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Globe Visibility now available commercially.

Ahh yes, Globe Visibility, this is what I was talking to them guys many times — give PLDT WeRoam some competiton. This was just published at Inq7.net: Globe offers wireless 3G Internet service for mobile users.

With a monthly subscription fee of 2,000 pesos, the service includes a notebook PC card integrated with a subscriber identity module (SIM) also used for mobile phones.

The SIM itself can only access Internet and data, not voice as with SIMs of mobile phones.

The service taps into available 3G cell sites of Globe, particularly to cell sites enhanced with HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) to be able to connect to the Internet. It can provide bandwidth of up to 1.4 megabits per second (Mbps).

Yup, that’s 1.4Mbps via HSDPA which may only be available within Metro Manila. Their GPRS connection only tops at 50Kbps though.

So, I guess it’s time to talk to their Visibility group and maybe get some of us some trial account. :D

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32 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    Good one.

    But, only HSDPA or GPRS? No plain UMTS 3G in between?

  2. eMac says:

    cool.. lemme try this one…

  3. jun says:

    Globe actually ran the ad early last week. My take here

    You are right. They should give trial accounts to answer the questions everybody will ask anyway.

    Would they offer it at the BlogCon?

  4. Migs says:

    Re: Jun’s post:
    One scenario where this won’t work is when your wired DSL is also used for sharing, like a WiFi hotspot in the house.

  5. markku says:

    I want a 1-year trial account! Hahaha. :)

  6. j4s0n says:

    Should try that one, a 2 month trial would do.

  7. Bob Magoo says:

    If Globe Visibility is HSDPA capable in Metro Manila only, they should think again, Weroam is metro manila and other cities outside metro manila. im using one right now…in can also work on EDGE and GPRS …hehehe…

  8. pearl says:

    i need to have a globe visibility for my laptop.+639107648646

  9. kent says:

    I believe Globe went straight to 3.5G (hsdpa). This network is backward compatible though that’s why it can serve 3G “only” phones

  10. jechoi says:

    “One scenario where this won’t work is when your wired DSL is also used for sharing, like a WiFi hotspot in the house. ”

    Well, solution to this is have a dedicated pc and enable sharing for the lan. I am using this now to share my connection with my wife.

    Although i beleive 1.4Mbps is not a real deal. I have this globe visibility subcribed from globe…this is not acceptable speed for me. download is not that fast, specially browsing. They seem like have transparent proxy. latency for me is unacceptable.

    Pinging http://www.l.google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=972ms TTL=239
    Reply from bytes=32 time=1145ms TTL=239
    Reply from bytes=32 time=1436ms TTL=239
    Reply from bytes=32 time=1211ms TTL=239

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 972ms, Maximum = 1436ms, Average = 1191ms

  11. Techno says:

    I have this subscription for 2 days now and all I can say is that this is not worth the cost. I am wondering if I can cancel my contract. I am leaving near Mega Mall and got EDGE most of the time. Connection speed is shown as ~280kbps but actual speed is close to dial up. Good thing is the E220 can give you the actual speeds. Most of the time it is way below 56kbps (wired dial-up connection). I am not sure if they have problem now (Globe) but if not… please guys do yourself a favor don’t subscribe to this service. Try to get wired/dsl/cable subscription.

  12. Albert says:

    Get Globe Visibility

    Apply for a Globe Visibility subscription now ! Only P1,904 / month !

    Unlimited internet at up to 1.4mbps speed ! At home ! On the road ! Airports ! Boats ! wherever !
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    FREE USB Modem ! or

    FREE Data Card Modem !

    Surf anywhere anytime !

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    text 0916 754 2222 for inquiries !!! Personalized Service !
    or call 753 4650 / 753 4651

  13. jong says:

    I’ve been using it for some time now, I’m using it at the Mandaluyong area. All I can say is that it has a pretty unreliable and unstable connection. There would be a time in the day where you would get a 500-600kbps connection and for no reason at all it would drop to a mere 6kbps or worse. It really pisses you off when you get a very slow connection while it shows that you’re on HSDPA. I would still recommend going broadband instead of wireless for those who don’t care about mobility. The connection is more stable and reliable. I think Globe should work on this.

  14. jong says:

    BTW if you’r using it you might want to set your connection type to “3G only”. It would make your connection way better

  15. paola says:

    hey guys please don’t subscribe to this service. its a waste of money talaga.. grabe saket sa ulo sobrang bagal my god.

