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Wii got game!

After posting about that XBox 360 recall and Microsoft announcing a 3-year extended warranty, I was pretty much discouraged to get one. It’s reported that a rate of 1 in 3 consoles go bust is surely a huge headache I don’t want to gamble. So, the option was now down to the other two — a Sony PlayStation 3 (roughly down Php27,000) and a Nintendo Wii (Php 19,500 US version).

The buck went the Wii way…

Nintendo Wii

After last week-end’s gathering at Juned’s place and having tried Wii Sports which Jayvee brought, I didn’t need anymore convincing. The following day, my brother, cousin and I trooped to Virramall in Greenhills in search for the best bargain Wii package. The place is packed with people as usual and based from our shop-hopping, I reckon there are more Wiis being sold than PS3s and XBoxes combined. In the shop where we bought ours, there were 3 other people lining up before us cash ready at hand.

Wii Mortal Kombat

The going rate for these console ranges from Php14,300 (Japanese version) to Php 19,475 (US version) which comes with a 220-volt adaptor, Wii Sports, a remote and nunchuck plus a dozen games. Of course, you will need additional accessories like an extra Wiimote (Wii Remote) that goes for Php1,600 each and a Nunchuck that you can pair with it for Php950.

The volume of games in the collection aren’t much but as long as I have Mortal Kombat, Full Metal Slug, Resident Evil 4 and Transformers, I’m all set. Mortal Kombat brings back tons of childhood memories of Atari to the first Nintendo. Then, there’s always Wii Sports that’ll slice off all those excess calories in you. The graphics is just so-so but it’s the total gaming experience that counts.

It’d be great if they release Battle City too! Anybody for a Wii Fight Night?

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35 Responses

  1. marhgil says:

    i’m planning to buy one soon… pampapayat daw :)

  2. wites says:

    *tink* how about a blueleaf wii night?

  3. Paul says:

    Saan mo binili sa V-Mall ang Wii mo?

  4. Glenn says:

    You made the right choice, is your Wii online as well?

  5. yuga says:

    @ wites – pre, game na ta!

    @ markku – bowling, naka practice na ako! hehehe

    @ Paul – sa @Game on the 3rd florr, just beside the elevator

    @ Glenn – Yup, it’s online. Got wifi all over the house.

  6. jayvee f. says:

    wii play has battle city as well as the new versions of duck hunt and pong.

    is yours the US or JP version?

  7. yuga says:

    US version. I was tempted to get the Japan version but decided against it. I could memorize the English translated manual but my younger bro will find hard time to do the same.

  8. jayvee f. says:

    im regretting getting the japanese version for exactly that reason. anyway, its no biggie.

    BTW keep in mind that some games may cause the Wii to brick / semi-brick with the WiiKey Modchip.

    these include:

    Paper Mario
    Mario Strikers
    Pokemon Battle Arena
    Big Brain Academy

    To be on the safe side, do not run firmware updates included with these discs since the local vendors can’t tell NTSC-J from NTSC-E and PAL discs.

  9. jayvee f. says:

    ibigs to say, your latest firmware update should be version 2.2E for English while mine should be 2.2J (Japan) as of this post.

    If your Wii accidentally gets updated to 2.2J, then it will definitely brick / semi-brick depending on the game. you would have to go through pains to unbrick it.

  10. Paul says:

    Bought mine at EYO.

    Try watching YouTube clips with your Wii, heh.

  11. yuga says:

    @ jayvee – my Wii was upgraded to 2.2E.

    @ Paul – I tried but the Shop Channel says it’s not available in the country where I am. Is there anyway, I can download Opera in it and browse the net?

  12. noypiako says:

    buti pa kayo dyan madali makabili ng Wii. dito sa Vancouver its always sold out sa mga shops :grin:

  13. mr nice ash says:

    Can I drop by your place? I want to play MK again. :)

  14. Glenn says:

    I regret to say, that you bought the Wii a bit too late, Nintendo had the Opera Browser for free since April, with a beta version running last January. Starting this month you had to buy it. You may want to buy Wii points card (and have it shipped) so you maybe able to shop and download classic games and the browser. Check out Play-Asia.com if they sell Wii points there.

  15. beeps says:

    @ wites, musta na bro? its been a while. :)

  16. wites says:

    @yuga: ti sano? *smiles*

    @beeps: ok lang pre. beeps, organize ka naman ng get-together wii game kila yugs.

