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Try out Yahoo!Mail beta

Wanna try out the new heavy-in-ajax-powered Yahoo!Mail beta? See how to configure your existing Yahoo! Mail account at PTB. Check out the right-click function!

Yahoo! Mail


A little warning though, it’s not that cool for dial-up users — too slow.

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9 Responses

  1. Kaye says:

    I tried it this morning. It works like Outlook but slows down my computer and does not work well with slow internet connection. I ended up reverting to the old yahoo! mail.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Bookmarked for future reference. TY

  3. Jay says:

    Will enjoy reading more. Adding to bookmarks. I thank you for this page.

  4. Samsung says:

    Perhaps, you will find a lot of related information at the official Samsung site.

  5. I really liked these tips! thanks for sharing!

  6. pizzafan says:

    Game on guys, I play games all day long and not planning to change that anytime soon! :D

  7. sfi says:

    i can’t upgrade to yahoo beta, i can’t see invitations from beta

  8. thank for good article ^__^

  9. Lan Coomer says:

    The advice is custom and it depends on client budget, services provides, geographical target area, target audiences and so on

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