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Xtreamer Media Player & Streamer

We got our hands on another networked media player — the Xtreamer Media Player and Streamer, a small and portable media player.

Unlike the other popular media players out there, the Xtreamer uses the smaller 2.5″ portable HDD which makes for the smaller form factor. You need to buy and install the HDD separately.


There’s not a lot of ports at the back but I think it’s just enough — an HDMI, 2 USB, Composite, USB Host (for WiFi 802.11 N), Ethernet 10/100, and Analog/Digital Audio. The unit can play audio, photo and videos up to 1080p.

The Xtreamer supports the following video file formats: MPEG HD, XVid, DivX, MKV, MP4 and H.264; as well as audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC and DTS decoding (including down-mixing).

The unit alone costs about Php6,000+ (Php6.2k in Sulit) but that does not include the HDMI cable, the antenna for WiFi and the internal HDD. The antenna for the WiFi is also important if you want to stream content thru the player without using the wired LAN port.

The device is a perfect fit to those who want to bring their HD content anywhere they go. Just hook it up to your hotel’s HDTV and you have your own selection of movies and TV series, all for free. The player is positioned against the portable WDTV of Western Digital although the latter does not have an internal storage.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

32 Responses

  1. Avatar for Peter van der Kruijs Peter van der Kruijs says:

    Can you please help me with an adress to repair my Xtreamer media player

    regards Peter

  2. Avatar for Luis Barreiro Luis Barreiro says:

    hi i was wondering where is it possible to get my xtreamer pro repaired? thanks

  3. Avatar for Marcelo Marcelo says:

    How much po? is it included with the HDD?

  4. Avatar for jb jb says:

    I am selling my brand new xtreamer sidewinder, with HDMI cable. email me if interested.


  5. Avatar for Marcelo Marcelo says:

    @ sheila. Yes po pede u ust need to buy the RCA to PCI cable for the projector. Pero some projectors have a RCA conection nrin. Pero hindi sya magiging ganun kalinaw kc your not using an HDMI cable for high def movies ^_^

  6. Avatar for Sheila Imperial Sheila Imperial says:

    Just want to ask if this Xtream Media player ay pwedeng iconnect sa projector. thanks

  7. Avatar for Alwin Alwin says:

    I have a LOGITECH z5500 speark and i was wondering if i’ll be able to hook Xtreamer w/ 5.1 audio channel.

  8. Avatar for mr8382004 mr8382004 says:

    Mga sir, can this player support 24 bit/96 khz audio?
    and album art? Bec. I had some music albums in 24/96 flac format.
    If the player can play 24/96 I will buy this bec. my primary concern is the audio ability and also the ability to play internet radio.

  9. Avatar for providence providence says:


    Yes some LCD / LED TVs has USB ports
    but xtreamer is different.
    You can play full 1080p Videos
    It has multiple formats support unlike most LCD / LED TVs which are limited to mpeg
    And it has a wifi N dongle which allows you to play youtube videos and other internet content

    It also allows you to stream your media from your computer to the TV.

    And yes, it supports offline downloading from torrents / rapidshare but I have yet to test this since its only available in Xtreamer e-trayz :)

  10. Avatar for Joseph Joseph says:

    In addition, as I have understand, the function of the Xtreamer looks just the same as the external hard drive, since LCD/LED TV’s nowadays have an external port for USB’s, etc. Friends, can you please elaborate the uses and advantage of the said player. Sorry for asking, I’m planning to buy one, might as well look for a help with this one. Thanks again and more power.

  11. Avatar for Joseph Joseph says:

    pardon my ignorance friends, may i just ask when watching a live stream movie, will the resolution depend on what only the site is offering? I had an experience during a live stream in my computer, since it was only a free live stream, tendencies are it hungs with a bad resolution. How will the Xtreamer help this kind of issue? I will appreciate any reply regarding this matter, thanks.

  12. Avatar for speedster speedster says:

    I don’t think you can buy a seperate remote for it. which kinda sucks. I own a CinemaTube, it plays beautifully specially with the recent firmware update, the good thing about it is that you can buy extra remote for it just in case you lose one.

  13. Avatar for Tecs Tecs says:

    Same prob here. may have lost the remote. how can i continue using the same without the ability to turn it on?

