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HTC 7 Mozart to go on Pre-Order this week-end

Microsoft Philippines and Smart Comm. are teaming up to bring a slew of Windows Phone 7 devices to the Philippines this holiday season. First stop is the HTC 7 Mozart which will be available for pre-order starting Friday.

In a release sent this evening, Smart will be doing a road-show starting this week-end to showcase Windows Phone 7.

The HTC 7 Mozart is a 3.7-inch (480×800 pixels) Windows Phone 7 powered by a 1GHz chip, 8GB internal storage, 576MB RAM, 512MB ROM and 8MP camera that can do 720 video.

Be among the first to get hold of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Mozart as Smart Communications, Inc. kicks off the Smart Gold Rush “12 Thrills of Christmas” road show on November 19-21, 2010, at the 3rd Level, Eastwood City Mall, Libis, Quezon City.

Pre-order your HTC Mozart at Smart’s Gold Rush “12 Thrills of Christmas” and avail of special discounts and receive exciting freebies offered only this holiday season!

I’ve asked for additional information as to pricing of the prepaid kits as well as the postpaid plans that come with it. From the statements on the release, it looks like the only way you can make the pre-orders will be at the roadshows only. I wonder if people will also be lining up for this one.

Will post updates and details once I get them.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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43 Responses

  1. reboot says:

    for those in davao, i’ve seen tekpone is offering this at P27,490, 0% interest for 6 months.

  2. kannuchi says:

    Nice.. Looks like Smart is loadin’ lots of Xenon flashed-smartphones. First was N8, next is Mozart.

  3. mr. bogus says:

    hmm.. wp7 cp are coming.. i dont like lang yung “scrabble tile” like u.i. nya, but lets see!!…

    like iphone os, symbian, bb os and android, ang magdadala talaga ay yung mga apps hindi yung unit…

  4. pogi says:

    sobrang dami pa ng limitations ng wp7.
    wla multitaskng, copy paste, bluetooth file transfer, mass storage mode..
    but nvrtheless, ok sya kung hindi naman masyadong techie ang ggamit. astig ng ui!

  5. kannuchi says:

    Well, that’s quite true. But for Windows Mobile users, let’s see how well this will satisfy them as an upgrade to WinMo.

  6. Miklos says:

    Is this using the Samsung pentile screens?

    Most people dont know that many new phones with 800×480 resolution uses Samsung’s pentile screens which is interpolated resolution as it is not true RGB.

    A RGB based resolution of 640×360 is bigger than pentile resolution of 800×480 – go figure.

  7. jessjr says:

    Windoze? Bloated OS? Virus? Malware? Security issues? Nothing sounds new! Like IE9 this is a trash with a new shinny wrapper.

  8. ceal89 says:

    Hope its not exclusive to Smart. Looks freaking sweet to pair up with my Legend :-D

  9. Randolf says:

    Bago sana mag criticize yung ibang tao dyan, alamin nyo muna pinagsasabi nyo.


    para malaman ng ibang tao dyan.

  10. JEJEJE says:


    Wag ka nang mahiya. Tukuyin mo ang pangalan para hindi blind item. Parang nasa Startalk lang ang pagpaparinig mo eh.

  11. John says:


    Akala nya ata kasi Windows 7. LOL.

    This is Windows PHONE 7. :)

  12. Dino says:

    @jessjr….sir we are talking about Windows Mobile here…not Windows for desktop. Have you used a WinMo phone before? Yan ang hirap sa iba eh criticize agad di pa naman naka-hawak hehe. Ive been a Windows OS user since the XDA days and I didnt find any of those issues you mentioned. Baka wrong forum ka sir? hehe. Ang alam kse ng iba dyan Nokia lang…yung “user-friendly” na phones pero pag Windows or Android OS na magugulo na isip nila hehe peace bro..

    Anyway….Windows 7 is indeed new….I cant tell also if its better or not than the old WinMo OSes. Lets see…

  13. weh dinga? says:

    @Randolf @John

    Well, you just busted your nuts dahil as early as now, nagsusulputan na ang viruses for the WP7 platform. yun nga lang, di kasing dami ng WinMo 6, mas madami kasing bugs.

    kayo ata ang di nagreresearch, Windows and Symbian will both be OSes of the past. pasensya sa inyo. go to other gadget review/news sites, hindi yung sa wikipedia ka lang nakatingin.

