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Turn your Rolex into a smartwatch with the Kairos T-band

Are you wishing to buy a smartwatch but find it really expensive? Your prayers have been answered! Check out the Kairos T-band, a wristwatch band that actually turns your ordinary timepiece into a smartwatch.


The Kairos T-band is designed to work with any analog watch. Like what we always do, just change straps like any other ordinary ones, and you’ll be able to use it in an instant. It’s powered with its own Kairos OS, and can work on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. These smartwatches can also remotely control your smartphone, provide fitness tracking functions and push notifications — all done via bluetooth.


Once out in the market, the band will be available in three different versions: a no-display band with vibrate and LED notification, a HD (Hidden Display) band which discreetly presents band information, and an OD (OLED Display) band with a curved PMOLED screen.


Also available are six mechanical analog timepieces available in Chrome, double-plated Rose Gold, and all-Black colors to match your Kairos T-bands. These are made, as the page says, using the best Swiss and Japanese clock movements.

For early birds who will back up the project on crowd-sourcing site IndieGoGo, these will be shipped starting April next year and the bands alone are priced starting from $129 (Php5,800), while a combination of the timepiece and band starts at $508 (Php22,600). Head on over to the source for more information.



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10 Responses

  1. Avatar for Mac Mac says:

    Ano ba namang headline yan? If one can afford a rolex eh bakit ka naman bibili ng cheap strap na yan to come with your rolex? siguro naman loose change lang sa rolex owner ang dedicated smart watch.

    *i don’t have a problem with the product, yung headline ng article lang talaga ang nakakabwisit.

    • Avatar for Carl Lamiel Carl Lamiel says:

      I think the idea of the word Rolex being used in the headline is that it would replace the words ‘ordinary watch’. Doesn’t have to be luxury. Pwede rin pong Seiko, Technomarine, Bench, etc. :)

  2. Avatar for fce fce says:

    Would anyone really put a $129 Kairos T Band (as replacement bracelet) on a $5,000+ Rolex timepiece?
    Rolex and the cheap plastic T Band just don’t mix.
    Customizing the Rolex with the T Band is just like adding a Hyundai Spoiler on a Ferrari car.

    The Kairos T Band would be nice accessory to most watches except for the high end ones.

  3. Avatar for ewanlangha ewanlangha says:

    something like this:


  4. Avatar for ewanlangha ewanlangha says:

    na uso ang opinion sa isang article dito
    kaya eto opinion ko dito sa wrist band and smart watch.

    up to now i still can’t find enough justification to warrant using a smart watch or (now this smart band)

    why would you buy a big screen smartphone and then limit your viewing to a smaller screen?

    a cheaper google-glass like product would be much better.

    also hoping for some innovators to actually make a decent smartphone wrist watch with say a 4 inch display.
    i know this has been done (wrist-worn phone) but the one i saw still has a T9 keypad and looks terrible.

    • Avatar for ewanlangha ewanlangha says:

      something like this:


    • Avatar for charaught charaught says:

      pwedeng accessory :)

    • Avatar for Mon Mon says:

      Smart watches were never meant to replace smart phones, they’re just a companion to your phone

      it gives you quick view on notification and other functionality, but it will never provide the same capability of an actual smart phone due to it’s size

      if you want something with a bigger screen strapped to your wrist, then I suggest buying a strap for your phone ;)

      but yea, for the price, they’re still not worth it

    • Avatar for igniculus igniculus says:

      i think for non users, this is more of a want than a necessity but for those who are using it, especially those in the business and fitness/style sect, i swear this is much as a need for them, for quick monitoring of their smartphones while running to meet a client, etc.,or fitness health status. And they look cool, btw.

    • Avatar for TacticalNinja TacticalNinja says:

      Similar to “regular” watches it is meant/designed to give you information at a glance. Being able to send information, or control from the watch is already a perk. Also based on the context of your comment, it’s as if you are forced to use the smart watch just because you are wearing it. It can be used on cases where you have your hands full, or just want to see who’s text came in, when you plan on replying on a later time.

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