Omron HEM-7112 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7112 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

During the recent summit hosted by HTC in Bangkok, one of the more frequently discussed topics on what’s the next big innovation for smartphones was “health monitors” or life sensors integrated into the device.

Also, from last year’s event at the Qualcomm Annual Editor’s Week in San Diego, CA, we saw the chipmaker producing a lot of health sensors and hi-tech medical devices for life monitoring.

But, before those devices become really widely available, dedicated monitoring devices like this Omron HEM-7112 which is an automatic blood pressure monitor.

The device has one very basic yet specific function — take your blood pressure on-the-go. The unit is powered by two (2) triple-A batteries (there’s an option to plug directly to a wall socket).


It was pretty easy to use but we had a nurse at the office that help us interpret the results — just strap on the cuff around your upper arm (near the biceps region) and just press start. You get the results in a matter of seconds.

I actually bought a similar Omron monitor about 2 years ago when I had some unexplained health problems although the one I got was more portable and looked like an over-sized velcro wrist watch.

Disclosure: Omron sent us this unit to use and keep.

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6 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Sabi ng mga pinsan kong doctor hindi daw yan accurate, to be on the safe side daw always mataas and binibigay na reading ng mga yan, come to think of it daw bakit walang ospital or clinic na gumagamit nyan nagpapakahirap pa rin sila sa manual.

  2. AHA says:

    I only trust manual blood pressure monitors. Or if you buy such automatic BP monitor, get the AHA’s (American Heart Association) certified/validated monitors only…. Remember, hypertension can only be controlled, it can never be cured. It’s a lifetime disease, so it only means that you have to take your medications regularly most likely it’s for a lifetime. Don’t stop unless advised by a competent doctor. High blood is like a traitor/thief, it is symptomless most of the time unless, no headaches, no dizziness. It’s a slow process, it slowly destroy your arteries, either it gets clogged or burst. It’s a lifestyle disease, eat LOW SALT, low fat diet, attain your ideal body weight. It can be inherited (thru genes) from your parents or ancestors. Unahan nyo bago pa magka complication. Favorite target organs are — your heart (heart failure, heart attack), brain (stroke, dementia), eyes (retinopathy-blindness), kidney (renal failure)

  3. AHA says:

    correction: it is symptomless most of the time, no headaches, no dizziness.

  4. Benchmark says:

    Typo: ….interpret the results – just “strap”….

    Anywa my dad who is a cardio also uses that one…and my dad also said it is somewhat not accurate…but I am not sure if its is lower or higher the result.

  5. Name: says:

    it can be re-calibrated to improve accuracy

  6. http:// says:

    People with main causes of high blood pressure disease might aggravate symptoms
    in another. Huinao, S T.

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