Nintendo 2DS portable gaming system announced

Nintendo 2DS portable gaming system announced

Nintendo has announced its newest member of the Nintendo 3DS family of portable gaming systems designed specifically for anyone looking for a more affordable entry point into the world of Nintendo hand-held video games – the Nintendo 2DS.


In a nutshell, the Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus the 3D experience. It is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games, features wireless connectivity for multiplayer and co-op play, and has access to the Nintendo eShop, with digital games, free demos, and special offers.


The Nintendo 2DS will come in Red or Blue colors and will launch on October 12 (same launch date of the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y) at a suggested retail price of $130 or around Php5,800.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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17 Responses

  1. JasonWilliams says:

    Nice, pero $8 lang gang emulator sa google play, i can run full speed DS games with my note 2

    • John says:

      That’s good. But the Nintendo 2DS will give the great & true experience.

    • NerdFighteria says:

      DraStic Emu? Battery-Hungry siya sakin. =( 5 hours yung standard time ng tab ko, pero pag tuloy tuloy na paglalaro ng DraStic, aabot lang ako ng one and a half hour. Maximum na yung 2 hours. Pfft.

    • poche says:

      binasa mo bang mabuti? 3DS/2DS is one generation ahead of DS. DS lang yan emulator mo lol.

    • Gio San Pedro says:

      Dude, it’s a 3DS, without the 3D. It’s not a DS.

    • Win says:

      LOL at people who can’t even tell the difference between a 3DS and a DS. better not comment on anything gaming related medyo kakahiya rin…

    • Zidane says:

      Haha, natawa ako bigla.. Mag kaiba po ang NDS over 3DS/2DS. :D

  2. roiji says:

    sinabay sa release ng Pokemon X and Y para bumenta :D

  3. Reader says:

    I still use my DS mainly because of Pokemon. Almost all the other good titles have iOS and Android versions anyway.

  4. Cuaki says:

    Ok lang ung features dahil minsan lang ako mag-3D. I hope the price tag will not be expensive para di magaya dati sa WII U.
    And, parang tablet ung design. Ok sana Kung parang original DS.

  5. Abujakol says:

    It’s so ugly!

  6. Coughington says:

    Sana ginawa na lang nilang single screen yung Nintendo 2DS kasi hindi bagay yung two different screen sizes in a candybar form factor

  7. awdog says:

    Im a fan of Nintendo. Parang Jollibee kasi at Nido. Kasama ko sa pag laki. LOL

    I think Im getting this. I hated my 3DS. It hurt my eyes. Kaya hindi nagagamit.

    I cant wait to play Mario Kart and Zelda on this little baby.

    Go Nintendo!

    • Diesel says:

      Meron ka ba talagang 3DS? It hurt your eyes? Didn’t you know that you can turn the 3D off?

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  9. Darnell says:

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