HTC Desire HD Review

HTC Desire HD Review

The HTC Desire HD is one of the most anticipated superphone this year and it’s coming to town in time for Christmas (or so they say). Check out our full review of the Desire HD after the jump.

As a successor to the popular HTC Desire, the Desire HD brings with it most of the desirable features of its predecessor then wrapped it with a huge 4.3 inch screen (see our review of the HTC Desire here to get a better perspective).

With such a huge screen real estate, the handset makes for a very good first impression very few smartphones ever get. The 4.3″ LCD display is already bordering on the tablet category, just right under other 4 and 5-inchers like the Archos 43 and the Dell Streak.

The build and form factor is nothing new to us as we’ve already seen it over a year ago with the HTC HD2, although that one was running on WinMo 6.5 (there’s a hack to install Android on that one too) so it’s not a surprise that people are eager to see the marriage of the HD2’s hardware and Android OS.

What we missed with the Desire HD that we really liked with the older Desire is the inclusion of an AMOLED screen. While the LCD on the Desire HD still brings in that bright and clear display, the crispness and depth of contrast we get from AMOLED is very noticeable.

The resolution is at 480×800 pixels — it was just right on the Desire but the Desire HD’s 4.3″ display seems to big for such resolution that widgets and icons are a bit oversized. The 3.7″ Desire can accommodate 4 rows of icons and the 4.0″ Samsung Galaxy S can do 5 rows; despite the 4.3″ screen of the Desire HD, it can only do 4 rows (a limitation brought upon by the resolution). In retrospect, this might be good for those who have bigger than normal fingers.

However, if that switch was the one that made the Desire HD more affordable (with a 35k SRP compared to the Desire’s 34.9k SRP), then I think it is a reasonable trade-off since the launch price are practically the same.

That, or there’s just not enough supply of AMOLED these days.

Construction-wise, the Desire HD is tightly built. If you’re familiar with recent HTC handsets or have owned one, you’d agree how solid the units are. It’s got some heft to it, considering the size and materials used. The width is just right although people will smaller hands might have a harder time with the grip. It’s relatively thin too and somewhat tapers towards the edges with curves just at the right places; it’s actually thicker in the center where the camera is positioned.

The front panel is all covered with the glass display while the bottom end leaves enough space for the usual touch controls (similar to the Nexus One) of Android devices. I would have preferred the physical buttons like the ones on the older Desire but we’re pretty much familiar with how this works so it’s not a huge deal.

Above, from left to right: HTC Desire, iPhone 4, Desire HD, Galaxy S

The back panel has two compartments you can pry open — one for the SIM card slot on the right side and another one at the bottom part for the 1230mAh Li-Ion battery. The 8MP camera is positioned in the top middle part of the back panel with the dual-LED flash is on its right side and the microphone on the left.

The lens is protected by a metallic barrel around it. The barrel somewhat protrudes from the back so it usually ends up as the first point of contact when you put down the handset on tis back. As such, it’s also prone to bruises — I’ve already peeled off a tiny bit of dark paint off of it.


Like many top-of-the-line handsets, I guess you’ll really need to get a protective case for the device once you start using it. A thin, soft gel case would suffice.

While the camera has been cranked up to 8-megapixels, there isn’t much improvements in the photo quality. There’s no dedicated camera button too. Images are between decent to good when in the outdoors or with sufficient lighting but not much on low-light conditions. The 720p video recording looked much better though. Audio quality is good and sound volume is just enough for music or movie playback .

Here are some sample photos I took using the Desire HD:

You’ll notice that shots taken at low-light conditions tend to be bit grainy. The video quality is better though. See sample below (just set it to 720p when viewing).

The Desire HD performs very well; it’s very snappy and responsive and with the HTC Sense UI wrapped around Android Froyo, the interface is all pleasantness. You get the cool HTC widgets, themes and skins as well as the entire 7 home screens. There’s not much difference with the older Desire except for the pre-installed HTC Hub, Media Link and HTC Likes (recommended Android Apps).

The calendar widget now has a flipping animation when updating the time. Drag down the notification toolbar and you’ll see a list of recent apps. The virtual keyboard is now also expanded to include 4 arrow keys so you can navigate thru text much easier. Then there’s the Universal Search that collates all searches in one results screen.

We’ve also seen Flash 10.1 running on this device flawlessly. It’s way better than Flash Lite on the older HTC Desire. You also get the mobile hotspot (WiFi tethering) which comes with Froyo.

Performance is top notch, with the second generation 1GHz SnapDragon chip and 768MB RAM taking as much load as you can fire up apps on the device. We’ve had several apps running in the background including Angry Birds (which looked gorgeous, btw), DropBox uploading a video file, the full Harry Potter 7 website loading and a YouTube streaming all at once. Web browsing is also better with the large screen and full Flash experience.

As an added bonus, HTC has also launched, a remote device management service for the Desire HD and Desire Z. It allows for data storage on the cloud (contacts, text messages, and other details) as well as security features like phone locator, remote lock and remote wipe of handset data.

Battery life is another thing altogether. With only a 1230mAh rating on the Li-Ion battery, the handset barely lasts the entire day especially when you’re connected to the net. This isn’t an isolated case though. We’ve experience the same with the Desire and the Nexus One before so if you’re coming from another Android device, this is already expected. Either you bring a charger all the time or carry a portable rechargeable pack.

