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Buffalo AirStation Wireless-N 300Mbps Router

This is my 3rd wireless router this year. The first one (LinkSys) broke down earlier this year due to some problems to the transmitter restarting ever minute or so. I replaced it with a Belkin and that one died on me last week.

Prices of Wireless-N routers have gone down significantly in the past months so I checked out alternatives. No more Belkins and LinkSys for me and when I saw the Buffalo AirStation retailing for just Php3,200, I thought I’d give it a try.


The Buffalo Wireless-N Nfiniti Broadband Router and Access Point promises up to 300Mbps network speeds with the 802.11n Draft 2.0 and a push-button setup. It’s got one WAN port at the back and 4 LAN ports along with it. It also has options to mount it vertically, horizontally or even wall-mounted.

For Php3,200, I thought it’s a good bargain for a wireless-n router and this is the only other brand I thought I could fairly trust.

Which kind of wireless routers do you guys use and what’s your experience with them?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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43 Responses

  1. francis says:

    my belkin for my office sana pero it died a few months after i bought it from a guy far south so i did not bother claiming warranty since its a japanese version, i assumed these are just “surplus”, i am now using linksys (2 years old)

    at home, my old reliable apple airport extreme (3 years old) and 2 airport express (3.5years old, to extend the signal and hook up my speakers and printer) are working just fine

    never tried a buffalo brand

  2. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    I have a Linksys WRT610N
    It is terrible, not its performance but this stupid piece of software installed on it called Home Network Defender, which is almost impossible to turn off, and it randomly blocks sites like Facebook or sites which you visit frequently because it thinks those sites are unsafe. You dont even have to activate it. Imagine not having control of what sites you browse because of your router…. also Linksys support seems like utterly hopeless, just read their forums. I don’t think I’ll be buying another Linksys, theyre just pretty boxes.

  3. Turbo Slice says:

    Nice, very nice! Are there other cheaper alternatives to this one, Abe? Planning to change my wireless router in a couple of weeks.

  4. yuga says:

    @turbo slice — this is actually the cheapest WiFi N I’ve seen so far.

  5. JCL says:

    Hayyyyy I dont recommend Buffalo….. if you want to have a problem with your router, go ahead and buy one! I suggest get a Linksys WRT120N instead!

  6. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Haven’t got an N-based router yet. Currently using this one which is pretty stable despite being cheap. Only turn-off for me is its lack of load balancing:

  7. Jes says:

    I bought a TP-LINK wireless router TL WR340GD since I had Globelines 1Mbps installed in my house recently. No problem so far.

    Your Bufallo doesn’t have an antenna, Abe?

  8. RL says:

    we have belkin N wireless router at home 2 desktop connected to it and 4 laptops on wifi it works fine but sometimes you have to reset it if connection is intermittent (the prblem is with the router not on the ISP) our pldt connection is 2mbps.

  9. Ryan says:

    Nice upgrade, Abe. I’m still using a G router from Linksys. It’s about 2 years old now. My other 802.11B SMC Barricade router still works perfectly and it’s about 4 years old already! I think a good powerstrip or AVR helps for longevity.

  10. Turbo Slice says:

    @Abe: Thanks for the info!

  11. frocks says:

    i only use a G router here at home. bought one from belkin just this september 2009. it broke down after one week. since it came with a lifetime warranty, they replaced it. the replacement unit broke down after an hour of use. went back to the store and availed the warranty again. the 3rd unit’s been okay so far. though i must say, i’m really skeptical about belkin’s quality after that experience.

    in addition, belkin doesnt have local customer support. when i called customer service (for both the instances the routers broke down) I was connected to an Indian call center, and, although i do not wish to sound racist in any way, communication was extremely difficult:|

  12. ace says:

    I’m using asus wl-500w. It’s a rare breed nowadays and I luckily got it for PHP3400 at a mall shop. It’s also a wireless-n router. What makes this router special is that it has 2 usb ports in which you can plug-in a usb printer and/or a usb external harddisk (or any usb devices). Its default firmware (asus)has a program in which you can make the router a torrent or http/ftp downloader (straight to the external disk attached). Another thing is that, you can easily replace its default firmware with more powerful linux based firmwares such as dd-wrt. If you’re looking for a wireless-n router, also watch-out for Asus RT-N16. It’s the same as wl-500w but with a higher spec. A 500MHz broadcom procie, 128MB of RAM, 32MB of Flash and 4 GiGE ports. So with those specs, you can easily make this router into a server (web, file, media server). However, it’s still not available locally but based on ebay prices, this beast is priced under a hundred dollar.

  13. rsa1 says:

    TP link for me… so far so good!

  14. Jojo says:

    Have the Wireless-G Buffalo router. so far, no problem at all.

  15. chris says:

    I’m using “D-link Extreme Gigabyte N” so far haven’t encounter any problem yet. The Good,it has 3 antenna

  16. jojo30 says:

    I’ve had a DLink, Belkin, Netgear and now a Linksys 310N. Of the 4, I doubt I will ever buy a Dlink again cos it just wasn’t so reliable. At least Belkin has a lifetime warranty here that got me a new (and much better) router. But the range of the Linksys is the best I think, not a dead spot to be found in the house. Netgear was also good but that was a G which I traded in for the Linksys N router. Would have wanted the Belkin N+ since it had a USB port, but I got a good deal on the Linksys, and I’ve been happy with it ever since.

    Just a tip Abe, don’t throw away your old Belkin router — take it back where you bought it and invoke their lifetime warranty. For my old and dusty Belkin Pre-N, they gave me the N1 Vision, which I thought was very generous of them. But I already had the Linksys, so I just gave the N1 to my sister.

