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Digg chooses Sponsors over Users?

[ Digg this! ] The ongoing digital revolt over at Digg can be easily summed up with this nice picture of their frontpage:

Digg HD DVD Fiasco

Short story?
1) Hex Code to Crack HD-DVD DRM released
2) Stories submitted on Digg and went to the frontpage
3) Digg receives DMCA notice
4) Digg deletes all stories about the HD-DVD hack
5) Diggers found out HD-DVD sponsored Diggnation
6) Diggers revolt against censorship
6) All stories on the Digg frontpage now displays the HD-DVD fiasco

And the magic code that broke the wisdom of the crowd — 09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0.

[tags]digg, fiasco, hd-dvd, hex code, kevin rose, jay adelson, 09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88-C0[/tags]

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for Berlin Berlin says:

    …shows you how immature diggers are.

  2. Avatar for aMgiNe aMgiNe says:

    hmmm way too techie for me. anyways, off topic: kept hearing ur name last eb. hope u were there. hopped from marhgil’s blog. hope u visit my blog when u have time. God bless

  3. Avatar for Aaron Roselo Aaron Roselo says:

    I was laughing my head off kanina but I eventuallt got bored of it. I’d rather read the other more newsworthy diggs. I mean, it’s revolutionary but the HD-DVD thing just doesn’t peak my interest.

  4. Avatar for Mike Abundo Mike Abundo says:

    Actually, it’s not even a leaked trade secret. It’s a legitimately reverse-engineered trade secret.

  5. Avatar for Mike Abundo Mike Abundo says:

    The MPAA is wrong. The code is a leaked trade secret, neither a copyrighted work nor a circumvention device.

    If the MPAA sues Kevin Rose, Kevin will win.

  6. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    Since this morning, submitting a story to Digg was halted.

    As of this afternoon, Kevin Rose succumbed to the pressure of the digg community, allowing all post about the magic code:

    Lesson: in a democracy, it’s in the best interest of the leaders to listen to the constituency.

  7. Avatar for Michael Michael says:


    All in all, I was tempted to join the fun… but nah, I diggress.

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