HTC Desire HD specs:
4.3″ Super TFT display @ 480 x 800 pixels
1GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snapdragon CPU
1.5 GB internal
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 2 Mbps
WiFi 802.11n
GPS w/ aGPS support
FM Radio tuner
8MP camera with dual LED Flash
720p video recording
Li-Ion 1230mAh battery
Android 2.2. Froyo
Price: Php35,000
Release Date: December 2010

The HTC Desire HD is definitely a great phone. It’s one of the best Android phone we’ve tested this year; actually, among the best smartphones we’ve used ever. It’s not a perfect phone; it’s got a few shortcomings too (yeah, that resolution was a bummer) but over-all, I’m pretty impressed with the handset. With a suggested retail price of Php35,000 it’s actually right within the range of all other flagship smartphones out there.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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156 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    sayang hindi AMOLED… da best na sana hahaha
    –for sure ang mahal nyan. basta HTC.
    >> bday ko nung december 7 at ang ulam ay ampalaya… baka gusto nyo naman ako bigyan ng bagong cellphone kahit ano basta gumagana ! hehehe!

  2. john says:

    saan merong desire hd with 35k SRP??? htc concept store declares a 37k and up with a jan release….

  3. Im l0oking forward to have my n0kia n8 before this year ends or archos 10.1 tablet,d ko ma afford ang price ng HTC DESIRE HD kc,hehehe

  4. McSalamanca says:

    Hi Yuga. I was wondering if, by any chance, would you be doing a comparison of all the major android phones that have come out this year–including the local ones? :)

  5. Marvin paul says:

    abe, anong mas maganda.. Htc desire HD or HTC HD7? I know there difference, which u prefer? Nid an answer thanks!!

  6. Mark says:

    @ Marvin Paul – ako na sasagot, go for HTC DESIRE HD! HD 7 is a replica of Iphone (IN MANY WAYS!!!) It all depends on Zune program now same as Iphone with Itunes. It has NO micro sd card slot, so you have to manage whatever memory you have on the phone. There’s no flash player so you can’t expect to see flash animation while browsing. Silverlight isn’t even there so online radio streaming is a no-go. No DiVX support too, pretty much stuck with MP4 then. No copy/paste feature yet… maybe to be updated on the future. No internet tethering (well not useful anyway unless you have an Ipod, Ipad, Galaxy Tab, laptop and similar wi-fi enabled devices) But here’s the biggest deal breaker NO BLUETOOTH FILE TRANSFER! So expect your friends’ eyes rolling when you can’t even bluetooth that darn picture of them that you’ve taken from yer phone. Do I hear Iphone? DO I HEAR IPHONE?!!!!!

    Screw WINDOWS 7 MOBILE! Finally they’ve decided to put a rope on their neck. Tsk.. tsk… But then again it’s up to you to decide “, good luck!

  7. pupuboy says:

    hopefully i could get dis phone dis christmas been stalking dis phone for 3 mos now hayy tgal lumabas sana worth it ang paghintay ko…

  8. 3739 says:

    Battery life. =(

    Sir Yuga, how is the screen for reading ebooks? Would it suffice?

  9. adrian says:

    medyo mahal yung price.

  10. Ebengt0t says:

    I agree with mark…

    H0w can Microsoft have the guts to c0me up with s0mething that lack what people was l0oking for to a smarthphone.

  11. totong says:

    may nakita na ko sa megamall nito at P39,990.00 available na last week pa.

  12. tin says:

    i went to htc @ north edsa just yesterday, still unavailable… guess i’ll have to wait until my birthday on january…hope i would cost less to… should i wait, or should i settle for an iphone4???

  13. john says:

    @totong: mukhang sa lahat ng stores na meron na ganito yung price I can only haggle at 39k which is tolerable but im so concerned with the warranty so I guess i’ll wait for the official release

  14. edson says:

    swap na lang sa moto droid x, hindi ko kasi magamit dito e…

  15. Fleeb says:

    @Daniel, super AMOLED is a proprietary display technology of Samsung. HTC cannot just use it at will.

  16. Eric says:

    @ Marvin Paul – I plan to get the Desire HD for Christmas, but if it’s not out yet I’ll probably get the HD7 as a second option. Right now I think the Desire HD is the better phone since you know exactly what you’ll be getting feature-wise. The HD7 meanwhile lacks a lot of key-features compared to android and ios phones, but you’re gambling that Microsoft’s updates will bring it to par. MS already has 2 massive updates planned for January and February. The gamble here is that since MS doesn’t allow companies to customize WP7 phones, then firmware updates should be more immediate, unlike some Android phones who are still waiting for the Froyo upgrade. It’ll probably takes another 6 months before current phones can be upgraded to Honeycomb, but that’s just my take on things.

  17. junulrik says:

    just got htc desire hd for 810 sgd about 27K pesos.. super good .. syang nga lng di AMOLED ang screen.. but screen still superb.. this is better than any windows 7 phone… highly recommended…

  18. junulrik says:

    i bought my htc desire hd at 27k pesos in singapore 3 days ago. it is so so good…
    i asked one shop here in manila omg the price is 37k pesos..

