Friendster gets some Google lovin'

Friendster gets some Google lovin’

Friendster has really followed in the foot steps of MySpace and snag a crucial partnership with Google. My post on PTB has the details.


Google is turning out to be the great savior for dirt-cheap but massive traffic destinations. See, if it weren’t for Google Adsense, social networking sites like MySpace and Friendster would have vanished a long time ago.

Looks like, I’ll be getting more Friendster invitations for a little while longer. :D

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  1. Gwapito says:

    Friendster also gets ad revenue through companies’ asking for a space ad at Friendster’s pages.

  2. Yes it’s true, although there are many kinds of affiliate programs, social networking sites won’t have enough revenue to operate to sustain the massive traffic friendster gets. It will be like other paid dating sites.

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