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Sony announces new PlayStation Vita


Sony Japan has just announced their new model of the PlayStation Vita which now comes in a thinner and lighter body.

The new PS Vita is now 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the original Vita and sports a 5-inch OLED display, 1GB of onboard storage, and an expanded battery that can last up to six hours.

Ps Vita 2013

To compensate for the limited onboard memory, Sony reduced the prices of their own memory cards, starting from 1,554 yen (almost Php700) for the 4GB up to 6,804 yen (around Php3,000) for the 32GB. They also announced their new 64GB Vita card which costs 10,479 yen (around Php4,600).

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Realme Philippines

Ps Vita 2013_Colors

The new PlayStation Vita will be available in pink, black, blue, grey, lime green, and yellow colors, and is slated to arrive in Japan on October 10 with a price tag of 18,980 yen (WiFi-only) or around Php8,400.

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8 years ago

for me this console is still too large; make it smaller like reducing the height which minimizes the bezel(The bezel’s also an eyesore).Also, they must extend it to at least 8-10 hours because i think that’s the ideal battery life for a gaming device.

8 years ago

That 1gb on board storage does not make any sense

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