  19. jamecs says:

    @junulrik – where did you buy in sing? does it come with an international warranty? any freebies?

  20. razorous says:

    I wish it had a front facing camera for video calls..

  21. junulrik says:

    i got my htd desire hd at mobilesquare in far east mall.. local warranty only in singapore..

  22. omixam says:

    @totong: where exactly in mega did u see this? im waiting for this fone for like, forever. :) balak ko nga sana blackberry torch na pula ung bbilhin ko e. kaso i saw ur comment and u said sa mega nga. :)

  23. J.R. Francisco says:

    For the ones who bought their Desire HD in Singapore, would they be exactly the same model/version that will be released here? I’ve heard that for some gadgets differ in versions depending on the region? Thanks in advance!

  24. Shellcourt says:

    I got mine from Singapore last friday. Price is already SGD 830 (roughly Php 28k), but still way cheaper than local prices. Check out this site or you may call them +65 67333747

    Sobrang sulit!!! Go get one now. My problem now is, I could not yet find a jelly case for my HD.

  25. Geko says:

    If this phone is priced at greater than 30k, i would rather get a Galaxy S. When the price drops below 30k, then we have a deal

  26. junulrik says:

    kung nasa singapore ka pa sa ngayon, sa lucky plaza may nagbebenta ng silicon case for htc desire hd sa may lowest level.. dun din ako nakabili before.

  27. Shellcourt says:


    Pinabili ko lang sa sister ko yung phone. So hindi sya makahanap ng case for this. Thanks for the tip though! Sayang!!!

  28. Joe says:

    Got to say sorry to samsung, HTc sense is bringing up greater performance. Is samsung only have the touchwiz?

  29. marco says:

    I don’t think the resolution is the reason why it can’t display more than 4 rows of icons. I think sense UI is just made that way. My 240×320 screen can even display upto 6 rows of icons, just smaller because it’s mere two inches diagonal wise.

    To someone asking whether it’s good for ebook or not, well i guess it is! Higher resolutions than 480×800 can only promise you smoother font edges but the amount of text it can display, that is by utilizing every pixel, depends on the app you are using, or the OS limitation/feature if you look at it in a broader way. But if you have this amazing ability of reading text with mere half millimeter in height(like me ;) without straining your eyes, then i suggest ip4’s retina. And don’t zoom in! You’ll be spending so many pixel just to display a single letter, that’s a waste! Lol.

    Bottom line is, higher resolutions(and dpi if you include the screen size into perspective) only mean sharper texts and images/icons, but it doesn’t necessarily dictates how many objects the screen can display. Legend? Iphone 3Gs? They have lower resolutions than their successors but they have the same rows of icons that sense and ios inherently has. You see, pairing high res. with small screen size is not such a brilliant idea. It doesn’t bring much benefit to the end user, other than… ‘art?’ and perhaps, ‘specsheet decoration!’ care to aggree? Nonetheless, it’s an advancement in technology that geeks like us can’t resist. Btw, i’m buying ipod touch 4g because i want print-like display, i’m an artlover, you know? Hehe.. And i’m nearsighted so i might appreciate it when reading texts that’s still sharp and legible though too small cause i can.

    But sir abe’s theory can be true too if only the difference is too huge. Say nokia 3210 and iphone 4, now that’s so much, former is not even colored. Displaying all iphone 4’s objects in 3210 would equate to 1object per pixel, and it will not even suffice. XD …Or so i think, anyone’s free to correct me if i’m wrong.

  30. chris says:

    is this phone out yet?

  31. john says:

    yes its out there lost haha baka feb pa dumating sa official stores d/t supply shortage and dun pa bababa yung price

  32. jamecs says:

    just got my desire hd in Singapore (as low as $735+ sgd nalang in Funan, around P24.7k). I’m new to Android, I don’t have a data plan (yet), do I have to turn off “Mobile Network” in the Settings so I won’t be charged? Or do I just have to un-check the “Enable always-on mobile data”?

  33. NemOry says:

    eto nanaman, ang ganda talaga mg design mga HTC oh, android panaman to super ganda talaga ng design ang laki pa ng screen HD nga talaga. .grabe.

  34. J.R. Francisco says:

    @ Robin – Any word as to how much? I’m inquiring but the store hasn’t gotten back to me yet..

  35. Jay says:

    Meron na sa Powerplant Mall, Mobile 1! 40k

  36. Jay says:

    pero is it worth it pag binili DHD? kakabili ko lang kasi ng Desire. ang takot ko kasi eh baka may lumabas na mas powerful sa DHD by 2011 since ilang araw na lang ay 2011 na.

  37. Mat says:

    @Jay I would say its worth it. The most that will come out next year are Dual Core processors and I dont think phones will really need them anyways. In terms of software, Android is updatable and HTC is a company that regularly updates its software.

    I got my DHD 4 days ago and I can tell you that it makes my wife’s HTC Desire look like a toy.

    If you wait till next year you can expect the price to drop, but I already got mine below SRP and I’m very happy with it.

