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PLDT WeRoam got cheaper?

Not sure about the timing but it seems that PLDT slashed a few hundred pesos off their WeRoam prepaid and post-paid subscription fees around the time Globe Innove commercially launched its competing product, Globe Visibility.

Just take a look at PLDT WeRoam’s current pricing scheme:

WeRoam Internet
Unlimited WiFi Internet(via AirborneAccess up to 2Mbps)
Unlimited GPRS/EDGE Internet (up to 140kbps)
Application Fee: Php 2,500
Monthly Recurring Fee: Php 1,200
Free Use of Mobile Data Card

WeRoam PLUS Internet
Unlimited WiFi Internet(via AirborneAccess up to 2Mbps)
Unlimited 3G/HSDPA Internet (up to 1.8Mbps)
Unlimited GPRS/EDGE Internet (up to 140Kbps)
Application Fee: Php 2,500
Monthly Recurring Fee: Php 1,700
Free Use of Mobile Data Card

Prepaid Subscriptions
Php 10,860 : Mobile Data Card + 3 months subscription
Php 14,220 : Mobile Data Card + 6 months subscription
Php 20,940 : Mobile Data Card + 12 months subscription

Once your subscription expires, you can buy prepaid e-loads via your Smart Mobile Phones:

Using a SMART phone with an active SMART Money account, text : , and send to 270.

* Example:<1day><0918918xxxx>

Reload rates ran from Php75 per day, Php405 per week or Php1,120 for 30 days.

Let’s see how Globe will respond to these price cuts. First, I gotta talk to them and get me a trial account. :D

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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25 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    Great. Now if you can find a proper 3G signal …

  2. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    now if these things are up all the time when theres no power and we have solar powered laptops or car charges here we go

  3. Bob Magoo says:

    Smart have better 3G signal than globe. you may want to test HSDPA not only in metro manila but also in key cities of the country. try globe outside ortigas, makati and edsa if hsdpa works, then try weroam….

  4. ferdz says:

    where can i buy pcmcia adaptor to my destop

  5. Maikeru says:

    has anyone tried using this service?
    i’m planning to get 2 mobile internet subscriptions.
    any suggestions?

  6. Terrance Yost says:

    caanyone tell what the best data card for my laptop in the province of Bukidnon Mindanao in the town of Don Carlos, Pinamaloy? And where would I purchase one of these data cards?
    Kind regards to anyone who can help
    Cheers Terry

  7. Elijah says:

    Thanks for the info! the pldt weroam website is confusing!

  8. tsarlzzz says:

    I’ve been using pldt we roam. Your speed depends on the availability of 3G connection in your area. If 3g is available then you will get an HSDPA signal. I live in Mandaluyong, I only get 3 bars of HSDPA signal.

  9. afr odiongan says:

    What is the best to connect internet here in San Agustin, Romblon, Phil. we have no Idia

  10. weroam, duh? says:

    Yeah, boohoo for the weroam! I am currently using it typing my entry here while opening some video hosting sites. The fastest I get before 12 am is around 60kbps at 77% signal(or 3 bars of 5). Just a teeny bit faster than dial-up at way-up costs! Doing the math, 100% signal won’t even reach the 1.8 Mbps promised speed.

  11. fiona says:

    true elijah, the we roam site is effing confusing! thanks for the info!

  12. selle says:

    I’ve been trying to apply for WeRoam but PLDT has not responded my application….

  13. Alvin says:

    I’ve been waiting for the approval of my weroam applications for months now.. when they first contacted me.. the AE said that my weroam is ready for release but they only want me/my company to submit corporate papers, financial statements, etc. to expedite the release..we complied and 3 months later…”Sir, still under process” WTH.. and then later.. sir, matagal po talaga mag release, sir nasa credit investigation dept..then another alibi..i lost count…so maybe I’ll have to wait for another 5 years(remember this scenario when PLDT is the only landline provider, you have to wait years for phone to be available in your area)..

    Paging PLDT weroam…or what is it now.. PLDT SME Nation??? LOL

  14. cholo says:

    If you are sane, do not consider using PLDT WeRoam! It sucks big time! I only remember a couple of instances where I got about 1Mbps during download. Post-sales support also sucks. It appears PLDT employs the most stupid tech support agents.

  15. Balls says:

    PLDT are Pathetic Like Dog Turds

  16. Girl says:

    May unlimited ba na weroam???? or kahit anong phone company… ang gulo ng mga ads nila eh, nakalagay unlimited WIFI internet.. ang WIFI meaning wireless or puwede ilagay sa laptop and you go wherever, pag punta mo ng store nila sasabihin unlimited sa bahay tapos may 100 min. ka na puwede gamitin everywhere… false advertising ata

  17. cholo says:

    Nearly a year after using WeRoam, PLDT has not shown any improvement in post-sales technical support. They continue to blame Smart for the bad network, limited bandwidth and all the shit stuff. The PLDT Tech Support has promised me that they will dispatch agents from both PLDT WeRoam and Smart, but I only get visits from PLDT folks (who always end up unable to fix technical issues with the service!). Can’t Smart do anything to improve the service? It sucks when you are stuck with greedy corporations who do not have quality service to justify stellar prices. Smart – you suck big time! PLDT – you suck all the time!

  18. cholo says:

    Smart NOC folks who provide support to WeRoam service are stupid. They do not know how to solve technical problems. Putang ina nyong lahat! Mga bobo kayo!

  19. kurimaw says:

    kupal talaga tong weroam putang ina hindi ako maka connect ng vpn

  20. Oldtech says:


    im a frequent traveler. ive been using globe visibility, weroam, smartbro, and the new sun broadband. smartbro is still better than others.

  21. Oldtech says:

    check also your broadband speed.

    go to http://www.speedtest.net

    try downloading fullspeed @ http://www.getfullspeed.com

  22. DYONISII says:

    just got my pldt weroam. tested it via speedtest.net and got 1Mbps+ download speed. and to think i am in an enclosed area where phone signals can go low.

  23. bebe reyes says:

    i have weroam mobile data card 3G prepaid with 3months subscription. i usually used it in my laptop sometimes in my pc (office) when pldt dsl is busted.
    Last sunday, i tried to connect it (shared) in our computer shop with 4 stations including the server, using the hub, mejo naging slow sya, but with still with 3G connections. then i figured it out to use instead of hub, a router ( since our smartbro was disconnected due to relocation and the allowed perimeter DAW now is no longer 2 ( i dont know the unit) but 1.5, and we need like 1.75 to have sagap the mother satellite. i paid 1450, nasayang lang. anyway, my problem with weroam connected to the LAN using router is after, say 30 minutes connection, nag ooffline sya.. and this is my problem… anyone who can help me? my email add is [email protected] (malolos city)

  24. ASDASDAD says:

    Does it have a money back guarantee?

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