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Sennheiser CX400 II: Old but still rocking

For audiophiles everywhere, finding a decent pair of headphones or earphones is a must. And when I say decent, I meant a gear that’s supposed to make you forget the pair that came with your MP3 player or smartphone.

Enter Sennheiser’s CX400 II. It’s been around for some time but still rocking it out in stores.

The CX400 is a pair of in-ear headphones that, well, goes in your ear for a better sound-isolating experience. The package includes a pair of earphones and an extension cable with gold-plated connectors, different-sized silicon tips, a cable clip, cable winder and a nice carrying pouch that shuts on its own.

I admit that I’m not a fan of in-ear headphones due to comfort issues. Try plugging both of your ears with your pinkies, that’s how it’s going to feel like only more high-tech. But with the CX400, I can make an exception. Just pick the silicon tip that gives you the most comfortable fit and you’re good to go. It is lightweight, good-looking and discreet in a sense that you won’t be able to flaunt the Sennheiser logo due to its small size.


The CX400 can deliver the amount of audio quality that you can expect from the Sennheiser brand. The bass is clean and solid while the vocals are clear and crisp. The in-ear design cleverly gives the CX 400 the added oomph that it needs minus the background noise and sound leak. Partner the CX400 with high quality music and a train can successfully sneak up on you from behind (metaphorically speaking) or cancel out a nagging girlfriend or boyfriend (literally speaking). I was lucky to have the Sony Xperia S available at the time of writing to play some tunes with the CX400 and I almost didn’t notice my other phone, which is just beside me, ringing.

Of course there are sacrifices. My only complaint is the length of the cable. At 0.6m, it’s too short that you won’t be able to completely stretch your arm or put your player in your pockets. Use the 1m extension and you’ll find yourself with extra length that you do not need.

To conclude, the PROS outweigh the CONS. There are better headphones out there that can satisfy your audible appetites but for the sound quality and cheaper price, the CX400 is a good investment.

The Sennheiser CX400 II is being sold over at Widget City for only Php1,500. Check it out here.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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24 Responses

  1. quick brown fox says:

    I’m not going to lie, it’s particularly hard to trust Widget City on their Sennheiser products especially when they previously sold IE6, IE7, and IE8 for an unbelievable low price (can’t recall how much). Even their CX300-II @ 1.2k doesn’t inspire much confidence.

  2. Turonbulaong says:

    Great review Louie!

  3. charli3 says:

    Class A ba ang binebenta sa widget city? ang mura kasi para sa original. baka same lang to ng mga binebenta sa TPC. at least yung mga seller dun aminado sila na Class A products nila

  4. Class A says:

    “The Sennheiser CX400 II is being sold over at Widget City for only Php1,500.”

    … Hehehe. Obviously Class A! Ganyan pala ang Widget city, panay japeks ang benta! As the saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Yuga, I thought you of all people, would know the difference between original Senns and fake ones. Wala pong original na CX400 na dirt cheap @ P1,500!

  5. reader says:

    this is a contributed posting.

  6. digitallysick says:

    Cant trust buying any headphones in the philippines they are all fakes 100% , no one is reputable to enough to trust.

    Best to order them online from the usa and have them mailed, its the only way i can be sure

  7. Widget City says:

    At Quick brown, As far as we remember, The IE-Series,We never sold a piece on this series, it came to a point lot of people is inquiring for this be we were answering them no stocks. Admittedly it is a mistaken post of product at our website which we don’t have in real ending up many inquiries but no stocks to serve.
    But then How can you say it’a fake when you didn’t got a piece in your hand?

  8. Widget City says:

    at charli3:

    This is not class A, We have an account in TPC we got great numbers of positive feedbacks already, Sulit, Tipidcp and Tipidpc, you can google it if you want and check, hence accoss the sellers we are the only audio device seller that gives in a year warranty. if we know it’s fake, we won’t putting a warranty on it. right?

    At Class A:
    How can you judge a product talking without even touching it,
    it’s admittedly suspicious if a product goes sub-SRP and somebody claims as real, well , Just to be clear, we are importing a gray market product not bought from local distributor which is cheaper(example product from SG and HK without passing the philippine distri) , products may not be official but still there are difference between fake and parallel import but original, and this audios are gray market.
    and we admit it to our buyers

    you can google up: Sennheisers sold by us, we’ve been featured in many BIGGER COMPANIES for sennheiser deals,
    Cashcashpinoy, Groupon philippines and Multiply discounted deals,
    if we sold fake to them, then right now, we might be had sued for selling fake. expressing your thought is good, but being judgmental is not, think bad things you say without making a justified proof.

    and this are cheap since they didn’t pass thru the distributors.

  9. ehwer says:

    still fake, widget city. still fake.

  10. Juheim says:

    Just because Widget City pays for ads in this site doesn’t mean you should keep pimping their shoddy products. First it was non- official warrantied grey units and now it’s class A items. Next thing you’ll know we’re going to have a review of OEM (kuno) Beats headphones.