  17. cheezy says:

    XBOX 360 is really a headache!

    You know why? I have five cousins in the United States and Canada that have this video console. And they all had sent their xbox for repairs and exchange a couple of times already.

    Microsoft should do something about this. I am still considering buying an Xbox since I am a huge fan of Halo. Can’t wait for the third of its trilogy.

    Microsoft, we are waiting!!! Get this fixed!!!

  18. ahyan says:

    i do have xbox360(j) previously, nagawan ko naman ng way para ma-“modify” yung system, and makapaglaro ng 8hrs str8t w/ out the red ring of death they so called, ayun benta ko na wala kc gandang games labas, e2 tanong ko heheheh na semi-brick yung lintek na wii ko, endi ko ma access yung option at dalawa yung mga inernet related channel,may alam ba kayong pang unbrick? salamas po…..(BBA Brick-it) my wii is aus. and its pal. hope for follow-ups.

  19. JM says:

    I know this is old… but I’m taking a chance that you might still answer comments on old blog posts.

    Since you are the only guy I know with a Wii that was modified probably pre-D2C, I just would like to know:

    1. Do you have the US or Japanese version?
    2. Is your modchip a Wiikey?
    3. If yes, how is it holding up? Still working? Any problems? Have you been able to update the Wiikey modchip to 1.9g BETA and are you able to play Super Mario Galaxy NTSC-US?

    That’s all, thanks!

  20. workingdude says:

    hmm sorry to revive it again anyone here knows the cheapest wii us version now? sympre greenhils ulit right? what shop and 1 yr warranty ba? i always hear na EYO eyo…

    mostly now may mga freebies na like extra controllers…

    hehe 2008 nirevive ko pa rin…. X_X

  21. JM says:

    US Wii as of 2-3 weeks ago at EYO Virra Mall is 19,500, comes with 5 games, 220V adapter, not sure if Wii Sports is in it (though it probably is), mod chip is D2CKey (Super Mario Galaxy should be playable), only 1 set controllers (nunchuck and wiimote).

    This was, however, the price given to me by some sales lady who didn’t look too interested in selling. Most likely you can get it cheaper. I didn’t try because I hate talking to sales people who are like that. Try asking for Eric (supposedly the owner, never met him) and ask him for a discount. He usually gives discounts and people say he gives lower initial prices. Some also say that you should bring your wife or girlfriend, or your sister, and have them ask for a discount… he will give a bigger discount. =)

    Eric is not in Virra Mall on Sundays, according to sources. And don’t buy from the Shoppesville EYO. I asked for the price of the same system, and the price they gave was 21k.

    Warranty unknown.

    If you find anything cheaper than that, please let me know! =) I’m on the look out for one as well. I’d actually prefer an UNmodified US Wii, but that’s kind of hard to find.

  22. Via says:

    Hi! I found your blog using google, and I was hoping you guys can answer my question.

    I bought my wii about a month ago. It’s modified with D2C. So my question is, is D2C the same as D2Ckey? I heard having D2ckey makes Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario playable. Hope you guys can answer, as I have been itching to play these two games for so long already. Thanks! :)

  23. JM says:

    Hi Via! D2C and D2CKey are two different things.

    D2C is the code/label that is given to a particular chip that is inside the Wii prior to modification. I don’t know exactly what it is and what it does, but ALL new Wiis today are D2C Wiis. This chip is an integral part added by Nintendo itself. The chip that Nintendo used to put in their Wiis before was the D2B. Previous to that was the D2A. I don’t know if this is a good analogy, but it’s like Wiis are Civics, and the newer Civics have slightly different engine than the ones released last year.

    In relation to the D2CKey, the D2CKey is the modchip that is added into your Wii later, after sales. Meaning, someone buys the Wii, opens it up, and then puts that modchip into the Wii. That someone is not Nintendo. It’s probably some dude in China, or one of the folks who sell them in Manila.

    The D2CKey is called a D2C”KEY” because it is like a “key” to your D2C model Wii that “unlocks” it and allows you to play games from other regions, and back-up copies of games.

    Previously, with the D2B and D2A Wiis, the typical modchip used to unlock the Wii was the “Wiikey”. However, Nintendo stopped production of D2B (and D2A) Wiis and began releasing Wiis with their new chip, the D2C. The Wiikey, which worked perfectly with D2A and D2B Wiis, was not compatible with the new D2C Wii. So, someone had to create a NEW modchip that would unlock this new Wii… and that is the D2CKey.

