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Christopher Lao gets his own TV commercial

BPI Auto Loans tapped online sensation Christopher Lao for a commercial to promote the bank’s car insurance policy. Learned about this from Donald Lim earlier during his presentation at the IMBC.

Not sure if this is a purely online spin but I am told it will also hit local TVs as well. Of course, the YouTube video was leaked by BPI ahead of the pack so I’m thinking this a set up to see if it will also go viral just like the original video.

At least something good came out of of this, after all those humiliating incident that happened to him months ago. I guess he’s got a new car now from the talent fee BPI gave him.

If I’m not mistaken, it seems like BPI Auto Loans wants to convey that their car insurance not only covers “Acts of God” but also “Acts of Stupidity”. If that’s the case, sign me up! *hehehe*

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    I know this is coming hahahaha

  2. Dr. C. Litton says:

    Nice! Good for him. Still. He was an idiot for crossing that flooded street. lol. Maybe the dude had no depth perception. Seriously, its nice to see him poking fun of his own stupidity.

  3. jhoeforth says:

    Brilliant! Kudos to BPI!

  4. kevinz says:

    Good or bad publicity…still… publicity…will wait for his billboard in Guadalupe…who knows if he’ll be next to Bruno Mars… :P

  5. Amote says:

    Now I know that being stupid comes with so many benefits… This story tells us that being stupid is cool…. 8D

  6. lawrence says:

    na, dont be too hasty to call him stupid. he’s just impulsive, and what made things worst is his reasoning with what he did. maybe out of panic coz a media man is around. hu knows? the media did a bad work blowing things out of proportion. heck, common people resort to these kind of stuffs.

    he’s actually an intelligent man, more intelligent than some people commenting here.

    good thing, this will somehow relief some damages done.

  7. darryl says:

    now this is really f*cked up. i was not informed!

  8. stArvin says:

    so BPI’s auto insurance would cover that scenario? hindi naman ata ‘acts of nature’ ang nangyari.

  9. Amote says:

    “he’s actually an intelligent man, more intelligent than some people commenting here.”

    I think you’re stupid like him. Sorry but defending a stupid like him is also a stupid. Yes he is intelligent and far more intelligent than most of us here commenting in this post but look he has no common sense. Common sense is far more greater than what we learned from books. I admit we are common people because we have common sense. How about you mr. intelligent lawrence.


    • jojoc says:

      Obviously not much when he writes, “good thing, this will somehow RELIEF some damages done.”

      As for me,What a RELIEVE!!!!

    • carlocarr says:

      kung magsalita ka parang di ka nagkaroon ni-minsan ng lack of judgment ha.. tao lang si christopher lao, tao ka lang din,nagkakamali.. wag mo isipin na mas matalino o mas madiskarte ka porket di lang nakunan ng camera mga katangahan mo..

      ang sinasabe lang ni “lawrence”, medyo hinay na sa pangmamaliit.. may mali ba dun?

    • asuuoas says:

      yun ren sasabihin ko eh. hahaha. imagine how many of us have committed much more stupid mistakes than he did. imagine our lapses in judgment being publicized for the world to see. siguro nabaon na tayo sa lupa..

    • lawrence says:

      “Yes he is intelligent and far more intelligent than most of us here commenting in this post but look he has no common sense. ”

      He has no common sense? that’s a sweeping statement sir. Isn’t it more STUPID for people to dwell too much for his mistake that didn’t directly involve them? Isn’t people’s inappropriate HATE for a him a more display of lack of common sense.

      And last time I check sir, common sense won’t make a manager, engineer, lawyer, and so on. Greater u said? ha, common sense isn’t even enough to feed hunger tummies.

      And what’s funny is that people who call him stupid are usually those who found some sort of self-uplifting when they found out that the mad behind the so-called stupidity is a well educated man. crab much?

    • lawrence says:

      * “relieve”


      Thnks for the correction, tao lang din like CHAO

    • asuuoas says:

      lawrence, them dumbfucks etse crabs are still in denial nga…hehehe

    • quake says:

      ….kaw na Amote…Poon ka e…..walang pag kakamali….easy for you to say coz you we’rent there…kaya ganon n lng kadali ang magsabi sayo ng stupid sa tao na nanga-ialangan ng tulong pero dahil sa rating mas piniling ivideo na lng kesa tulungan agad!

