Makati is definitely Globeland

Makati is definitely Globeland

Been over a week now that everytime I hang out at Greenbelt 3, I get this feeling that Airborneaccess’ (AA) wifi service is slowly fading away from the area. If you’ve been to Seatlle’s Best, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Figaro and Starbucks around this area, you’ll see good signal reception from GlobeQuest but AA is virtually non-existent.

Anyway, I checked AA’s Wifi Pathfinder and their database of locations in fact listed cafes such as Starbucks GB3, Starbucks GB1, Starbucks 6750, and Seattle’s Best GB3. But now, none of them have AA wifi — I did check all of them. Just ate at Cafe Breton here in GB3 and I can see 5 access points for Globe and only one for AA, which is down at the moment.


I read a letter in one forum (forgot the link) which apparently came from the Glorrieta management sending notice to their tenants to change “wifi providers”. I guess Starbucks and Seattle’s Best complied to the policy. What I’m a bit concerned though is that the day will come when AA is completely eased out of the Glorietta-Greenbelt area.

Not really complaining here but cost-wise, Globe WiZ is more expensive than AA. Their prepaid cards costs Php100 for 50 minutes while AA is 60 mins.

Now, instead of hanging out and drinking a venti mocha frap at Greenbelt 3, I’m here at Chubby China at the far edge of GB1 enjoying their eat-all-you can for Php265 and using my free AA wifi.

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4 Responses

  1. mparaz says:

    Hi Abe,
    The reason is here, from Businessworld:
    Globe, PLDT firms’ WiFi rivalry heating up

  2. ajay says:

    lol, because AA is an e-PLDT subsidiary. Interesting anecdote Abe, I should have asked this at AA presscon. But at least you get AA access in Nigeria and southern Thailand, hahaha. Kakainggit naman yang lifestyle mo..drinking frap and eating crepe while blogging;)

  3. yuga says:

    Ahhhh, so it’s true! However, I think if PLDT will heavily invest in this, they could still penetrate the area by partnering with other neighboring “shops” or restos.

  4. mparaz says:

    What PLDT can do? Put a metro-grade WiFi antenna on top of their building so they can cover Greenbelt!

    But as we found out tonight, Globe Wiz is lousy. Too bad for the Oyster Bar laptop-friendly tables. They should put UTP ports there.

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