Sony Walkman S730 Music Player

Sony Walkman S730 Music Player

One of the cutest mp3 players I’ve seen during the CEL Manila is this slim Sony Walkman NWZ-S730F .

Really nice metallic finish. It has some potential but lacks some expected features.

sony walkman


With a 2″ 320×240 pixel display that’s similar to the iPod Nano, the S730 boasts a 8GB or 16GB capacity. It’s also very slim at 7.5mm. But alas, that’s all there is to it.

Sony Walkman Sony Walkman Sony Walkman

Costs $140 for the 8GB and $180 for the 16GB. Local price available yet. For just a music player, I think the Sony Walkman S730 is a bit expensive.

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13 Responses

  1. Lindt Dale says:

    But Yuga, it’s cheaper than the Nanos and it has better battery life from what i read from the tubes….

  2. Gee Please says:

    I Like the brushed aluminum look, but the controls are a bit on the crystal radio look which is so 70’s, I hope they updated the dials a bit not to appear like a copy of the Cheapo mp4 models.

    Btw, spotted this… “Local price available yet. For just a music player”

    Maybe it should be “Local price [b]not[/b] available yet.”

  3. Patrick says:

    I missed that one. I like the metallic finish but it looks heavy.

  4. musiclover says:

    Yeah Yuga :) Battery is up to 40 hours, iPod can only manage up to 24. That’s double already.
    Plus I managed to talk to the staff there and they said its the only Noise Cancelling mP3 player at the moment. AND it can even transfer music from iTunes to the Walkman by drag & drop. really impressive. :)
    Checked the sony website too, really light. :) only 46g :)
    I’m gonna buy it :) It sounds better than iPod too. :)

  5. Patrick says:

    @musiclover: Noise-cancelling MP3 player? What’s that? Are they talking about the earbuds/in-ears?

  6. musiclover says:

    Hi Patrick,

    You familiar with Noise Cancelling Headphones? :) Its just like that, only its already in the unit and everything :) The headphone included is noise cancelling and switch is in the Walkman :) Really cool. :)

  7. Patrick says:

    @musiclover: Yeah, I got confused with that. It’s the headphones I know which cancel the noise and not the player. But if you’re saying the player has a switch for this feature then I’ve never heard of that before. Might need to research more on this.. :)

  8. musiclover says:

    to patrick – yeah, switch is in the bottom of the unit :)

  9. Sham says:

    I am an Sony Ericsson fan. This slim Sony Walkman NWZ-S730F is really adorable. I like cellphones where I can put anywhere, like in my pockets, or pouch. This is great.

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