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Sony shows drone prototype in action

Aerosense Inc., a company founded by Sony Mobile Communications Inc. and ZMP Inc. has recently shown their drone prototype in action, demonstrating its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), flight, and hover capabilities.

• Sony Drone 1 • Sony Shows Drone Prototype In Action

To give you a quick background, Sony Mobile Communications Inc. and robotics company ZMP Inc. founded Aerosense Inc. with the goal of developing and launching enterprise solutions using autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The drones will use Sony’s imaging and telecommunications assets, ZMP’s robotics technologies, and cloud-based data processing for services like measuring, surveying, observing, and inspecting.

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Realme Philippines

• Sony Drone 2 • Sony Shows Drone Prototype In Action

The drone shown in the video below is an experimental machine bearing the model number AS-DT01-E. It has an airframe weight of 7Kg (including battery), dimension of 2200 × 1600 × 600mm, flight speed of 170Km/h, flight time of at least 2 hours of flight time, and maximum load capacity of 10Kg.

via: The Verge
source: Aerosense, Sony

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