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Zune 80 trumps iPod Classic 80?

Got two similar media players — one, a highly successful device selling hundreds of millions of units in the last half decade; the other, just barely a year or two but with tons of features. Which one will you choose?

There has been much talk about the second generation Microsoft Zune 80 which in almost all aspects trumped the iPod Classic.

Zune vs iPod

Same price ($250), same capacity (80GB), the Zune is slightly bigger (4.3″ x 2.4″ x .5″) than the iPod Classic (4.1″ x 2.4″ x .41″). But, check out the additional features you’d get on the Zune that is definitely absent on the iPod Classic — larger screen, WiFi synching (cool!), FM radio, wireless music sharing, and a free customized art engraving at the back for every unit bought. It’s hard to deny who’s the clear winner here.

Yeah, I’m still an iPod fan but this makes me wanna buy a Zune 80.

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19 Responses

  1. minor says:

    minsan kasi masarap din makinig ng radyo :D

  2. vance says:

    wifi sybncing cool??? I like the zune 80 but I still go with iPod 80 Gb because it has coverflow.

    Another problem with Zune is that there are only few netcast that has a ready made zune movie file.

    As for WiFi media sharing, it is actually a great idea but there is still limitation, the file you shared or recieve can only be played 3x. but I give props to Microsoft for removing the limit of number of people you can share the file with.

    Another thing why I love iPod, is the design and look.

    Didn’t Apple used to engrave stuff on the back of their iPods?

    You also forgot to add that zune has one more advantage against the iPod, the video formats it supports, WMW, .H264… But that is ok i don’t really like watching movies on my iPod.

    If I’m going to buy one, I won’t get either of them. I’ll get the 160Gb iPod Classic. =P

  3. BrianB says:

    He he, just received the ibiza Rhapsody portable internet radio player. Internet radio, if you don’t know what this is, is the best music resource we have at the moment. I’m suddenly back in high school sleeping with my earphones on, listening to the radiohead channel.

    Lauren is going to review it for pmptoday.

  4. jomark says:

    Yes, nothing beats Ipod’s design.

  5. quezacolt says:

    hehe radio lang naman habol ko sa ipod e hehehe, pero kahit na ipod parin ako hehehe

  6. Johnn Lloy says:

    the main problem of zune is that it doesn’t have an EQ!http://www.zunescene.mobi/forums/index.php?topic=24153.0 :(

  7. Jacob says:

    The zune 80 is MUCH better than the ipod classic! BTW vance the ipod coverflow SUCKS! And the zune marketplace does have many netcasts! You people judge WAAAY to fast! Zune pwn’s ipod!

  8. Cassic want it! says:

    Hell to the no!We all no the ipod classic is the stuff! Way beta den that crap Zune!Everyone nos the zune is a knock offf of the i-pod for people who are to keep(like mel) to afford an ipod! SO ha- and ha- and a hahaha IPOD RULEZ thats right i put a Z.

  9. dYEAH! R says:

    I read several reviews before I bought my iPod. Ya’ know, the ipod classic 80gb versus Zune 80 kind of stuff. I must say that Zune 80 has a hell of features but I bought the iPod because of the following reasons: Zune can’t be used as a mass storage device(what a shame)-a very useful and significant feature which the Zune makers took for granted, it doesn’t have a clock display-people love convenience ya’ know!, the Zune is mainly a US product which means it’s going to be a lot harder for me to be it since I don’t do online shopping. I would never think that Zune 80 is superior over the iPod classic 80gb. My iPod is two month’s old with me and I’m pretty happy with all it has to offer and considering that apple is always releasing firmware updates which makes it better like solving the issue of the sluggish coverflow.

  10. Eva says:

    vance fuck you who gives a shit about coverflow its suipid the ipod clasics back has a certain type of metal that attracts fingerfrints and scratches my friend bout a classic and like a month after that it was all scratched up and looked terrable the zunes filesharing sounds dumb but you can listen to it 3 times and then it goes on a list on the zune software so you can buy it if you want…look at the screen on the ipod classic who the hell want to watch stuff on there the zunes huge screen is so much better for videos
    the zunes screen 80gb is a little bit smaller than
    the ipod touchs and with a built in radio vance the pre-loaded video is no problem you can delete iit if you want if you preferrer the ipod classic its not because its better thatn the zune (witch its not) it because you probley had a good experience with your last ipod and i don’t blame ya i had a ipod video it was great i had to sell it to get a laptop but now i have a zune and i liked it wayy better if your wondering witch to buy id definitly go with the zune

  11. noname says:

    u can have radio in ur ipod by buying a radio transmitter for iPod. at least..may radio pa!

  12. ANTHONY says:

    well the ipod 80 is really good cause i have one but we should know that the zune is a lot better when it comes to features… but that gos without saying the ipod is a more high performance that the zune

  13. no name says:

    hey I think that the ipod classic rulez. who cares about the technakil stuff? i just think it rocks my socks!!! ;)

  14. inbed says:

    i went poopy this morning and like it got stuck mid way point!

  15. Cyrus Veals says:

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