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Joey is YugaTech's Video Production Manager. He constantly puts effort towards his aspirations to be a filmmaker and journalist... when he's not riding his bike, playing games on his PC, watching anime, cooking, and petting his dogs.


HTC Desire S Review

UPDATED September 23rd, 2011Launched just last month, the HTC Desire S is an attempt to refresh the original HTC Desire and hopefully bank on...


HTC HD7 Review

UPDATED January 9th, 2011The HD7 is HTC’s top-of-the-line Windows Phone 7 smartphone. It’s the WP7 equivalent of the Android-packing Desire HD with a slight...


HTC Desire HD Review

UPDATED January 4th, 2011The HTC Desire HD is one of the most anticipated superphone this year and it’s coming to town in time for...


HTC Wildfire Review

UPDATED September 13th, 2010It’s a little hard to size up a smartphone like the HTC Wildfire when you’ve been using its better sibling (HTC...