Didn't we remind you to always upgrade?

Didn’t we remind you to always upgrade?

For every website out there that are running different types of software or script may it be a forum, guestbook, blog, wiki, list, etc. the constant reminder one should never forget is to always upgrade to the latest version. Yes, sometimes, when we run multiple websites or blogs, it will be a daunting or time-consuming task to do so but the risks outweighs anything one could reason out for.

Just take a look at this recent hacking spree among the gurus of the SEO community which started out at Graywolf’s SEO blog. There’s really no escaping a hack attempt when you’re too lazy to upgrade and someone is motivated to do the job.


So, what’s the plan of action? Just two things actually — update & back-up. That simple.

Btw, just over a week from the release of WordPress 2.0.6, several more bugs showed up so it’s time again to upgrade to WordPress version 2.0.7 here.

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8 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    that’s why it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I’ve lost my blog data twice and I’ve learned my lesson. I now make backups everyday.

  2. Carlo says:

    Same here… lesson learned :D

  3. WiLL says:

    It’s ok to not upgrade as long as you always have a backup. Well, it’s not really ok not to upgrade…but just make sure you do regular back-ups. :)

  4. jhay says:

    That’s why I patiently upgraded my blogs last night despite the crappy broadband connections. Even though there’s not much to hack in my site, the thought of anything going wrong with it is just scary.

  5. If you classify yourself as a “hobbyist blogger”, where you can’t afford to keep up to date and everything, it pays to sign up for a free blog and let someone else worry about it :-)

    To each his/her own, I guess. It just boils down to how serious you are about it. If it’s your livelihood, you should definitely pay attention to stuff like that.

  6. Miguel says:

    There are hobbyist bloggers, like myself, who enjoy doing their own systems administration.

    Fortunately, this upgrade took a few minutes only since it just required copying a few files.

  7. Jaypee says:

    if you make backups but leave a hole for malicious users to hack your site and cause damage is foolish don’t you think? i’d say it’s better to do both, backup and upgrade.

    upgrading to 2.0.7 only took like less than 5 minutes. i’m sure anyone could do that. just like Hamilton said, if you’re serious about it then you should pay attention to it and spend time to do it.

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