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Facebook should buy Dolphin Browser instead of Opera

There’s story spreading that Facebook is interested to buy Opera browser to create its own custom “social” browser and compete with the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft.

It’s been revealed that one of Facebook’s biggest challenges is in mobile (one reason why they bought Instagram), the odds are stacked against it compared to in the desktop arena. There’s Google that also doing advertising (Adsense for Mobile) and has monopoly of the Android environment with its built-in browser, Apple which is also heavily pushing its own Safari browser on mobile and Microsoft with its big reach and distribution network to leverage IE Mobile on Windows Phone handsets.

That leaves Facebook very little to wiggle around when it comes to prime access on the mobile web, except of course thru the iOS and Android apps.

While the idea of owning and deploying a Facebook Browser might make sense, I am not as equally sure if Opera would be the right candidate for Facebook.

Yes, Opera claims it has over 200 million users (both desktop and mobile) so that’s a lot of users that Facebook can also acquire (we’re not yet discounting the overlap of users here which is probably more than half of that number).

Nevertheless, that’s hundreds of millions of users that Facebook will just eventually lose to either Chrome, IE9 (when Windows 8 comes), and Mozilla. So if Facebook is going to buy Opera, the only really useful part of that trade would be the mobile users. In the end, they will just waste half the money on Opera.

My suggestion for an alternative to Opera would be Dolphin Browser. It’s a good alternative — a mature, mobile-only browser that’s already have hundreds of thousands (and maybe even millions of users) already. It’s also highly rated, got good reviews, and is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It does not have a desktop browser, which Facebook does not need anyway (again their focus for acquisitions is always mobile).

Of course, Zuckerberg had bazillions of dollars to splurge on a buying spree and Opera might just look like spare change to him. I just thought Dolphin browser is the better browser between the two.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

24 Responses

  1. Avatar for JC John Sese Cuneta JC John Sese Cuneta says:

    Dolphin?! I definitely hope not. I don’t want such project to go into the hands of Facebook. We all know what and who “Facebook” is.

  2. Avatar for darryldose darryldose says:

    that would be good.

  3. Avatar for MDM782010 MDM782010 says:

    opera is the best on mobile browsing either android or symbian but on uploading and downloading files function forget about opera mobile.

  4. Avatar for hehehehe hehehehe says:

    Lol! I‘m using dolphin browser now on my phone while I‘m typing this. ^_^

  5. Avatar for RaGe RaGe says:

    I prefer Boat browser than Dolphin…just my two cents :)

  6. Avatar for Dative Stardust Dative Stardust says:

    Opera is top dog. Any web pro knows that.

  7. Avatar for showbiz showbiz says:

    I have tried dolphine browser for iphone and I have to agree, it’s really fast.

  8. Avatar for Lucy Kola Lucy Kola says:

    I also agree with this and Facebook should be do it very early. I like dolphine for it’s fastness. Thanks for this allocation. :P

  9. Avatar for dTech dTech says:

    I love dolphine! it’s sooooo fassssssssssst!

  10. Avatar for aze aze says:

    yes, i agree. once ko lang ginamit yung Opera sa android tapos nag uninstall na ko. the best talaga dolphin sa android.

  11. Avatar for Anti Anti says:

    I couldn’t read this article due to all the grammatical mistakes. Geez! Who wrote this?

    Facebook is a monumental waste of time!! Perfect for 3rd Worlders.

  12. Avatar for Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Facebook is also planning to make their own phone to compete with iPhone, we’ll see how successful they become with building their own hardware.

    • Avatar for Yahya Yahya says:

      I hope they fail miserably in such very much desperate attempt. They MIGHT become successful as they hired ex iPhone engineers from Apple. Wow.

  13. Avatar for Bob Bob says:

    I also hope they buy something other than Opera, because that is the browser I use the most on the desktop and I would hate to see even more of Facebook links and such which would be the case if Opera was purchased by Facebook.

    A little while ago I got my first ever Android phone and the first customization I did to it was remove Facebook and Twitter from it. I keep hoping that both of them are just another passing fad but with the endless need that people seem to have about telling the world about themselves it probably isn’t and will be around for a long time. But I do see they do serve the useful purpose of getting idiots fired from their job and arrested by the police because they just have to let the world know every detail of their lives so that is one useful purpose they serve society.

  14. Avatar for jayb jayb says:

    Opera has different web rendering engine that will distinguish them from other browser unlike dolphin. they also has many products(desktop, mobile, tv, game console)that generate over 100 million profit annually.

  15. Avatar for Benchmark Benchmark says:

    I just downloaded Dolphone Browser, and yes, I think this is better than opera. I’ve been using it coz its like mozilla in mobile phone (sorry mozilla, your mobile browser sucks big time!). And I never thought dolphine browser would be better than it’s built in browser. I just relied on the rating, and since then I’ve been using Dolphine browser. :)

  16. Avatar for Yahya Yahya says:

    Facebook’s desperate enough to do almost anything just to ‘conquer the world’ like what Apple and Google are doing. Wow, fuck off already.

  17. Avatar for Ben S Ben S says:

    if facebook’s about reach, then they might be thingking that making a desktop branch might be just as expensive as buying the more popular opera brand.

  18. Avatar for bakamann bakamann says:

    Opera? I just wish that they should just take Rockmelt browser off the Chromium pattern and develop a new software from there…

    Since Rockmelt is already a ‘facebook browser’ or something like that…

    • Avatar for Jan L Jan L says:

      Yep, Rockmelt’s a better alternative desktop-wise. The mobile counterpart sucks though.

    • Avatar for Gray Gray says:

      Well, the problem with that is that is what you already stated. They have to develop a software for it which cancels the point of buying. Buying Opera means they already have the software (and a wonderful one). All they need to do is integrate facebook on it.

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