  17. garyboi says:

    Still using my Belkin Wireless G Router for more than 2 years. So far, no problems! :)

    I might get myself a Wireless N Router maybe next year. :)

  18. garyboi says:

    @jojo30 really?! you can trade-in your old Belkin router for a newer one? I bought mine @ Octagon SM Megamall Cyberzone.

  19. Agrimensor says:

    Like rsa1 Im also using a TP-Link specifically TL-WR542G which I bought for P2,350 during its initial offer in the market. Its been running for almost two years now with no problem.

    I placed it outside my house enclosed in a “tupperware” at nakatuntong lang sa plywood na may bracket sa dingding.

    It handles 10 wired PC, 2 laptop with wi-fi, my psp and dopod 818 pro.

    It’s very easy to configure.

  20. Jhay says:

    I’m using D-Link Wireless G router at home. It’s been working fine for the last 2 years now. The only problem is with my ISP, Globe is prone with connection issues in our area.

    For my next router though, I’d find something with a great load balancing feature. Any recommendations?

  21. I agree with Ryan above. I have had my WRT54G for about 3 to 4 year now. It’s plugged into a UPS.

    If I had to upgrade my wireless router, in addition to Draft-N or N support, I would probably look for one that supports Gigabit ethernet not just 10/100 ethernet.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have Belkin N150 router, so far so good. I only dislike its firmware installed which lacking some good feature. A good brand but kinda expensive one if you compare it to other with the same or similar feature.

  23. minor says:

    I’m using Buffalo WCR-G54 wireless Router for whoopping Php1,400…. so far so good

  24. jelly24 says:

    Tenda W311r -an N router @ PhP1160 only..

  25. arjay says:

    got this model a month ago at parksquare for only 2,600php :p

  26. jojo30 says:

    @garyboi As long as there’s really something wrong with it — in my case it just wouldn’t work anymore after a year. So I replaced it and after going thru two routers later, a friend told me about Belkin’s lifetime warranty (it applies only in the Phils). It’s funny cos I was about to throw the Belkin into the trash the day before, but I had it brought to their Service Center; and although it took over a month, they did replace it like i said with a much better unit.

    Fyi I bought mine at Octagon too, around 3 years ago.. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have yet that lifetime warranty in place, but the distributor here still replaced my router, which I thought was very big of them.

  27. sani says:

    I have the cheapest wireless N router here in our country, which is Tenda W268R with a price of Php1,275. I got this unit 2 days ago and it’s working fine though I have to observe it first.

  28. Jes says:

    @sani– where did you buy it? warranty?

  29. jackal says:

    katakot ung tenda ah..hehe

    im currently using linksys wrt610n…bought it to replace my linksys wrt54g2 2months ago. so far, its been working like a charm.

    @andre marcelo tanner – didn’t experience your problem with the 610n… though you may want to call their toll free tech support or online chat support to fix your problem. they’ve been quite helpful with my previous G router. linksys all the way:)

  30. myke says:

    linksys wag200g

    so far ok pa naman

  31. jobeck says:

    Dlink wireless g router
    Been using it for 3yrs and still working fine. Been updating the firmware since then.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  32. Adrian says:

    Airport Extreme pa din po ako. :)

  33. allan says:

    I’ve been using Edimax wireless router for a year now and so far Im not having any problems with it. We just turned it off maybe 3 times since day 1. It has 4 ports as well and a very cool white finish.

  34. boo says:

    parang nakakatakot naman yung sobrang babang presyo ng tenda. :(
    does it work as promised (wireless N speeds?)

    i’ve had a buffalo na wireless G router for almost 1 year na, it’s very nice and compact- roughly the same size of the PLDT DSL zyxel modem lang. good range naman so far, extends hanggang sa tindahan sa kanto. LOL!

  35. L.R. says:

    hi. compatible na ba sha sa Windows 7 when setting it up?

  36. Jonas says:

    Basta wag buffalo kung ayaw niyo masiraan ng bait!!!

  37. sanjuanico says:

    Buffalo then flash it with the latest DD-WRT. The best!

  38. beef says:

    at home I use Netgear.. it just works.. nothing fancy. though I must say I would appreciate greater range..

    at work we use lots of things.. mostly linksys.. I personally like them, but we’ve had a few of those fail as well.. you really can’t generalize unless something fails all the time.. and sometimes not even then..(it might be the user or whatever a piece of equipment is connected to)

    which brings me to wonder why some folks here hate buffalo so much.. we have a couple of those at work.. wireless-n routers.. nothing special, looks cool and they were no more harder to set up than our linksys models and so far, have not given us any problems at all (and we never turn any of our routers off 24/7). Same with our Buffalo external drives.. our specialists aren’t exactly the most careful people on the planet, but their drives are still trudging along without problems.. Are we just lucky? or are the others here just un-lucky? Reasons for such comments whether positive or negative would be nice, even (gasp) helpful..

  39. nanerbz says:

    bought the same exact buffalo router yuga. so far so good. no problems naman.

  40. SwagBucks says:

    We are using a Belkins N300 Router here in the US and so far it’s working great.

    Reading on everyone’s comments, I didn’t realize that Belkin’s made router adapters for up to 240 volts.. Good to know..

  41. Fucked says:

    That’s one Hard Fucking wireless there recommend the buffalo fuck

  42. SwagBucks says:

    I would like to try one of these buffalo routers. The price seems cheaper than linksys or Belkins. Thanks for the post!

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