$2000 Wordpress Blog Network Template Contest

$2000 WordPress Blog Network Template Contest

Theme Contest{ via aczafra.com } 451Press is currently holding a WordPress Theme Competition for their blog network. And you guessed it right — the winning theme will get Php100,000. Why hire someone when you can have a contest right?

The contest already started a week ago (October 12) and all they need are the ff:


* Network bar at the top (mainly for branding, logo link provided below)
* Ad space for the following ad sizes: 728×90 (top of page), 300×250 (side bar), 160×600 (sidebar) and 336×280 (after first post and before comments on details page) and 728×15 Google Text Links).
* Google search box
* Standard WordPress features (Categories, search, RSS feeds etc.)
* Network Sites list (These will be organized by Channel. There will be a large number of blogs – several hundred).
* Space at the top for logo/font type.

If you’re interested, check out the discussions going on at the SitePoint forums.

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3 Responses

  1. kutitots says:

    yeah, somebody gave me a head’s up on this on my blog. the prize money is tempting, but the way the contest works is medyo weird kaya i’m a bit skeptical. To join kasi you will need to post a mock-up on the forum, then the organizer will comment. Well, I think you know how I feel about unpaid mockups :P

  2. This is a good idea. Instead of hiring a group of web dev geeks why not having a contest that would only cost 2k. I was thinking of having a contest 3k web design for my website.

  3. bmcrae says:

    Yeah, they aren’t known for paying what they owe, either. curious whether the designer ever got paid?

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