Codename: Tyner, a WordPress 2.6 Release

Codename: Tyner, a WordPress 2.6 Release


A new version of WordPress (version 2.6, codenamed Tyner) is now out. That’s 194 bugs fixed and over a dozen new feature improvements, including a faster and more usable image uploader/manager. Grab a copy here.

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8 Responses

  1. was down for a bit. the 500 error message was interesting..
    anyway, hope 2.6 fixes my rss problems.

  2. good to hear that the upload function has already been fixed. I’ll try this new version

  3. juniors says:

    It’s nice to hear that I’l try that feature later, As of now, we’re using blogger platform

  4. Kenneth says:

    Great, gotta grab my own installer and set it up to see what have changed and will it be a better version for me. ;-)

  5. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the update on WP. (I still don’t know why they don’t email me about these updates. I’ve subscribed to their notification list several times already.)

    It was my first time using the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin and it worked flawlessly! I hated upgrading WP before. I just couldn’t be bothered to download the zip file and upload it manually on my site. This definitely made upgrading WP easier. Now, if installing new plugins was as easy as this then that would be sweet!

  6. Nice to see that you walk the talk…2.6 is an excellent release. I just wish users would stop making complaints about the platform (I’m sure you agree on this one). We need to remember that WordPress is an Open Source project (so therefore it’s not a closed system). If publishers want back end guarantees from an open system then they most likely aren’t appreciating what is on offer here. 2.6 is actually quite sound… and always on the up.. and up…

  7. max says:

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