R.I.P.: Yahoo! Publisher Network

R.I.P.: Yahoo! Publisher Network

Last March, Yahoo! emailed all of its publishers that it will discontinue running its Publisher Network (YPN) by April 30, 2010. YPN is Yahoo’s own version of the more popular Google AdSense Network.

The Yahoo! Publisher Network was launched way back in 2005 but never really went beyond the shores of the United States.


I’ve actually signed up with YPN back in 2006 but was still put on hold since I’m not yet qualified. Since then, I’ve been getting regular email announcements about the network.

Too bad it will close before we even get to try it here in the Philippines. Yahoo! recommended Chitika as an alternative network for all those still running YPN on their blogs and websites.

Yahoo ads that “the decision to close the YPNO self-service program does not affect nor impact our relationship with large search distribution partners, large Content Match partners, or display ad partners.”

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9 Responses

  1. Ohh… so this was the reason why Chitika welcomes YPN publishers. :D At first, I thought YPN + Chitika merged, pero hindi pala. :D

  2. Teknisyan says:

    I also signed up for the program but was put on hold… I guess this their reason why. Microsoft also has their own ad program not sure if it was called “Microsoft Advertising”.

  3. Adrian says:

    sayang nga. hindi man lang nasubukan dto sa pinas. ano kaya naging problem nun?

  4. i was hoping i could use Yahoo Publisher Network… i was really looking forward in using YPN… thats too bad… anyway… is chitika that good?

  5. lian says:

    and the winner is google adsense. haha
    sayang mag register pa naman ako haha.

  6. and noone pauses to notice this…
    somehow trying too much is not working for yahoo

  7. I was about to check YPN, sayang naman.

  8. Never got the chance to even check YPN, pero naririnig ko na xa dati pa; ano kaya kung na-allow ang ang pagpublish ng ads dito sa Pinas? :D Oh well, back to Chitika :D

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