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November 24, 2010

HTC Desire HD, Desire Z launched & priced

HTC Philippines formally launched the Desire HD and the Desire Z in the Philippines yesterday with the Desire Z now available in stores and resellers while the Desire HD will come by end of December.

We’ve already given you a quick preview of the Desire HD and the Desire Z last week so all we need to update you on now would be the pricing.

HTC Desire HD – Php35,000

HTC Desire Z – Php32,000

The suggested retail price are a little lower than what we’ve anticipated (they’re actually similar to the prices of the Desire and Legend when they first came out) so that’s a bit of a good news. The Desire Z is actually selling at Php29k in most online stores and sellers.

What we've been waiting for: Asus Zenfone 2 Review:

Posted by YugaTech on Thursday, April 16, 2015
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27 Responses to “HTC Desire HD, Desire Z launched & priced”

  1. dongv
    Twitter: willyyu

    with the signature trackpad, it looks more like a new Blackberry to me, may be the Blackberry should patent the design of Desire-Z for their Torch,

  2. AnneWaldorf says:

    Oh come on. Blackberry sucks big time. Im using Desire Z. Got it for 28,800 Php. Upgrade from my Desire.

  3. Joshua M says:

    Magkano ulet yung Desire?

  4. Joshua M says:

    Ewan ko lang ha. But I think the Desire is a little bit overpriced now that I see that the Desire HD is 35k compared to the Desire. Is it about time to lower the prices to the Desire?

  5. Android Fan says:

    Magkano naman kya patong nyan sa mga resellers sa Desire HD? Sana SALE nalang yan by December. :D

  6. Joshua M says:

    @abe – Cool! last time I saw it at your blog it was I think it was 31k. anyway where is the Desire selling? I’m Phone hunting :D

  7. ketchup says:

    Hmm… now I have a tough decision to make.

    Desire HD or iphone 4???

  8. Fleeb says:

    Too bad HTC is not doing the Nexus 2 :|

  9. Incandes says:

    Does this come with “Stature”? I really really major major want to know.

  10. manny
    Twitter: villaemmanuel

    get the HTC

  11. air-kobe says:

    both phones will be a good deal at P25,000.00

  12. air-kobe says:

    either of the phones will be a good deal @ P25,000 or less.

  13. Maricar says:

    We bought Desire Z at Php29K sa CMK. The next day naging 28K!!! kainis!

  14. Ads says:

    @Maricar how was the slider. Loosed nga ba according to reviews. I want this mobile due to its keyboard. If the keyboard is not good then i will find another mobile.

  15. sdsds says:

    why buy HTC when we have cherry mobile?

  16. jamecs says:

    sir yuga, is it true that the rumored soon to be launched Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will require a 1GHz processor? Is it wise to buy the Desire Z w/c only has 800MHz?

  17. lolipown says:

    just got mine :)

  18. manuel says:

    @lolipown wat did u get? is it d DHD?

  19. chacha says:

    whoa! 28 k for a smartphone?…

    me i’ve been waiting for the Huawei IDEOS…launch
    on Dec. 2010.

    priced at 6 to 7k…
    not to mention it has the latest androidOS 2.2.

  20. lolipown says:

    whoops, hit the submit button too fast :)
    Desire HD for me :)

  21. Lawrence M. says:

    @lolipown where did you buy your unit. I also want one.

  22. Kyle says:

    Those Interested: Desire Z bnew price P25,920 0%interest card/cash

  23. miz1 says:

    @Kyle: where in baguio? with htc warranty?

  24. tin says:

    am i actually going to htc today just to be disappointed again??

  25. Leslie yap says:

    totoo ba ang bilis ng battery life ng htc desire z? can you can recommend an on-line seller?

    whats the best qwerty phone in the market? tnx

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