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Is Web 2.0 on your Mobile Phone?

A lot of people (including me) are claiming that the next wave will be on the mobile phone. With faster wireless connectivity and high adoption rate, the mobile web may become the next top destination for everybody.

It is even starting now without many of us noticing it. Is Web 2.0 on your mobile phone? Apparently yes. How much of it is on our phone now depends on our needs and lifestyles. Let me share mine:

  • Gmail for Mobile. I consolidate most of my email accounts to GMail {see tutorial here} so Gmail Mobile is the most often used application on my phone.
  • Yahoo! Go 2.0. It’s cool. If only it would run faster on my phone, I’d use it more often. I suppose they’d fix this on Yahoo! Go 3.0 soon. Flickr Mobile is integrated there too.
  • Netvibes Mobile. I used it on my desktop as a primary start-page and RSS reader. It’s also available on my mobile phone. And it degrades very well for the iPod Touch/iPhone as well as regular mobile screens and even the wider screens.

There’s Mobile YouTube but I rarely use it. I also don’t use Flickr so I haven’t use the mobile version as well. There are the VOIP types as well like Skype Mobile and Fring. And yeah, I used Twitter Mobile once or twice before but not Friendster. If you’re a heavy Nokia user, there’s Widsets in there too.

So, what Mobile Web 2.0 apps are you using?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. I am using frequently the google reader. I wonder when Opera Mini will be free for windows mobile 5

  2. Gmail Mobile. Twitter mobile. Multiply mobile. I sometimes visit your site through my built in mobile browser. :D

  3. Noemi Dado says:

    I use Gmail Mobile, Twitter Mobile, Google reader. I notice using the mobile version of your blog doesn’t show the current entry right away.

  4. JP Loh says:

    I’m using Opera Mini for WM2003.

    Sorted by usage (most to least):
    – Twitter Mobile
    – GMail Mobile
    – Google Reader Mobile

    It’s funny I use GMail Mobile more than the native email client.

  5. Nick Nichols says:

    Gmail mobile; Twitter mobile.

    The “track” feature of Twitter ONLY works on mobile. Also direct twits go to my mobile so I always get them immediately. Track is almost indispensable. E.g. during the manila pen thingy I tracked “magdalo” and got bunches of updates direct to my cellpone as I was in transit in taxi. I always track “philippines” and get both news and interesting miscellaneous twits. I’m working a project on Panay so I track “panay” for now. Great way to stay in touch with what’s happening.

  6. earncow says:

    I’m using opera mini as my browser

  7. An interactive and personalized web and mobile lifestyle is the future. As much as I am integrated in terms of technology, I feel that the real benefit to us as users will come with the emergence of good, focused advertising. Look into companies like Ad-Phone, ZAD, Google, etc. They are taking (haha, stealing!) our user preferences and developing a more personalized approach to the content we view. We may think we hate receiving advertisements, but when the web and mobile can show me links to articles, information, product sales, etc. on items that I am interested in or MAY be interested in, while I am going about my mobile and web integrated professional/personal life…well I see a whole new way of looking at the phone and computer.

  8. Miguel says:

    S60 3.2 on the N96/N78 will have Web Run-Time – Nokia’s native widgets. Go write some apps!

  9. karla says:

    Hmmm, interesting
    Reminds me of Nostalgia Manila

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