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Samesay Mi18 Docking Station for the iPod & iPhone

Every once in a while, when a supplier sends us a proposal for a product to be placed on a YugaDeals, I would request a review unit that I can test and try out before approving it. That way, I’m confident what we’re putting there is something that’s decent and worth every cent. This is the case of the Samesay Mi18 speaker and docking station for the iPhone.

Since it’s a virtually unknown brand, I wanted to really check it out for myself to see the build quality and the sound performance.

The packaging looks good and the design seems decent. I originally thought this is a one-piece set but after unboxing it, the left speaker seems to fall off from the set. Turns out that part was unhinged from the main set and in a few tweaks, I was able to put it back.

The built quality is decent, not really that great or impressive. You can certainly tell from the finish that it’s just a well-polished plastic in silver and black.

The dock supports the latest generation of iPod Touch and the iPhone 4S (and charges it at the same time). The front panel has an LED backlit display with a touch sensitive screen. There’s also an IR remote control that works as you are in line of sight.

The docking station works as a FM radio tuner, alarm clock and can be hooked up to an external player via 3.5mm jack if you don’t use an iPod. While you need to plug the dock into a wall socket to power it up, there’s an option to just use 2 triple-A batteries.

As for sound performance, the Samesay Mi18 plays very decent, not the best in its price category. The bass doesn’t offer enough punch especially at the top of the volume. At the lows and mids, it’s actually good and pretty even.

The Samesay Mi18 retails for Php6,999 over at Widget City which I have to say is really very expensive. I don’t think you’ll take a second look at this model when you see it in stores especially with that price tag.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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5 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    Well I hope soon, some company will make a good dock not only for apple product….what i mean the apple connector is not standard with the dock…perhaps a craddle that fits any phone. (Probably i am just bitter to apple products….im loosing my thoughts here! Hahaha)

  2. leeto says:

    I’m just wondering why the prices are so expensive for such accessories for any Apple products. Why not make such accessories compatible for any brands?

    • benchmark says:

      Probably they thought if you can afford auch expensive device like the Iphone, you can also buy their dock in an expensive price. But isn’t their dock also compatible for other phone?

      I once heard in one trade center gadgets, almost all in the trade stalls there shows accessories for apple products.

    • leeto says:

      High price does not translate to high quality. I have an Iphone but I regret having it because every updates that I should make on its software should be done at its ICenter. that means additional cost because their service is not free. Unlike my other tab and cp, I can make software updates over the internet and for free.

  3. andrew says:

    Mas affordable pa ung JBL ko dito. not worth the price.

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