    • kayo na kayo na! says:

      hindi ko naman sinabi na di ako nagkamali opinion ko lang naman… ang dami dami naman pwede gawing dahilan sa harap ng camera yun pa ang gagamitin niya? Masyado kasi papogi… Tanga lang siya yun ang ginamit niyang dahilan…
      don’t think na kawawa yung tao kasi fault naman niya talaga yun at swerte lang niya nakunan ng siya ng camera at yun pasasabihin niya.. or better sana, just tell everybody na mali ako, di ko alam- tapos! hindi yung kung anu-anong mga excuses ang sasabihin mo, kasi sa paningin ng tao ikaw ang nakakatawa.
      in the first place bakit ka lulusong sa baha na nakita mo na walang dumadaan?
      “wrong decision = stupid answers”

    • asuuoas says:

      too bad my friend. state what ever opinion you want to state. he’s earning a lot! how bout you? still hatin’?

      that’s why this country will never hang with the likes of america, britain and all of the first world countries. some opinions that implies crab mentality is simply crass and pulling this country.

      continue hatin’ and gain nothing.

  10. Luffy says:

    Hahaha tanggap na tanggap na ni Lao yung nakakatuwa niyang video dati.

  11. Benchmark says:

    Hahahaha You made me laugh there sir Yuga! HAHAHAA WTF! Di nga lang “act of god” but also act of stupidity! HAHAHAHAHA

  12. asuuoas says:

    this is a big fuck you to his haters…hahahah

    i bet he’s thinking right now that his haters can suck his dick all day because of his big break.

    his stupidity is a blessing is disguise after all…

  13. asuuoas says:

    this is a big fuck you to his haters…hahahah

    i bet he’s thinking right now that his haters can suck his dick all day because of his big break.

    his stupidity is a blessing in disguise after all…

    • LAO SUCKS says:

      watch your grammar asshole

    • asuuoas says:

      nevermind the grammar. the message is fine that it doesn’t take an intellectual to understand. if you’re the grammar police then, f*** you PIG!!

      lao sucks? lao is still stupid? jealous? at least he knows how to accept life while you are still in denial and make fun of the past. tsktsktsk.. actually, he is so smart that he took advantage of his error and of course… we can’t deny that it outsmarted his critics that all they can do is just hate.

    • LAO SUCKS says:


    • asuuoas says:

      yeah! a typical response from someone who has nothing else to do but to hate…

    • LAO SUCKS says:


  14. Pogi says:

    May commercial man sya o wala, TANGA parin sya para ilusong nya yung kotse nya sa baha!

  15. RJ says:

    It is just so sad to know that even the blogger thinks the incident was an act of stupidity.

    To those judging him based on that incident are really poor in character.

    If only Chris was in Canada or the US he may even have sued the government for not “informing” him.

  16. alfred says:

    so ibig sabihin sagot na din ng BPI ang “act of supidity” sa insurance nila hehehehe!!! good job BPI… and good for you, stupid man… whoever you are :)

  17. Mike says:

    He kinda looks like KevJumba

  18. rotero says:

    i admit i also one of those who are annoyed by the news regarding his stupidity.. but anyway.. convicted na ako… in this commercial hecome to realize THAT NATURE DOESNT INFORM…. hehehhhe

  19. herbert says:

    kotse nya pala yung nasa FB ad ng bpi auto loan

  20. Name: says:

    actually, it was not stupidity but rather his arrogance that made him the target of ridicule.

  21. It’s part of advertisement, in short making money.

  22. Vic Vinegar says:

    Was he informed about this?

  23. Smoke says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d see Abe sink this low. His infamous interview was edited in such a way to make him look stupid. Did any of you pricks know that he was desperately crossing the flooded street because he had to get to his family? Have any of you seen the full unedited interview?

    Many of you clutch at the most desperate things to feel good about your sorry lives.

    Such luck of class from Abe and disgusting responses from your community, smells like TPC in here.

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