    Both Wiikey and D2CKey can play Super Mario Galaxy (and Super Paper Mario). The only difference is that the D2CKey plays SMG out of the box, while Wiikey needs to be updated to version 1.9g in order to play it.

    So the answer is YES, you can play Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario with your D2C Wii that is modded with a D2CKey.

    What you have to watch out for are the system updates which could brick your Wii…

    The Wii’s firmware updates via 2 methods. One is through the Internet, by connecting your Wii to the Internet. The other is via game discs. Some games, like Super Mario Galaxy, require that your Wii is updated to a particular firmware update in order for it to play. So, if you are a Wii user that doesn’t connect online, your Wii would not be able to run SMG. The solution, Nintendo put the firmware update into the game disc itself. When you pop in SMG into your Wii, it will check if your Wii is updated to at least the firmware update that it required. If your Wii HAS the update, the game will not update your Wii. If your Wii does NOT have the update, the game will proceed to update your Wii. The problem with that situation is that Japanese updates and US updates are different. If you update a Japanese Wii with a US update, it MAY “brick” or “semi-brick” your Wii.

    SO… if you have a Japanese Wii that is not updated to the very latest firmware, and you run a US game that has a system update built into it (like SMG), you risk getting your Wii bricked (or semi-bricked). And so, make sure that BEFORE you play SMG or Super Paper Mario, or any game for that matter, especially if you are playing a game not meant for your Wii’s region, update to the very latest firmware online with your Wii FIRST.

    I myself don’t have a Wii yet (getting one next week), but I have done research about all this modification business for weeks and weeks, trying to figure out which modification would be the best for me. I’m not 100% positive about all the information I gave you because it’s not from actual experience, but look it up online and you’ll most likely get the same answers and advice.

  24. Via says:

    Wow. Thanks so much, JM. That was a big big help! :)

    I guess the first thing I need to do is find out if my wii has d2ckey.

    Really, thanks!

  25. JM says:

    If the guy who sold it to you doesn’t know what mod chip you have, you can find out through one of these methods:

    1. Go to this website:
    Input your serial number and you’ll find out which one is your chipset.
    If your search says you have a D2C Wii, then you most likely have a D2CKey (assuming it’s already modified). That’s not a guarantee though, but almost all D2C Wiis in the Phil. are modified with D2CKey.

    2. Open your Wii, and look inside. You can google images of D2CKey and see if you can spot the modchip.

    3. Go to Greenhills, Shoppesvile Plus EYO or one of the shops in Virra Mall 3rd floor with technicians (like EYO). If the technicians don’t look busy, maybe you can ask them to have a peek inside. The Shoppesville store is less busy. Your best bet is to try there. If they don’t want to help you, offer them a little money.

  26. Via says:

    Again, thanks so much. Really appreciate it. I’ll keep in mind all those tips you shared.

  27. BT says:

    Does Smash Brothers Brawl can any chance break my wii? my wii is version 3.0US.

  28. roberts says:

    i have a 3.2U wii with a supposed “wiikey” on D2B from GH, however i was trying to update it to 1.9s to run SSBB, but it did not update unless i remove the update disk. anyway, it seemed that it updated the wiikey but i have a black screen after pressing start to run SSBB. can anyone give me advise how to get SSBB running?

    the shop also recommended that i upgrade to D2Ckey on a D2B. Will this work? But this will cost me.

  29. lee1978 says:

    hey, if u have a modified US unit, would it encounter any problem when i upadate it online?

  30. KiWii says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have Wii PAL system and I’m just new to this modification thing….. my questions are:
    1. if my PAL Wii is modified, can I play both original PAL and NTSC, plus bootleg copies?
    2. are the games availalbe on discs only, not SD card?
    3. is EYO VMall the only reliable shop?


  31. Rey R. says:

    I have a modified wii bought it here in SM City Cebu. I would like to ask if my unit can connect to the internet. I have bought a usb lan card from the internet and used it on my unit. After several attempts of connecting, no luck. If there’s anyone out there knows how to resolve this, pls. email me. By the way, i have a smart bro internet connection.

  32. twitter.com says:

    What’s up, I want to subscribe for this website to take most recent updates, therefore where can i do it please help out.

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