YM Contact List maxes out at 300

My Yahoo Messenger contact list is already full at 300. I deleted some dormant contacts (never chatted over YM for the last 6 months) off my list last month but today it’s already full again.

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I forgot about my ICQ a long time ago. I have MSN but I don’t login thru that often. My Google Talk is always up (status: busy) with just 37 contacts.

Anyway, if you’re always using Google Talk, please add me up thru there so i can remove some more contacts in my YM list.

or how about I email Yahoo! to ramp up the contact list limitation? :D

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7 Responses

  1. Ardee says:

    i want to chatmate

  2. terry says:

    i want to me a male chatmate over 59+

  3. terry says:

    i want to me a chatmate over 59+

  4. Brigitte says:

    pinoy ka pala! paano mag apply dun sa hinahanap nyu na game list manager?

  5. Abe Olandres says:

    @ karla

    Yeah, emailed them.

    @ Jolo

    Walang invis sa Google Talk eh! :D

  6. Jolo says:

    Grabe, kaya pala sa gtalk tayo last time. Nalilito ka na siguro sa YM mo. :))

  7. karla says:

    yeah.. go and email yahoo :D
    how many groups are allowed in ym? i think it also has a maximum number of allowed groups :D

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