Nokia Aeon, the concept phone.

Nokia Aeon, the concept phone.

Just take a good look at this concept phone by Nokia, the Aeon.

Nokia Aeon

The entire surface is sleek and smooth — except for the carved Nokia logo, you wouldn’t think it’s some sort of a mobile phone device or something.


Nokia Aeon Phone

What about scratches and accidental drops?

Nokia Aeon Phone

Will this be the Nokia phone of the future?

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24 Responses

  1. JP Loh says:

    This would be cool. A phone that doesn’t look like a phone or palmtop (well, besides the Nokia fashion phone).

    On scratches, I guess the crystal/silicone protectors won’t work eh?

  2. The Ca t says:

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  3. Ang-ang says:

    very nice phone WOW

  4. Dusty says:

    I LIKE! :)

  5. Dusty says:

    I wonder what kind of OS will it support. Symbian? Linux? Definitely not Windows … I certainly hope it’s gonna be more than just Java.

  6. kzap says:

    i remember them showing off concept phones before with live video, now did we ever believe we’d be holdign that in our hands?

  7. Migs says:

    I wonder how they will shrink the radio transceiver to that size.

  8. Connie says:

    Ah drawing stage pa. The n95 will come out first quarter fo 2007.

  9. purelocke says:

    Most probably Symbian OS, but Linux would be great….

  10. Adnan khan says:

    Amazing technology just cant wait till i get one myselves….

  11. crizza says:

    I want one!!!!!! lmao… they’re so small and neat looking, someone buy me one XD

  12. hassan raza says:

    very nice phone just relise in the market and u will see unbelive responce

  13. caitlin says:

    i want the fone
    very much so.
    give it to me/
    baby UH AH UH AH!
    it doesnt look like a fone tho.
    and i want it anyway,.

  14. Fixmeup says:

    Itz superpub! great features..

  15. hom much wud it be man? says:

    What’s the price people?

  16. guy says:

    that’s cool gadget man i think its the best mobile that nokia ever made

  17. jen c. says:

    i like sony ericsson than nokia. But if you gave it for free i wil take it…….

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  19. vicky says:

    kiya sate salla ganda

  20. vicky says:

    jo behi hai saat to ganda hai. par meri daring bahut acchi hai.

  21. japok says:

    this is the wireless charging phone…i read an article about this uses waste signals and radio waves in air and convert it to electrical currnt to be use by the phone..

  22. diomar says:

    wow… nice..

  23. jenn2211 says:

    available na ba ito? 2006 pa kasi itong concept na itow

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