  38. Jay says:

    Thanks mat! yes, me too im not considering those dual core. siguro konting baba lang sa price and ill grab it asap! ngyong lumabas parang nagsisisi tuloy ako, dapat talaga tiniis ko na lang na mag antay. may choice ka na ba sa DHD kung sa pwede mag install ng apps, etc?

    last question: may nagro-root ba sa greenhills? :)

  39. vince says:

    magkano bili mo sa desire at saan mo nabili? pinaka mura kong nakita sa North Edsa, 23,500 pero parang hindi na ako makapaghintay eh.

  40. pupuboy says:

    guys kindly share to us pag officially lumabas na sa htc stores yng DHD ha, im planning to buy na sana sa ibang sources kso mukhang ndi cla covered ng phils warranty ng htc tnx tnx

  41. J.R. Francisco says:

    @ Vince: @23,500 only? U sure that’s DHD? Sounds like it’s just the htc desire.. an online shop is selling it for 32k. cheapest so far I’ve seen..

  42. It’s actually lower than that now, mr. Francisco. HTC Phils. just announced the repricing.

  43. J.R. Francisco says:

    Oh great! But is that true what Vince said? It’s only Php23,500 only in North Edsa?

  44. @pupuboy – i’m selling it now. =)

    @J.R. – I’m pretty sure he meant the original HTC Desire. Prices of the DHD aren’t even that low abroad.

  45. J.R. Francisco says:

    i kinda figured that it was the orginal HTC Desire.. But thanks for clarifying =)

  46. Jovel Gangcuangco says:

    Got my DHD last week and I’m already tweaking with it and so far kahit nasisira ko OK naman :D

    So for rooting just go here:

    Madali lang magroot, just follow the instructions posted, ako lang nagroot at nagchange ng ROM, radio and kernels nung sa akin.

    Additional tips:
    1. If you want the recently released OTA update from HTC (improves camera performance and other stuff) but you’re currently rooted, try nyo yung LeeDroid HD 1.3 ROM. Incorporated na ung OTA dito and nakatweak na sya so wala na kayo kelangan kalkalin masyado

    2. Yung Snapdragon processor can be overclocked @ 1.5 Ghz! Custom kernels are also available so visit

  47. Jay says:

    @vince – mura na yan, 28k sakin sa ambassador park square. Siguro kasi 15k lang yung cash and the rest is payable in 3mos. Antayin mona lang dhd, konting araw na lang siguro.

    Sorry sa post ko na meron na sa rockwell, inatat lang ako ng asawa ko!

    @jovel – pwede bang mag root without installing another rom?

  48. john says:

    @jay: siguro pwede pag nagroot access ka kasi kailangan mo lang iopen yung kernel for modification yung sa samsung galaxy spica ko kasi may pinalitan ko lang yung pda.tar ko but then nawili na ako at pinalitan ko na din yung entire kernel then malaon nag palit na ako ng custom rom ko :P

  49. Ms. D says:

    My bf just bought this nun monday from CMK cellphones… may website sila… mas mura ang prices nila kesa sa mall… pero mas oki sila kesa sa stores sa greenhills… opinion ko lang… ung HTC desire HD is 29,990 cash ngayon sa kanila :)

  50. Jay says:

    @Ms.D – Thanks sa info! HTC Philippines daw warranty nila…

  51. easyD says:

    Just got mine from singapore. Came out close to 29k but with bluetooth headset and extra batt =) Been all over it since yesterday and I must say kakaiba tlga sya from the phones I’ve had before. First android phone though. Just amazing. Looking for a case for it now.. anyone know where could buy 1?Thanks in advance! Btw, topelectronics I think is selling it a bit cheaper than CMK. Go to their multiply site-

  52. Jay says:

    woohooo! next week kuha ako! but 1 question… bakit mura sa kanila and bakit sila meron na tapos sa mga mall wala pa tapos under ng htc phils yung warranty?

    so walang sinabi talaga yung mga bagong lalabas early quarter ngyon sa DHD?

  53. deafeyes says:


    I’m planning to get a new phone (btw, I will be a first-time android user), and I’m deciding on either the desire hd or just the plain desire.

    My main concern is battery life, since it will be a big issue for me. I travel a lot but usually I don’t have access to a charger/plug. I need a phone that can last me a little over a day for my on-the-go needs.

    In terms of usage, Wifi, texting, and a little bit of reading (via the pdf reader) usually ang gagawin ko. What are the advantages to each, and which phone do you suggest?

    Thanks in advance!

  54. Jay says:

    for me, try to buy extra battery na lang or car charger… wala naman atang ok na battery sa mga phones ngyon.

  55. john says:

    If you can’t charge after 1 day and a half dont get the desire HD unless you can live with a power bar. Battery life is really short but tolerable. I sometimes need to recharge 2x a day though i watch movies and use my DHD for gps and music

  56. easyD says:

    @ Jay- It’s cheaper for the online stores because I think of the rent factor. They’re not located in malls or places that would give them high overhead costs? But I’m just guessing. With regard to the warranty, they are authorized dealers of HTC.

    The DHD has so many features that I think would make it worth your money. But yes, batt life is a problem. Good thing the shop in Singapore gave my cousin a good deal. Came with an extra batt,bluetooth headset-all for 880 sing dollars,minus 40 bec of the tax rebate.

  57. lawrence m. says:

    Got mine in for 27000 for their initial price.. baka bumaba p yan for the coming weeks.. may warranty din.. cla ang alam kong pinakamura n online gadget store.. 29900 kc s cmk which is one of the competitive online gadget store s country..

