buying from Style Electronics or mp3 express?

  6. Lucien Tiojanco says:

    Check out the new features of the Samsung YP-P2 with 3.15 firmware update:

  7. Ed says:

    Samsung mp3 players got great sound quality. My first samsung mp3 player was yp-t9 and upgraded into yp-t10. Samsung mp3 players rocks!!

  8. Jodie says:

    how much is it for this time?
    please send me an email

  9. swizzy says:

    I like it i like it i like it, im going to get myn tomorrow i love the sound and all thats on it,was going for the ipod but to hell with it.It rocks

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