  11. digitallysick says:

    They are probably just importing them from china, like everyone else in the philippines


    These , the pictures have the logo removed but its the same product, free shipping to the philippines. Either fake, or made from the same factory as the real ones hard to tell

  12. HT says:

    Widget ciry is liget. Marami na din ako nabili with them. Wag manira.

    • Jeeez says:

      have you tried buying a cellphone at widget city?
      i’m planning to

      but some says its suspicious because of its low price…

  13. Lau says:

    Guys, perhaps you haven’t shop for electronics abroad like Singapore and HK. Widget City’s prices are almost similar to those shops there and they are the real thing. I’ve always wondered why the hell is electronic gadgets so expensive here in the Philippines.

    • Jeeez says:

      have you tried buying a cellphone at widget city?
      i’m planning to

      but some says its suspicious because of its low price…

  14. Levi says:

    They’re all the same. Class A/ OEM/ supposedly imported straight from factory in China = fake.

  15. Talakitok says:

    Talamak na dito sa Pinas ang mga fake na headphones lalo na Sennheiser. Take note na different ito sa mga gray market products na orig pero walang official warranty. Para sure sa headphones, only buy from authorized dealers.

  16. quick brown fox says:

    Hopefully this post won’t go to waste, which it will probably do.

    @Widget City

    To be fair, I didn’t exactly scream “FAKE!” the moment I saw your CX400-II’s price. A quick google search showed that it retailed at somewhere around $40, and your price undercuts it by a small margin, meaning it can/may be legit, or maybe not. And I believe my point with the other model, CX300-ii, still stands; the price doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    For the IE series issue, I say, a single wrong post goes a long way. Once people saw that incorrect post and price, there was no going back; how can we trust your other low-tier Sennheiser products when we saw you selling audiophile class IEMs at about 10% of its SRP? Mind you, I don’t believe you’re selling fake PX200-ii’s @ 3.5k, but still I am reminded of your IE-series prices and my confidence in your Sennheiser product lowers.

    And are you promoting buy-before-you-cry? Come on! Everybody reading this blog knows that a 1Kphp Beats headphone is a big fat FAKE and nobody is going to spend that amount of money just to prove it’s fake unless they have cash to burn and “lulz where to be had”. Putting your CX400-ii into perspective, if I had the money and time to purchase one just to prove/disprove if you’re selling legit ones, I’m probably doing it because I’m a competitor whose aim is to put you down. Well, I’m not; I’m just a consumer who is questioning your so called (Sennheiser) items because of some issues on your previous (Sennheiser) pricelist.

    As for your number of +1 ratings argument directed at another poster, you shouldn’t be to quick to utilize that aspect; +1’s are easy to obtain and -1’s are easy to control. Fake Sennheiser sellers on eBay maintain their high approval ratings thru giveaways and other methods, which are probably even more Googleableâ„¢ than your so-called positive ratings.

    Mind you, I don’t dislike Widget City in any way, I actually browse through their lineup of gadgets more often than not. However, when it comes to their Sennheiser products, I take their postings with very, very little grain of salt.

  17. oyo says:

    compared to say Jays One in-ear which is better?

  18. Janine says:

    Hey, I bought a MX360 from Widget City’s deal in CashCashPinoy, at P500 about 6-7months ago, its still working til now! The price from the mall is about 1200 so I had the same issue if its authentic because there are a lot of OEMs and Class As sold around, I brought it to a PowerMac carrying Sennheiser products and had it confirmed. And without hesitation from the sound and material, they confirmed it. I guess its bad enough to cause someone of selling fake without any proof so its better if you buy one yourself and try it out! :)

  19. Frank says:

    Ayos lang kahit class A…maganda naman ang tunog ng senheisser compared to other brands..medyo madali nga lang masira…i bought a Senheisser cx 300 OEM costs 1K+..6 months ko lang nagamit.

  20. ye0000 says:

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  21. oli_302 says:


  22. NotAmusedAtAll says:

    I recently bought earphones (Klipsch S4i) with Widget City. And I previously saw from yugatech since I am an avid reader of your site that Widget City was highly recommended.
    I must admit the price difference with those in the market (such as Power Mac Center) was what made me decide to instead buy the earphones at Widget City. I checked also Amazon.com and fair enough I told myself that maybe Widget City’s price is competitive.
    So I ordered and credit to Widget City, transaction was hassle free and product arrived 48 hours after I ordered. However when the package arrived, I noticed quickly that what they sold to me seemed not to be authentic. I still tried to convince myself that maybe they do not sell fake earphones. But to my dismay and disappointment and even disgust, the earphones they sold are no different from those being peddled in tiangges. At least in tiangges the sellers have the decency to tell you that they only sell Class A products and not the authentic ones. Sound quality was poor. Earphones were poorly built. And I am few thousands poorer for buying into Widget City’s scheme.
    So I guess lesson learned, yugatech should be more circumspect in promoting e-stores lest you guys are sure that the likes of widget city are not selling the right ones. For widget city: at least be honest enough to tell your potential customers or at least put on your site a disclaimer that they may not be buying authentic products. And for me lesson learned: investigate first the site before buying from them.

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