  58. Arthur says:

    @Lawrence – They should price it lower since wala naman palang HTC Phils. warranty yung phone.

  59. Jay says:

    CMK has HTC phils warranty daw. nagtataka lang ako kung bakit sila naka HTC warranty since wala pa sa market dito sa pinas.

    asa 30,999 DAW/BAKA ang price sa mobile1 rockwell. sabi nila baka sat dadating na but still no text from them. konti lang naman difference sa mga online store

  60. Arthur says:

    @Jay – I meant yung Widgetcity ang walang HTC warranty.

    topelectronics also already has them. i think they were the first one to receive stocks.

  61. Ms. D says:

    yep may warranty sa CMK and you can choose to pay via credit card and may stall sila so hindi sila completely online shop lang…

    sa battery life… with that 4.3in screen and only 1230mAh battery… okay na un mangament nya comparing it to my n97 mini but 1200mAh… xmpr nokia un o well, will probably shift to an android on my next phone :)

    may nabili na kaming soft case at screen protector sa shop sa MOA, forgot the name… nagiisa plang xa dun siguro kse wala pa nga un DHD. :D

  62. Jay says:

    Ms.D – magkano po yung soft case and screen protector? hows the speaker? maganda ba tunog pag hindi naka headset? nag iinit ba batt pag naka online? yung desire ko kasi pag online ako umiinit…

  63. River says:

    I hate how Philippine stores don’t announce the exact date new phones arrive. I bought an HTC Desire three weeks ago because I was thinking maybe DHD wouldn’t come anytime soon (also because a store I contacted didn’t say when it’s arriving). Tapos I got surprised they have na the DHD. Disappointing :(

  64. Jay says:

    @River – actually even sila hindi nila alam talaga kung kelan sila babagsakan ng mga unit. dati kasi bago ako bumili ng desire, tinatanong ko kung kelan ang DHD but since even HTC hindi makasagot. hirap din ako humanap ng desire dati kasi sabi nila naka order na sila pero wala silang idea sa dating ng deliveries. 3 weeks ago lang din sakin @28k, too close sa price ng DHD but since walang pagsisisi kasi makulit ako

  65. john says:

    @Ms D saan banda sa moa ung softcase? dun ba sa may gadget store area sa north wing?? naninipisan kasi ako parang laging malalaglag pag ginagamit ko ng nakahiga.

    I just got the screen protector may matte and may glossy they both sell for 280

    I got the glossy one para dumulas yung screen medyo madikit kasi. Maganda din ata yung matte para mabawasan yung kapit ng fingerprint sa screen at mas makita when under the sun though yun bawas yung wow factor ng screen

  66. Ms. D says:

    @ jay and john

    ung soft case may kasama na screen pro is 900 pesos forgot the brand e, pero dun nga xa sa wing ng MOA na mura gadgets…

    hindi kse skin un phone so il ask about performance… grabe ang recent nyo lang pla bumili ng desire… sayang :(

  67. Ms. D says:

    I mean ung puro MGA gadgets cellphones etc… marami kaming stores na tinanungan pero nun time na un , un plang ung meron case ng desire hd… i think glossy screen protector un kasama…

  68. kim says:

    May nakita ako na htc desire hd sa isang online gadget store for only 23k. Napaka reliable naman nitong online store na to kasi nafeature na din sya sa newspaper at tv. sa tingin nyo paano naging possble na 23k lang sa kanya pero almost lahat ng nagtitinda ng desire hd are almost 25k+++

    please answer naman oh. nalilito na kasi ako kung bibili ba ako.

  69. Jay says:

    mura naman ata… i’ll get 1 today sa ambassador, park square @27.5k

  70. soccerkit says:

    Hi just saw that widget city is selling it @ 23,500 now thats price depreciation for the unit,i wonder bakit ganun na lang sya kamura…im thinking of getting one for myself nga

  71. Arthur says:

    @soccerkit – that seller is selling gray market units. and 23k for a non-warrantied phone is too expensive considering that parts for the DHD can cost 15-20k

  72. jamecs says:

    heads up lang sa mga balak bumili ng desire hd, may kahinaan ang speakers niya. you can barely hear it (call or text) in crowded places pag nasa bulsa mo, kahit naka max ang volume, but I guess yun ang silbi ng vibration. pero in a normal living room ok naman, place it face down if you want to play music or set an alarm para mas malakas ng konti (nasa likod ang main speaker).

    hardware issue daw (not os) according to some forums, baka that’s one reason kaya bumaba ang price. but overall, it’s still a solid phone!

  73. Jay says:

    diko alam kung may problema… pero parang mas mabilis sakin ang desire. or naninibago lang ako sa size siguro kaya pag nag slide ako mukang mabagal lang tignan

  74. chris says:

    Im thinking of getting an HTC Desire HD soon.

    Does anyone know why the price dropped to PHP26K from 35K?
    (scary cause it dropped so fast! anything wrong with it?)

    They said that DHD was up for a Gingerbread update but not yet confirmed. Does anyone think it will push through?

    For the ones who already purchased the DHD, anything else that you can share in regards to its performance? or any complaints?