  14. Avatar for Marcelo Marcelo says:

    where can i buy a replacement remote for this unit? i own one but i have lost my remote control, please somebody help me. baka naman may mabibilhan ako d2 satin.

  15. Avatar for CS CS says:


    Where can I purchase A.C.Ryan PLAY ON here in the Philippines?

    Please help. THKS!

  16. Avatar for burabodnon burabodnon says:

    mga kuyang,
    pardon my ignorance. how does the wifi work? can this player really ‘live stream’ directly from the net? can we input/edit url’s or built-in na? tsaka wifi/n na, di na b/g. do we need to score a new router?

  17. Avatar for Otie Otie says:

    USB WiFi Antenna enable user to connect the Xtreamer to a network wirelessly – get and share file across the network or via internet. You can also watch videos from Youtube and many other video streming sites or Listen to live Internet Music. Mayrun din syang NAS and FTP Server capabilities.

  18. Avatar for 3rd-ra 3rd-ra says:

    i love media players. i just download movies from the net, transfer them to a usb or external hdd and plug it into my media player which i bought for just 3k. the beauty of it is that you can download movies with subtitles in languages other than thai or chinese. best of all you can watch mp4 movies in a bigger screen than ur portable mp4 player as well as give your computer a rest if you’re just gonna watch a movie. i’ve even transferred my favorite dvd movie collection to my external hdd so i could watch them everywhere. also, you can now share videos your friends and families uploaded to youtube right on your tv. isn’t technology sweet?

  19. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:


    media player yan. kung ayaw mo na magburn sa DVD ng downloads mo dyan mo na lang ilagay. kaya may antenna para di mo na kelangan bumili ng cable para ma-transfer yung files from PC to the xtreamer. optional lang naman yung antenna kasi hindi naman lahat naka-router.

    abe can i can i? samahan na rin ng 2.5″ para ma-test kung gano kabilis transfer from PC to it. at wifi router n. kasi g lang router ko. hahaha.

  20. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @calvin – review unit distributed by PCTrends.

  21. Avatar for Sherwin Sherwin says:

    The antenna is the wifi dongle. once you hook that up to your Xtreamer, you can stream movies from your computer to the xtreamer without transferring it.

    The most important thing it can do is reading mkv files without hiccups.

  22. Avatar for Hanakiri Hanakiri says:

    waaah, di ko maintindihan. huhuhu. :-(

    bakit me antenna sya if nakakabit naman sa tv? me lcd tv ako, how can i take advantage of it with this gadget?

    sencia na sa ignorance. hehe.

  23. Avatar for ikogsakanding ikogsakanding says:

    uu nga parang wi-fi router… pero ganda ng mga features…

  24. Avatar for raymac raymac says:

    Hi abe!
    I hope you can do side-by-side comparison discussing the specs as well as pros and cons between WD TV, Briteview Cinematube and this Xtreamer.

    Thanks and more power!

  25. Avatar for Calvin Calvin says:

    eto yung katapat ng ac ryan ko although this one is newer because of the smaller form factor. both use realtek chipset instead of the usual sigma. did you buy this or review unit ulit? sino nagdidistribute?

  26. Avatar for david david says:

    can it do torrents?

  27. Avatar for Gizmosync Gizmosync says:

    @chris – I strongly agree. :D hehe

  28. Avatar for lolipown lolipown says:

    I wonder how this performs when used in conjunction with an NAS.

  29. Avatar for berkano berkano says:

    @luiboowee it is a networked media player or (tank). It is able to playback several media file types especially high definition movies (yung mga type pwedeng madownload sa internet or mga sariling mong gawa).

    I personally like the Xtreamer kahit wala siyang torrent client because it plays movies smoothly (even 1080p movies).

  30. Avatar for chris chris says:

    Design is good, it only looks like Wi-Fi router.

  31. Avatar for luiboowee luiboowee says:

    Sorry, another dummy question: ano ginagawa nito? It gives me an impression that you hook it into your TV set? tama ba? then, ano na? hehe. What is this for? something like watching YouTube or Mega Video on your TV screen? So does it mean, pwede kang mag-internet using this as your CPU and TV as your monitor?

  32. Avatar for EJ EJ says:

    with torrent downloading capability?

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