FeedBurner bug caused by My Yahoo!

Several weeks ago, several blogs got a huge bump in their FeedBurner subscription numbers. One of them is PTB, which almost doubled its RSS numbers overnight. I initially thought this was a correction of previous other bugs by FB. Turns out this is another one, and it has been uncorrected for weeks.

Unlike all the other previous bugs which shaves off figures from the FeedBurner chicklet, this one actually pumps additional numbers. The exact amount of the dump is yet unknown as I cannot compare feeds of multiple blogs. However, this screenshot below shows the numbers are skewed:

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

My Yahoo Feedburner Bug

Best estimate indicates the bug showed up around October 12. Estimated increase attributed to the bug is about 700+ overnight, according to the stats. That’s based on the PTB My Yahoo! numbers (1,458) which is unusually high compared to other sources. Weird thing though is that the bug does not pan out on all blogs, just selected ones.

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    Unfair how about my blog… hahaha

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