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New Sony PSP is codenamed NGP

Sony has just announced its new PSP which it calls NGP — the Next Generation Portable with specs that are definitely drool-worthy.

Sony NGP
ARM Cortex A9 (4-cores)
Quad-Core PowerVR SGX543MP+ GPU
Front & Rear Camera
Built-in GPS
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
3G connectivity

It comes with a 5-inch OLED multi-touch display and another one touchpad at the back side. Multiple sensors are also built into the device, including three motion sensors, a gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass.

The Sony NGP might not come out until the latter months of this year but that’s something to really look forward to.

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55 Responses

  1. Jam. says:

    They should’ve use the reality display. Still thinking if the device is too thick like the first PSP.

  2. Joshua M says:

    I bet it will be 18k.
    Anyway mukang China phone ung OS nya XD

  3. cutemoboy says:


  4. Richard Benedict Santero says:

    A very powerful handheld device that even rivals there own PS3.

  5. ferie says:

    NGP?… Nintendo Got Pwned!… really???

  6. RAM says:

    The features is just superb! Are there any news about the dimensions? I really hope it’d be thinner than the PSP so that it’d really feel good to play with!

  7. NineSwordz says:

    Finally! Pero sa Q4 ng 2011 pa daw ang release talaga.. december daw? so di pa final yang design right? may mga modifications pa yan siguro. parang ang liit ng D-Pad eh.

  8. gabs says:

    Haha! Chinaphone OS? LOVE IT!!!! Mahal ito mga brad. Hindi bababa ng 20k.

  9. Christopher C. says:

    GUYS, this is BIGGER in terms of LENGTH as compared to the PSP but this is THINNER in terms of width as compared to the PSP! YOU HEARD ME! :)

    My guess is that this would cost around $350 to $599. Though $350 sounds like the better choice if it does want to compete with the Nintendo 3DS’ $250 price point – I heard Sony will make a loss.

    CPU: ARM Cortex A9 Core (4 Core)
    GPU: SGX543MP4+
    2 Analog Sticks
    Six Acess Motion Controls (Three axis gyroscope, three axis accelerometer)
    Three-Axis electronic compass
    New Game Media (Flash Based Carts)
    5 inch OLED with 960 x 544 resolution display
    3G plus WiFi
    Front and Read Camera
    4x resolution of PSP
    Touch Screen
    Touch Pad on back of device
    PS3 Quality Graphics
    Micro analogue stick

    Hustle Kings
    Hot Shots Golf
    and many more

    TecmoKoei (Dynasty Warriors 7)
    Capcom (Lost Planet)
    SEGA (Yakuza 4)
    Epic Games (Dungeon Defender)
    Konami (Metal Gear Soild 4)
    Activision (Call of Duty)
    Mostly over 50+ developer show support for NGP

    Some gameplay footage:

  10. garz says:

    Mukha ngang china phone ung OS.. Irregularly spaced, I think.. hehe

  11. Christopher C. says:

    THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC! Can’t wait for it! Been drooling over it since the live blogs of the Sony’s Tokyo Meeting 2011 2PM GMT + 8. :)

    Watch out for more news about the handheld this coming June 7 – 9, 2011 @ E3 2011. ABSOLUTELY MORE GAMES WOULD BE ANNOUNCED!!!HOooooohhh Yeaaaahhhh! :)

  12. Christopher C. says:

    Keep in mind guys, that there are 2 SKUs.

    Kinda like Apple’s iPad. There are 2 choices. One with the wifi functionality ONLY, and one with both wifi and 3G functionality! :)

  13. TuloyLaway says:

    Very nice move by Sony!

    What I love is it has 2 joystick, OLED screen (4x times better than current PSP), and more add-ons.

    But the sad part is it will be available on the market by last quarter of this year.

  14. Pedro says:

    aaaaargggh… I WANT ONE…

    hehehe… just bought my PSP 3000 2nd hand lang, so if this new unit comes out, oh well… goodbye PSP3000 hello PSP NGP… will wait for your review about it in the future…


  15. Nice for games enthusiast just like me but I don’t have means to acquire it.

    Let’s try SIM registration for a change. http://ddaniojr.blogspot.com

  16. lolipown says:

    I bet the price for the 1st generation would be around $400-$500 (3G Version).

  17. Rommel A. says:

    The NGP is thinner than the PSP if we based from the IGN’s article. The moment I saw this I suddenly grab my PSP in the drawer to play it again. As I predicted, Sony is a genius in counter attacking their rivals.I will have 11 months to save money to buy the “portable ps3”. 2011 is indeed the year of the handhelds!

  18. Andre says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for this folks…Sony doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to delivering on time and on price target. I’m hoping I’m wrong of course.

