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Asus N66U Wireless Router goes GigaBit

The DSL/WiFi router is one of those devices at home that is actually crucial but gets one of the least attention. The idea is that as long as the device works, we don’t really care much whether it looks good or performs well.

Then again, some folks are really picky about routers — has Gigabit connectivity, WiFi-N, has USB ports and supports P2P downloads.

The N66u is among the latest gigabit routers from Asus. Gigabit in the sense that the total bandwidth it can carry goes up to 900Mbps (or 0.9 gigabit/s which is pretty close to the gigabit category).

While that bandwidth does not really translate to a faster internet connection (since that still depends on your ISP), that figure reflects how much bandwidth is available when you use the local network for file transport and streaming – like transferring large files over the network, running a large-capacity NAS, or streaming full HD content to your TV.


The dual-band router operates in two frequencies – the usual 2.4GHz used by most wireless routers and the higher 5.0GHz band.

The N66u also sports a funky design – strong, solid lines, hard polycarbonate body and a diamond-back pattern on the top side.

At the back, there are 4 LAN ports, a WAN port and 2 USB ports (for hooking up printers and external storage) . There’s also provision for three (3) external antennas giving it wider signal strength.

The USB ports allow for file sharing, printing sharing and 3G sharing (you can plug a 3G router and use it as source of internet connection). It also supports P2P downloading (which stores to the attached USB HDD or NAS) via the Download Master.

The Asus N66u has been around in the market for some time now and retails for around Php9k. I heard it’s a hot item and the supplies don’t last long in store shelves.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. Yikes... says:

    Can you connect Pocket WiFi devices such as Huawei E587 or the ZTE MF80 on this router? Or, are the USB ports just for those USB 3G Sticks (such as Globe’s Tattoo Stick)?

  2. alainL says:

    I think I need this. My router sucks.

  3. Mr A says:

    It’s overkill for me. But it is a nice router. I’m just not the right guy for it.

  4. miguel says:

    pamigay na sir abe! xD

  5. heero yuy says:

    Malakas po ba ang signal nitong router na ito? kaya po ba ang whole house 1st and second floor?

  6. roiji says:

    the antennas look so evil >:D

  7. Earl says:

    where can I buy one of these?

  8. Joebert says:

    IBA pre! I think I saw one being displayed in PC Hub. Kala ko spaceship eh

  9. Silensyo says:

    Sana may magregalos kin nyan. naiinis nko sa luma kong Buffalo router >____<

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