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What’s on your Christmas Gadget list?

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time of the year where everyone breaks the piggy bank, or hope that the Christmas bonus or 13th month comes early for that much-awaited shopping spree. Well, it’s the only time where most of us are even allowed to spend unreasonably.

So, what’s on top of your Geek Gadget list?

  • A MacBook
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Nano
  • Asus PC Eee
  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • a Nokia E90 or the E51 perhaps
  • a Nikon D80
  • a Canon 400D
  • ahh, Zune 80?
  • an HDTV perhaps?

For the ones with a tight budget, would an iPod Shuffle do?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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43 Responses

  1. minor says:

    500Gig HDD
    brand new Monitor

  2. elmer says:

    Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight
    Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens
    Nikon 80-200mm Lens

  3. Nokia E90
    iPod Touch
    Asus PC Eee

  4. aczafra says:

    iPhone and iPod Touch will do…

  5. noemi says:

    an HDTV. It’s the last in my list of expenses. Not a priority.

  6. Joseph says:

    I’ll buy the Nikon D40x next week after I get the 13th month pay and a part of my prize from Deal or No Deal text promo.

  7. che says:

    Nikon D40. for a newbie like me :)

  8. mcrye says:

    HP Pavilion tx1320us laptop! But, I may settle for a less pricey one. =P

  9. Tim says:

    Canon 400D. or 40D. I just wish I had the dough.

  10. annae says:

    I’m dreaming of the drooliciously pink Sony Cybershot DSCW55. :-)

  11. Alternative says:

    Nokia N82
    Hybrid Car
    A vacation house
    Thats for now, will have to add more to my list.

  12. jangelo says:

    * Canon EF-S lenses (a whole bunch)
    * A 2008 Toyota Innova G (or a Ford Everest)
    * A house for my family somewhere in Quezon City

    I’m dreaming, but hey I might surprise myself one of these days.

  13. Sherwin says:

    A laptop. But I’ve got in advance my HP Pavilion dv6405us :). Almost a week now.

  14. Eugene says:

    Nothing. I have no need for any new gadgets right now. The ASUS eee PC looks tempting, but I’ll wait for other people to give their reviews first. Hehehe.

  15. chase says:

    Since I already got a new laptop and all the only thing that I wanted for now is this lovely LG Shine since I need to change my 2 year old Treo 650. Good thing my father bought it as a Christmas gift so now I just can’t wait for it.

  16. McBilly says:

    iPhone and a new digital camera. Hehe. The Asus Eee PC also looks interesting. :D

  17. BrianB says:

    Master Chief Spartan suit.

  18. noypiako says:

    SIRIUS Stiletto 100C
    Portable satellite radio with car kit
    Live SIRIUS radio and 100 hours of storage

    for my Acura Integra

  19. jay says:

    FreeBSD on lappy.

  20. leo says:

    a 42″ LCD HDTV and a Canon 40D!

  21. issai says:

    42″ HDTV
    Wii *checked*
    GPS System *checked*
    Asus EEE
    iPod Touch
    Hellgate London *checked*
    PS 3 – dream on…
    Honda CRV *checked*
    Robot Vacuum ($300 ??? sob!!!)
    Open Suse Laptop

    Any sugah daddees out there??? gimme!!

  22. Miguel says:

    Christmas for me will be in February, when I get home.

    Will definitely buy: new LCD monitor to revive my old PC. Just 17″ or 19″ since I find 17″ large already.

    Might buy: Nokia N82, if it’s good.

  23. Ade says:

    I want these: iPod classic 160 gb, Verizo cellphone, PS3 or a Wii, a DSLR, and an ASUS EEE. :)

  24. enuffSAID says:

    Christmas list? hmmmm…. How about good health for yourself and your family? What is it all about these materials things or desires? There are things alot more important in life than these material things.

  25. L.A says:

    Wish List!

    MacBook Pro
    Faster DSL Connection
    and World Peace ;)

  26. vance says:

    A 15″ MacBook Pro with Santa Rosa Processors + 2 Gbs additional Ram

    PSP Slim

    Core 2 Duo E6x5x
    A Good Mobo to Pair it with (Probably with Intel P35 Chipset)
    2-4 Gbs DDR2 800 Corsair, Team Extrem or Elite Mems
    8800 Gt/s VGA
    PSU 600 Watts

    A 750 Gb Western Digital Sata 2 Drive (Badly need one)

  27. vance says:

    Xbox 360 and Wii Console, no PS3 yet because theres no good game/s on it as of now.

    a 5.1 surround sound system with HDTV…

  28. skiiper says:

    Nikon D80
    22″ or 19″ LCD monitor
    Need to post more articles to my sites to get this babies before christmas :)

  29. issai says:

    i believe Yuga was asking about a “Geek” wish list. we do want peace on earth and good will to all men. that’s already a given. and yes, we also want material things. if you have anything against it, you can sue everyone who has material things. i already have enough unsolicited lectures from other people.

  30. Connie says:

    Got mine already. Canon EOS 40D.

    400D isn’t much of an upgrade to my 350D so I got the 40D and I love it!

  31. KK aka Tina says:

    1. Mac Pro with 2GB RAM and 160 GB HDD (thanks to Payperpost I am buying it soon). :)

    2. Canon PowerShot 850D so that I can have a tiny point and shot camera to stick in my purse.

    3. Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR

    4. A custom theme design from my favorite web designer

  32. vern says:

    I already have all the personal geek list bought … so I’m going to list two things I want, but won’t buy because they’d be impractical.

    I’ve never been an apple guy, but …

    1. Apple Xserv

    2. Mac Pro

    3. Professionally done gigabit wiring throughout the house.

  33. xtal says:

    hmm… ipod touch and a macbook .. :)

  34. Ronin says:

    macbook,ipod touch, ipod nano and nikon d40

  35. marcom says:

    olympus e3. growwwllll. makes me wild

  36. den says:

    1. N810
    2. ebook reader
    3. maxed out eee pc with bluetooth + HSPDA running on mac os

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