  19. Oni says:

    rumored/reported battery life is only 3-5 hours add to that the battery cannot be changed to prevent hacking with the likes of pandora i might for the 2nd gen before buying this

  20. superdan says:

    actually according to reports, they will be using the same cartridge technology used by nintendo ds/dsi, so there is a high hope for homebrew and custom applications.

    it actually will be a very good portable gaming device with the high specs and all. but based on the specs, i’d say it will be roughly around the 250-300 USD. but then again sony will be selling it at a loss. not a sony fanboy but i really do admire the specs they put into their machines. been a supporter of the playstation brand since the psx era. only kink in their strategy is they tend to overhype their machine and overprice it.

    as for release date, holiday of 2011 ang target nila. for games, already announced ang uncharted and kojima demoed mgs4 on the thing so it is a pretty powerful handheld. really excited! :)

  21. Benchmark33 says:

    hehehehe binalik nila yung original design….di kasi sumikat yung isang PSP nila na ni-release eh…

  22. froilanG says:

    Guys you may check the psp2 codename “NGP” preview here


  23. simplynice93 says:

    When this thing comes out, i will change the way of portable gaming to the next level. But seems like this PSP does not have a external memory card. It will be like PSP GO with a capacitive screen and additional buttons

  24. gumz says:

    Eye-candy Icons… All-in-one na, you don’t have to bring a phone and a psp anymore… We’ll expect for a higher price for this stuff…

  25. adam says:

    This is cool considering it has touchscreen capability. Sana lang wag lumampas ng 20K yung price.

  26. wow! with camera.. how much kaya..

  27. wakocoke says:


    it has 2 external storage, one is for games (cart like) and one is for media :)

  28. kyle says:

    Am not interested with the platform, it’s in the games….

  29. zer016 says:

    Unang labas ng PSP ay nasa P25… hehehe

  30. Ethan says:

    I’m glad they reverted to the old form factor. Should be exciting to see the games for this device. And the dual analog sticks mean that I can seriously play FPS games on the go.

  31. SAM YG says:

    very nice! I can’t wait to get a hold of this portable game console. astig to panigurado!

  32. Ed says:

    Looking forward to this!

  33. ave says:

    what browser do they use for surfin? mura lang for sure dito sa US. magbusiness sana ko sa mga interested diyan gusto magpabili ng mga gadget here sa US

  34. jordan says:

    Man everyone better start saving for this, it even has touch screen capability. I’ma pwn everyone online. Once it comes out watch out for jzc98

  35. soccerkit says:

    ill start saving for the big release of this one….but not until the bugs are all jitted out from its system….and yeah this one’s going to be the BOMB

  36. Anonymous says:

    a 3g? what for??? sr. abe, answer plzz
    hope its also a messaging device..

  37. Anonymous says:

    …a 3g? what for??? sr. abe, answer plzz
    hope its also a messaging device..

  38. jm says:

    sir yuga tulungan mo sana kami na sabihin yung mga hinaing namin sa NTC.
    “Sana lahat ng handsets sa bansa wala ng network locked katulad sa singapore or HK, kahit sa singtel mo nabili yung phone or naavail mo sa postpaid subscription open line yung phone at hindi nakalocked sa singtel, sana ganun dito sa bansa lahat ng phone na iaavail natin sa Globe, Smart o Sun under postpaid or prepiad kit sana openlined din.”

  39. Kevoooo says:

    Those saying that this will be priced above 20,000 pesos are out of their minds. No way a handheld portable gaming device will be priced that way. The Nintendo 3DS is priced at 250$, roughly that could be anywhere from 12-13k here in the Philippines at launch. I would venture to guess that the Wifi only model could retail at 300$ while the 3g version at 350-400 dollars. We can expect a higher than normal launch price in the Philippines because retailers can exploit the high demand and price inelasticity of demand for early adopters. Maybe a good additional 1,500-2000 more than normal price. (As an example, launch units of the Kinect were priced up to as much as 9,500 pesos a good 2,000+ pesos over and above the US retail price, currently prices have settled to 7,800 pesos)

    My guess would be for the wifi only model:

    3g model: 18,000

  40. Edwin C says:

    Buti na lang hinde naging celfon.

  41. kyle says:

    you can’t replace the batteries of the new psp

  42. Gwapito says:

    Would I just wait for the PSP phone.

  43. dee says:

    sa oled screen palang mukang mahal na.

  44. mr.bogus says:

    konti na lang ang games ng psp due to piracy.. malapit na rin mawala ang psp.. how sad wifi na lang nagbibigay ng kulay sa gadget na to..

  45. wakocoke says:

    sold na ako sa 5in OLED! time to ditch my ipod touch for this!

  46. pakpipak says:

    sana lang walang bug at matibay, mamaya first use palang sira na >,<

  47. salazar says:

    sure na pagkamahal mahal nito pagkarelease. Mukhang di rin maiiwasan na maglalabas sila ng another slim version (na ginawa ng Sony so far sa lahat ng gaming console nila :P). I’ll wait ng mga 6mos or a year after ng release nito then I’ll buy.

  48. Ian says:

    i hope this wont be fragile as it looks

  49. SONY - Philippines says:

    it will be release on dec 2011.

  50. kira says:

    Hey i just wonder where can i buy one of this device once its out and shipped here in philippines i’ve been looking forward to this console since its debut announcement!!!

  51. zerus says:

    the best console ever!!!!XD
    when can I buy this in philippines…..

  52. Hello there! This post could not be written any better!

    Reading through this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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