  75. john says:

    I guess that is the price from the grey market / non htc philippines registered phone… I got mine from top at 30k sa invoice priced pa din siya as per SRP but he gave discount lower than 30 i think its a grey market unit 27ish as per its srp on singapore and HK… anyways super ganda ng unit I like the build quality no more battery issue all I did was calibrate the battery now it last 1.5 days of moderate use malakas lang talaga kumain ng battery if I use the music player with SRS/dolby… baka may sound boost din for HTC tulad ng sa ibang android units like with my samsung before you can max out the speakers accessible siya via android service mode

  76. Mark says:

    I have the DHD for about 2 weeks now and my only complains are the battery and the phone locator in the HTC sense is not working. The UI is responsive. switching from an iphone 3gs to DHD, i can say that the DHD is miles ahead better in terms of performance. way better!

  77. Jay says:

    Just also tried yung locator, ok naman… asa area kaso baligtad ng building ako nalocate.

    sa mga nakakuha na, may napansin ba kayo (ewan lang kung ganon din sa inyo) na pag asa settings kayo, tapos merong lightened text tapos pag nag scroll up or down ka lalo syang lumalabo? kinompare ko sa desire, hindi nag ganon eh. pati yung sa menu tapos pag ginawa nyong listing may mga lighten na guhit yun but still pag scroll up & down mas lumalabo.

  78. Mark says:


    wala naman akong naexperience pa regarding sa lumalabo ang text or widgets pag nag scroll up or down.

  79. Jay says:

    patay… tsk ano kaya to, may sira? sa widget wala ako problema… yung lightened text lang nagbabago lalo na pag dahan dahan yung pag scroll up or down. (usually sa settings lang)

  80. john says:

    @jay: same here wala namang ganun di kaya lcd ghosting yan? Sa widgets lang ba?

  81. Jay says:

    @john – nope… pag pumasok lang ako settings mismo. kahit sang settings. halimbawa sa wireless & networks, yung mga “disable all wireless connections / turn on wi-fi” etc, basta yung asa 2nd line ng 2nd option. pag dahan dahan lumalabo di tulad ng pag di pa ginagalaw or scroll up & down

  82. Jay says:

    actually di naman ganon kalabo, napansin ko lang talaga yun kasi yung desire hindi naman ganon. even yung line nya sa setting nagla-lighten din

  83. Mark says:

    pag nagcoconnect ka sa wifi at mobile network lalabo sya talaga momentarily habang nagcoconnect. pero babalik sya ulit sa dating brightness once connected. yun lang ang naexperience ko.

  84. Jay says:

    sakin kahit hindi naka connect… nung unang bili ko napansin ko na agad yun kasi shempre derecho ako sa settings, akala ko kasi baka default batt lang kaya mahina lang.

    yung unang reklamo ko na mabagal eh ok na, diesel siguro… :)

  85. Dave says:

    Hope you can feature our site on your blog. Thanks in advance and more power sir!

  86. Thanks mat! yes, me too im not considering those dual core. siguro konting baba lang sa price and ill grab it asap! ngyong lumabas parang nagsisisi tuloy ako, dapat talaga tiniis ko na lang na mag antay. may choice ka na ba sa DHD kung sa pwede mag install ng apps, etc?

  87. juls says:

    which would you recommend? DESIRE HD OR the upcoming XPERIA ARC? anyone who has an idea whether the xperia arc supports flash player 10.1? pls advise … TNX…

  88. Jovel Gangcuangco says:

    I think xperia arc is better, meron kasi syang bravia engine so expect na better ang display then medyo mataas ng konti ang resolution nya compared to DHD.

    btw, nagtry na ba kayo ng custom rom. I’ve been using the latest version of LeeDroid for DHD and so far it’s good

  89. Mark says:

    @ juls

    since experia will run on the android platform im sure it will support flash 10.1, regarding on what to choose hintay ka nalang muna ng mga review ng experia. on paper kasi mukhang maganda din ang specs ng experia.

  90. Jay says:

    tanong lang… 1. under sa Location, nade-detect ba yung mismong lugar nyo kung asan kayo? kasi yung sakin parang hindi ako nadedetect eh. minsan asa area naman pero pag dating sa ayala yung sa bahay ang lumalabas.

    2. hindi applicable sa pinas yung premium navigation?

  91. Mark says:

    check mo yung box na use wireless networks para mas accurate ang location mo. kasi pag GPS lang ayaw magappear ng current location.

  92. Jay says:

    Mark – may check na dati pa pati use GPS satellites eh…

  93. Jay says:

    ngayon medyo natahimik nako… mukang ganon ata talaga yung highlighted text na sinasabi ko. 4:20 – 4:25

  94. soccerkit says:

    Hi guys any comment on its battery life? How long is its lifespan during heavy usage and how often do you charge your desire HD?

  95. lawrence m. says:


    Android Revolution HD 2.08 ang ggamit ko n custom rom. ok naman sya. Mas mabilis kesa sa stock rom kasi may custom kernel sya na kayang ioverclock yung processor ng DHD to 1.2 ghz. at undervolted ung kernel kaya hindi nakakaapekto sa battery life ung overclocked processor.

