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All up on WordPress. 2.5 Final Release


Been upgrading dozens of blogs in the last 24 hours to the latest WordPress 2.5 Final Release. Broke some of the custom hacks I previously done but all in all, it’s a worthwhile update. I just hope they’d find a way to do away with the chmod+777 folder permissions on the uploads as it’s causing people headaches with security issues and hack attempts.

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7 Responses

  1. marvin says:

    you can change it to 664 as long as you change the group to the apache process owner (some are nobody, some are apache, httpd)

  2. yuga says:

    The WordPress /uploads/ folder requires it to be 777 in order for you to use the built-in web upload feature.

  3. Bob Reyes says:

    755 will not do with /uploads/ ?

  4. @marvin

    any hope you’re marvinsweb? e definitely yan ang problem ko sainyo e, i cannot edit or upload everything because of apache server user kahit pa 777 sa wordpress ayaw pa rin…

  5. ash says:

    yes yes yes… the upgrade pays off… who needs tiger now?

  6. Davon bin ich wirklich Fan von Ihrem Blog …

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