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FB Click Farms, Fake Likes traced to the Philippines

There’s been a growing number of underground business that revolve around Facebook advertising, specifically generating fake clicks and FB likes.

A story from the Washington Post narrated a story of a Facebook user advertising his FB Fan Page only to attract over 80,000 Likes, most of which he concluded as fake ones.

Majority of the clicks and likes generated from FB ad campaigns were coming from unusual countries such as the Philippines, Egypt, India, Pakistan, etc.

However, the fan page that got 80,000 Likes only has 1% engagement rate which is pretty low.

It is no secret that fake FB Likes are rampant in the Philippines. It is used to rig and win Facebook contest by brands, generate traffic to other websites or being sold directly to other individuals or agencies.

A quick search on Sulit generated over 29,000 results for the keyword “Facebook Likes”.

Sellers are peddling their FB Likes for as low as Php400 for every 1,000 Likes. Since the Likes can be resold many times over (infinitely), this small time trade can be big business.


Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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7 Responses

  1. I believe that bangladeshi online freelancers are the one that supply most of this likes for companies or agency. Second is the indian, if you would go to freelancer, you will see the top freelancers there who sells FB likes.. they got thousands of reviews.

  2. roiji says:

    it’s actually a big business.
    one time i got news of selling a page with 500,000 followers for Php500,000

    there are also people creating parody pages for likes and followers then selling them.
    i have followed a few on twitter.. at first it was a parody of a trending character similar to senyora santibañez or donya Ina then after a few weeks, it became a business name or a product name…

    also, on Facebook it’s very rampant to see posts with “We’re giving away 100 iPhone 5s just Share an Like this..” with a picture of the stocks (whether they are authentic or not, I don’t know).

    because, you know, when people like a page they forget about it.
    and when they page gets sold, it still retains the “followers”.

    • roiji says:

      ngayon, hindi ko lang alam kung nagpamigay nga talaga sila ng 100 phones… but i doubt they did.

    • wew says:

      ang nakakalungkot pati mga official pages nanloloko na rin para lang nakarami ng likes,one example eh ung sony xperia na fan page…last year pa sila nagpopost ng photos ng smartphones tas may instructions kung anung mga gagawin para may chance na manalo….hanggang NGAUN meron pa rin pero d naman nila pinopost kung cnucnu mga nananalo.

  3. cranium says:

    Its all about the business brothers. Those with the best ideas and have the balls to pull it off are the ones to take huge bulk of cash. You gotta respect their street smart thinking. You can bash as much as you want but you cant argue that your not getting as much as they do.Sa business, profit ang priority, hindi and morale.

  4. Zebra says:

    Pansin ko nung Sep 2013, yung FB page ni Angel Locsin has 3.1 million likes, now after 5 months, almost doubled.
    Yung kay Erich Gonzales, last month, less than 1 million likes, last week 2 million likes, now 3 million plus and astronomically growing. Eto na siguro explanation.

  5. Paulo says:

    sa YouTube channel “Veritasium” mapapanood ang study.

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