  96. juls says:

    i’m currently using xperia x10 but am planning to change it to DHD mainly because of the flash player 10.1 feature which the x10 doesn’t have. Anyone who can advise if it’s worth the change and what is the difference between rooting the DHD as compared to not rooting it… tnx… ur response will be greatly appreciated….

  97. Mark says:

    @ juls

    i havent tried the experia x10, but for me switching from the iphone3gs to DHD, its definitely worth it. it has full flash support so you can view the content of the websites just like a regular PC.

    if you root the DHD you can customize it even more further. theres a lot of free apps also for rooted phones available on the market.

  98. juls says:


    thanks mark for the response. another question , with regards to battery life, how often is the charging with moderate usage like for example surfing, watching videos on the web and a little texting. ive read a lot of negative feedbacks when it comes to DHD’s battery. what’s your experience on the battery so far.. as with regards to rooting the DHD, what’s the procedure for doing this, is it easy or complicated. tnx again….

  99. Mat says:

    @ jules and soccerkit

    Battery life is ok. 10 – 12 hours of heavy usage (3g, updates, GPS, tethering, etc…). The most I got out of it was around 28 hours.

    Please note that all time/hours mentioned are till I get to 30% battery. This means you can squeeze a bit more out of it.

  100. pupuboy says:

    hey guys, i just got my DHD for 26k at Sm North, can anyone give me a feedback on mobile networking using prepaid simpack? Yesterday I went to wireless centers of the 3 network provider (sun,globe,smart) and asked them if they can configure my settings so I can use the mobile/data network but all of them have the same response that they dont have available settings for the DHD, anyone who have tried using the mobile internet service beside the WiFi? tnx in advance…

  101. cherky says:

    i want to sell this one

    hd disere hd.

    it is packed full box

    mady by taiwan

    the price is 30000p

    email to me

  102. Mat says:


    Ive tried Globe and now have an Ulimited plan. Pre-paid was ok but for some reason, the widgets/apps wont work on the network. Sufing was fine, however.

    Post-paid is a dream. No issues whatsoever.

    P.S. Use even on pre-paid for your APN.

  103. Mat says:

    Edit my above post.


  104. pupuboy says:

    @mat hey man tnx for the tip, i can know use Globe’s internet service and download apps with it but it is much slower than connecting on a wifi hotspot, anyway still great especially using supersurf whehehe… tnx again…

  105. pupuboy says:

    (know) – now :)

  106. papa.pong says:

    a great phone…

    i got it for 27K ONLY – CASH basis (33k – credit card) at DIGITAL WALKER in TRINOMA…

    nice…wala lang front camera…ok na rin ang resolution…

  107. papa.pong says:

    where can i buy a leather case for DESIRE HD? is it available here in the phil (the genuine one)?

  108. Mat says:


    As far as I know, the official leather case is not available locally. The shops will tell you to ask the service center but I have never seen a service center selling accessories. Its a red herring.

    I bought mine on ebay for around 600 Php. I did buy it with a Desire pouch so I saved a bit on shipping.

  109. juls says:

    I finally got my own DHD and so far I like it better than the XPERIA X10 . I’m planning to buy a separate cradle dock charger or wall charger online for my DHD since I’m not quite satisfied with the charger that comes with the European type of adapter supplied in the box. I came across this site called ALIEXPRESS.COM (an affliate of and found one that I wanted… Just wanna ask if this site is reliable and if it’s safe to order from that site since most of the suppliers there are from China … Pls. advise…. TNX….

  110. Topher says:

    Guys, sa cmk is 26,000 na lang already. Outdated yata ako. :)

  111. pupuboy says:

    Loving my DHD every minute and every second whehehehe

  112. Leni says:

    Hi. Can someone help me root my DHD?
    Please. Thanks in advance.

  113. Blake Griffin says:

    HTC keeps on coming out with new phones very fast.

    HTC Desire HD now selling for 28K or lower with Official Warranty.

    Now there coming out with HTC Incredible S.
    the 4″ Screen even looks better than the 4.3″ of the Desire HD

    There are also news of the Desire HD2 with the same resolution of the iPhone 4

    Why couldn’t HTC and Android just build a Phone that could really go head to head with the iPhone 4

    Apple comes out with only 1 phone per year

    HTC comes out with 3-5 per quarter

    Android is just playing the numbers game.

    Nokia + WP7 will be promising the 1st NokiaWP7 Phone late this year.

    Will this be a contender to the King of SmartPhones iPhone? Or just another weak slap at Apple’s dominance?

    HTC, Samsung, etc.
    Flex the real Android Muscle if there is any…


  114. Mark says:

    hello guys,

    to root your DHD you can follow this link:

    to install other custom roms check the XDA forums


  115. Pat says:

    as of Feb. 26…. 25,000 nalang ang DHD!!!

  116. soccerkit says:

    Nice!!! Saw something on the Attack of the show that HTC Inspire is a little more powerful than the Desire is this true?

  117. Mark says:


    HTC inspire is the equivalent of HTC desire HD, its basically the same handset with a rebadge name for the US consumers.

  118. Jonathan says:

    Wow ang ganda nito, nakakalito, pwede malamang opinion niyo? I’m planning to upgrade from HTC HD2 to either Desire HD or HD7 and both in my opinion are really good phones. Pero it would be nice to know what you guys think first before me buying. Thank you in advance.