  16. beeps says:

    ive been testing this service for quite some time was able to get a demo unit from Globe (Thank God After 2moonths of waiting) usually i get this bandwidth: 236.8kbps

  17. al romary says:

    I have globe visibility on my laptop via huawei e620

    nitially in Dec 06 i nearly gave up in central palawan as i was cheated by the small print that says that maybe only GPRS Edge connections will be avilable.

    The speed was 18.but by June it had risen to 50 in and out on 3g only setting

    What I can say is that this is very user freindly, no matter what i doo on my computer settings somehow it still gets coinnected and stays so.
    It works even when surroiunded by dense tre.
    One problem seems to be on any second link when browsing..hates to go there.

    I also have Smartbro and thats nightmare..

    One cannot instal it on a differnet computer, a difffernet area in the city, a different city etc without calling their totally inept staff to re instal for 2000peso.
    It must be line of site so trees are taboo.And the antenna height is limited to a30 meter total cable length.

    When it disconnects one is totally in the dark as to getting it restarted..BUt once connected at 384 its fab with good voip and speed.

    Im praying that Globe wil soon up their band speed too 100 or more at which point it will be pretty good.

  18. george says:

    If you have a 3G/GPRS phone and a computer/laptop it is way better than subcribing to those wirelessbroadband (2years tie-in contract). This is is good if you dont stay on the internet for a very long time. The service can only cost you very minimal, about P10 for 30min or P20 per hour, same as most internet cafe charges. With this connection, i can virtually go online anywhere at anytime as long as there is 3G/GPRS signal. The connection is not fast enough but it is acceptable.

    For Mobile Phone and Laptop/PC configuration: +63.920.800.3398

  19. Maikeru says:

    has anyone tried using this service?
    i’m planning to get 2 mobile internet subscriptions.
    any suggestions?

  20. Mike S says:

    i gave a Visibility account tied to my platinum subscription since december 2006.

    Connection’s pretty fast, consistently averaging at around 600kbps (bursts of 1.4mbps isnt uncommon) when i have 4/5 signal bars when tested in Alabang (Filinvest), Makati CBD and Davao City.

    I was based in Cebu and my studio only had 1 signal bar for 3G so I’m forced to go use EDGE. Speeds of up to 200kbps reached but its consistent at 150kbps. Oh yea I dont have a data card.

    I’m using a Samsung Z560 HSDPA phone as my modem. I get the top speeds when connected via the USB cable. Normally when I don’t require less speed and more mobility, I connect using bluetooth. Downside is speed drastically decreases as the Z560 doesnt have BT 2.0+EDR. :(

    The only superslow moments I had with my Visibility account was a little after the quake, and it took them 2 months to restore the service.

    Overall I have no complaints. Hope this helps. :)

  21. Mike S says:

    To add to my previous post, I guess the bottom line is that you need to assess the areas where you will be using the Visibility service more frequently (in order to be fully satisfied with the service).

    Make sure you have lots of 3G+ signal bars in the area. If not, then expect EDGE (or worse GRPS) speeds.

    Its a lot like real estate I guess: location, location, location.

  22. sagasa says:

    I’m using this piece of crap for almost 11 months now. Before after the quake it is okay the came the month of May it was horrible GPRS signal for almost the whole month.

    Then after that problem it came back to normal but the speed decrease to about 600-800kbps. If you reach a 1mbps your lucky but not for long.

    Now this month of October? Terrible connection, I can no longer connect using 3G connection, you must set your connection to GPRS only with EDGE signal to get connected.

    Connecting via 3G/HSDPA will be pain in the ass. Always connection failure. I think it’s time to terminate this piece of crap and GLOBE’s crappy service especially.

  23. Mike S says:

    @sagasa: where are you?! bad cellsite i reckon(?). :(

    600-800kbps sounds fast to me, 1mbps really just come in bursts.

  24. eloy pancho says:

    how about this?i just applied for Globe – 3G with HSDPA, but it is almost totally useless for me. here at my place near SM Farview, and at my office in Ortigas, I only get 5kbps as the usual speed. I already contacted Globe Cust Service about this. however, they said nothing about cause or fix, but only told about getting back to me within 48 hours. But did they do that? NO. They can’t already give the 3mbps advertised speed, they also cannot even give you the proper assistance when you need it… I now look for ways to cancel my subscription, and not pay for something which is not worth it. Maybe anyone knows how long does unsubscription take?

  25. brando says:

    .. vista?? well i think we need that…weve been suffering from crash dump for 1 month…tsktsk..

  26. betty says:

    well i tried this on and it sucks. muntik na kami magbreak ng bf ko dahil hindi nya ako maview… malapit ko na ngang itapon etong visibility na eto. lintik

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