How to Increase Your WiFi Signal

How to Increase Your WiFi Signal

Whenever I’m on trips and billeted in wifi-enabled hotels, I still always end up on a floor where the signal is poor or non-existent. Either I go down to the lobby to get some good reception or position really close to the glass windows hoping to sniff a bar or two of wifi signal.

Little did I realize I can actually increase the wifi signal using stuff commonly found around the house. See this YouTube video for a short demo:


Hat tip to Mark Erickson of Infinite Solutions for this neat trick. I think the LAN cable and the 3G cellphone method is enough.

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15 Responses

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Some comments about the video are varied. A few said it works, but mostly it doesn’t…

  2. jupi says:

    That won’t work.

    Those tutorials were made to be jokes. I think that’s why he called it infinite solutions, almost all tutorials require actually a lot of time to do just to see if they work, so people will just try it over and over believing it will work. Take that google tv for example, he says you have to login and logout a lot of times coz google ‘randomly’ gives the google tv beta based on a random number of times of loging in and out. You won’t know it won’t work until you tried it ‘infinite’ times.

    And watch the battery charge tutorial, you can’t expect to trust someone who says ‘… its called electrical tape because it conducts electricity..’ lol!

  3. Joni says:

    Wow. Does that mean i should start bringing an aluminum foil and a bowl with me every time i go out with my laptop? lol. Interesting video. I wonder if it really works. :)

  4. anton says:

    i wonder if there is a similar way to increase signal for globe visiblity.. :)

  5. jazzy says:

    I did try this before but didn’t work.

  6. BrianB says:


    Can you actually buy a smaller version of this? It’s not really practical if you have to make it yourself. And my cellphone doesn’t like bondage.

  7. Aja Lapus says:

    All of his videos that I’ve seen have little flaws that make them look fake.

    1. His battery charging tutorial exhibits his stupidity about electrical insulation and conduction. No electricity would flow on an open circuit as the batteries are not connected in a loop.

    2. His first GoogleTV tutorial just exhibits a great video editing skill and Web page development, but stupidity as well. His IE7 title bar flashed “Welcome to GoogleTV”, but the tab displayed “GoogleTV – Welcome”.

    3. His second GoogleTV tutorial (rebuttal) displayed URLs from *, but the tab bars only displayed URLs even after the site has finished downloading. I don’t think Google would forget <title> tags on their pages.

    4. His Minesweeper tutorial has some edge numbers incorrect for the so-called secret WRAPFIELD mode.

    5. And, his Wi-Fi range booster tutorial is somehow absurd—you won’t have Ethernet ports on a Wi-Fi device. I think he just made a bulky electromagnet that isn’t.

    I really don’t know how he keeps on a straight face. He must be a really good actor. :P

  8. elmer says:

    LOL.. looks like a 2am infomercial.

  9. Bob Reyes says:

    That will simply NOT work! Hint: The LAN cable is shielded, how in this world will it ever increase a WiFi signal when used as the connector between the dish and the transmitter/receiver?

  10. beeps says:

    I share the same idea with Bob Reyes. and to think that is a STP Cable.

  11. Jason says:

    Dumb MacGyver Wannabe. The battery tutorial was so dumb “its called electrical tape because it conducts electricity”. WTH! It’s easier to go to back to the store and buy a new one. And the microwave thing, what an expensive fruit/vegetable storage solution.

  12. Jaren says:

    Macgyver theme music kicking in…

    hahahaa… let’s see if we can macgyver my wifi signal…

    but first about his macgyverism.. may work in theory… but he wrapped a cable to his cellphone ( like a sort of electromagnet coil) which is shielded that won’t work but the make shift satellite dishy thingy may work.

    i like this one… a classic geek wannabe quote “its called electrical tape because it conducts electricity”.

  13. alex says:

    you know what else works? tying the cord around your neck and putting it in a blender.

  14. Hellmer says:

    Hey guys, that guy makes fake tutorials. he has a lot of videos to hack and improve your computing. it really does nothing but only waste your time. Hes been interviewed in a couple of internet shows already. hes just trying to prove that some viewers are gullible monkeys. (Monkey see Monkey do). I think his Infinite Solutions show/tutorials are real funny!

    Don’t believe me? Google it. hehe

  15. lain says:

    hi guys have you tried the wifi extender?? it is like a sticker,i think,,i don’t know if this works really efficiently but i think this would be alot better than wrapping an ethernet cable on your phone just to boost a wifi signal reception..anyways i hope “mr.yugatech” abe heheh! :) could do some reviews on this stuff! thanks man!

    btw here’s the link on the product i saw it while browsing the net,,i think,there’s not that much reviews on this product..

    thanks alot! more power! GOD bless! :)

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