WATCH: Samsung Neo QLED - DREAM Gaming TV!

WATCH: Samsung Neo QLED – DREAM Gaming TV!

Playing video games in your living room, sunk into the sofa, is a pastime that spans across generations. Aside from the gaming console, perhaps the centerpiece of this situation is the TV. And while some may think that any TV will do as long as it has the correct video inputs, most are not “gaming TVs.” That’s where the new Samsung Neo QLED comes in.


With a screen that goes as large as 85-inches, and a 4K resolution to match that size, it also includes gaming-specific features such as a 120Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, low latency, and a game bar feature, among others. The Neo QLED is built with Quantum Dot technology, which brings a brighter image, better power efficiency, and less risk of burn-in.

Is this the ultimate centerpiece of your dream living room gaming setup? Find out here:

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