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Very First MP3 Player Turns 10

Before there were iPods, there were MP3 players. The very first one was launched this Month on CeBIT in 1998. The iPod on the other hand, is just barely 7 years old.

First MP3 Player
The MPMan F10 has a whooping 32MB of flash memory when it first went out in public. Produced by Korea’s Saehan Information Systems, this very first MP3 player went on sale at just $250 a pop.


Then Rio followed suit with their PMP300. Apple was late by 3 years but it revolutionized how people consumed digital music. The rest, they say is history.

Back in 2003, a friend from Japan whom I knew thru the internet came back to the Philippines, brought me a first generation iPod. It was just 10GB, hooks up via Firewire and weighs like a brick. That was my very first MP3 player. I never stopped loving the iPod and had 6 more of them since then — iPod 20GB, iPod Photo, iPod Video 30GB, iPod Nano 2nd Gen, iPod Nano 3rd Gen, iPod Touch.

What was your first MP3 player and when did you had it?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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6 Responses

  1. vance says:

    mp3 player? hmm A disc Man with mp3 support, Sony MD Player, 1 Gb usb mp3 player, and now a 80Gb video iPod 5.5th Gen. Well thats just the portable mp3 Players! I also have a PC that can also be considered as a MP3 Player. Hehe.

  2. Yap-yap says:

    My first MP3 player was last year, I got it from my mom an Astone 128 mb Rumba 2000.

  3. quezacolt says:

    sony na usb na 1gb di ko lang alam ano model hehehe,

  4. Jan Louis says:

    sandisk. i can’t remember the model. blue casing, 512mb. given to me when i was a high school freshman back in 2006. not that durable. missing it already.

  5. i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions;,’

  6. marco says:

    I’m a proud owner of this MPman MP3 player! I had it in 1998, when I run the site Hwzone, about hardware reviews.

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