  119. Mark says:

    GO for the desire HD because it runs on google android. i dont think there is much apps available for the hd7.

  120. gingersnapz28 says:

    Hey guys, quick question: would you know if there is a screen protector and an ordinary (yet durable) pouch with a front cover for the HTC Desire HD? I’m trying to look around sa Philippine forums but I’m not getting any results. :( I’m planning on getting one in a month’s time and before I do, I need to make sure that it will have a screen protector and a cheap (yet durable) pouch. :)

    Let me know guys! :)

  121. zaffy says:


    I have question to my fellow HTC Desire Users in the Philippines or anyone who maybe able to help.

    I recently bought this phone and MMS does not work. I already went to GLOBE (my carrier) and had them configure it. After several attempts it still did not work. My internet configuration has already been saved and works fine. I observed that everytime I save the MMS settings, it wont have a button that turns orange when you tick it just like what my internet settings has. I heard that you need to alter them depending what service you need to use ( internet or mms) by ticking on the button. But how could that be possible if there is no button to tick on and select MMS?! I need to use both service but it just wont let me. I love the phone. Its great but it is giving a horrible problem solving this issue.. I can resort to the “ticking method” for as long as i have that button to tick on but there’s none!

    PLEASE HELP!!! :(

  122. habilyonar says:

    trusted po ba cmk? :))

  123. habilyonar says:

    trusted po ba ang cmk? :D

  124. gingersnapz28 says:

    Just bought my HTC Desire HD yesterday in Greenhills and it cost me 24,500. Apparently, the lowest they could give me (and believe me when I say I scouted every corner of Greenhills for the cheapest price)was 24,000. Still not bad for a phone that has so much potential. I’ll let you guys know how it goes but as of now, I’m liking this phone better than my iPhone 3GS :)

  125. Jay says:

    anyone tested the Location or Car Panel application? simula nung binili ko kasi hindi ko magamit… eto yung mga problems:

    1. hindi ma locate yung exact location ko
    2. kaya hindi ko magamit yung car panel

    sa inyo ba ganyan din? dko tuloy mabili yung car holder kung hindi rin naman magamit yung navigation or gps. Thanks

    • Mat says:

      HTC locations works great for me with a lock between 2-12 seconds depending on conditions. Have you downloaded the HTC map for your area?

      Google maps is currently better if you have a network connection because of the details. HTC locations just uses streets with very few landmarks. The pains of living in a less-supported country, I guess. The plus side with Locations is that it can be used offline.

      About your GPS connection; you were never able to connect even outdoors with clear skies? You might want to check your settings. There is also an option to reinstall the Locations app and you might want to try that.

    • Jay says:

      actually nagamit ko na, sa wakas! tingin ko matagal lang ma detect yung gps signal ko… even yung bago ng FB na places, matagal hanggang sa hindi ko na tinuloy kung made detect yung lugar ko. pero sa desire mga ilang seconds lang detect na agad.

  126. mishka says:

    ill just wait for HTC EVO 3D

  127. sonny says:

    bought DHD for 23,500 with free shipping from

  128. Kim Lazaro says:

    Guys. anybody interested on buying my htc desire hd? Mga 2 months useed sya and walang scratch. screen protector since day 1 and may case. complete with HTC PARTS AND SERVICES. price is 20k. please text me at 09151836233. please text me na lang kasi minsan lang ako magvisit dito. thanks!

    reason for selling: I need cash. wala syang problem.

  129. azirc says:

    desirde hd or desire s?

  130. azirc says:

    may gingerbread update na ba for desire hd?

  131. Jay says:

    bakit yung sa location sa DHD, hindi nade-detect pag outside metro manila na? halimbawa asa batangas ako, ang nakalagay na eh asa pacific ocean ako! nung bina-browse ko na eh hanggang muntinlupa lang yung sa south tapos yung sa north hanggang qc lang

  132. irich says:

    hi!! My HTC desire HD is from uk. gusto ng unlimited internet connection sana. please help!


  133. jamecs says:

    hi, anyone know where I can buy a case-mate barely there for this?

  134. Jeff says:

    Hi, does anyone know where one can have an HTC phone to be repaired? specially Desire HD? parang sira yung ear piece. I cannot hear anything during a call but the other party can hear me.

  135. jay says:

    May naka subok na ba ngayon na pag naka apply ka mg supersurf sa globe tapos pag binuksan mona router to share eh nawawala na yung connection. Dko lang alam kung may kinallaman to sa fair usage? Please advise, thanks!

  136. rafael says:

    Sir Yuga, ask ko lang po if magkakaroon po ba ng ICS update sa Desire HD? thanks po. :)

  137. Jhapot says:

    nahihirapan ako iactivate ang GPRS setting ng Desire HD for Smart.. may ibang options pa po ba? mejo nakukulitan na ung smart cust service sakin sa kakatawag..

  138. tworzenie says:

    magnificent points altogether, you just
    won a brand new reader. What would you recommend about your post that you just made some days in the past?
    Any certain?

  139. Leslie says:

    The screen of my HTC Desire HD broke, does anyone know more or less where and how much would it cost to have a new digitizer replaced? BTW, my phone came from the US. Thanks.

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