  14. Dino says:

    @weh dinga, you must be an iPhone lover hehe

  15. weh dinga? says:

    let me just clear out what I posted.

    ….yun nga lang, di kasing dami ng WinMo 6, ang madami kasi sa WP7, bugs. bug sa interface, bug sa xbox integration, bug sa memory card, bug sa pag zoom in sa webpages, it seems like Microsoft wasn’t ready to release this phone OS, they’re just hyped out by iOS, Android, BB OS and Symbian (which sucks, too btw).

    naputol eh :)))) sorry

  16. weh dinga? says:

    @Dino sorry, I don’t buy Jobs’ craps :))))

  17. salem says:

    wow. another windows mobile o.s. naalala ko pa yung windows 6.0 ko na moto q. after one year ng pag gamit, di ko pa rin na master ang sobrang complicated na menus at file systems. sana nag improve na sila.

  18. Dino says:

    mag-Android nalang kayo! hehe. My last WinMo phone was the HTC Touch Dimaond 2 running on WM6.5…wala naman ako problem kaya lang gusto ko maiba naman since 1990s pa ako naka-Windows (starting with HP Jornada and then XDAs)….then recently I shifted to Android on HTC Desire. Ayus na ayus mga sir/maam…try nyo. Its the same as WinMo din…you can tweak, customize, cook and flash custom OSes, etc etc….lalo na cooking and flashing OSes…andun parin yung kaba, then the feeling of success hehe. Besides, their forum is in xda-dev forum din…the same forum as that of WinMo OSes.

    oops sorry baka off-topic na :p

  19. nightcrawler says:

    @weh dinga?

    apple products are crap?! are you serious? last time I checked, everyone tried to copy their UI and hardware, Nokia’s popular Symbian lost traction in the market (due to Android and iOS continuously dominating), Palm hired Rubinstein and even windows was pushed to reboot their mobile OSes to say the least. Meego is coming, but i just don’t care anymore. I can place hundreds of reasons here why they are better than the competition, at the moment.

    How many developers have made apps for iOS again? i think it’s more than 300T. So what does that tell you? I am an apple fan pero a certified android (2.1)user and an iOS user. Be objective at hindi lang dahil namamahalan ka sa isang bagay gagana na ang defense mechanism mo. peace :)

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  20. Dino says:


    Pasawsaw. Not really crap but I think Apple is just very good in advertising, they make old technology sound like new and they’re really good in it. Nowadays, ang isang gadget lagyan mo lang ng “i” it will surely sell like hotcakses hehe. Unlike WinMo phones before na hindi gaano advertised, na kokonti lang nakak-alam about Windows phone, yung mga real techy lang talaga. What was the first phone na touchscreen? A WinMo phone. Yet not everyone knows about it….then came iPhone and Steve Jobs…ayun everyone came running to iPhone :) When the first iPhone came out, the technology used there was already being used for many years by Windows OS phones….they just repacked the technology in a nicer package and then came iPhone :) Sabi nga nila, if you want to look techy but youre not really techy, get the iPhone….look kahit sino naka-iPhone…makikita mo naman hindi lahat ng naka-iPhone mayayaman hehe. However, if you are really techy and you want a real techy phone, get a WinMo or an Android phone :) Some people dont base their phone acquisition by the price…I can afford the most expensive phones out there but I prefer a realy techy phone. I want a phone na pag hiniram ng iba, ibabalik sayo kase kamot sila ng ulo at nagtataong “papaano ba gamitin to?” hehe. In fact, hindi naman nagkakalayo ang prices ng iPhone sa mga WinMo and Android phones di ba?

    Pero the best talaga ang Android…next to WinMo hehe. Peace bro :)

  21. nightcrawler says:


    I agree sa halos lahat ng sinabi mo lalo na yun part na repackaged old technology (i hated it when they marketed the front facing camera as a new thing though not over emphasizing on the hardware but more on Facetime) Pero yun UI talaga ang nagpapanalo sa kanila. the fluidity of UI and user friendliness too

    Marketing is another thing pero you really get what they usually tell you in the ads. and the hardware? they are all pretty! i’m about to get a 13″ macbook pro next month, so please stop me! i mean, seriously stop me

  22. lawreas says:

    eto na naman ang mga fantards, defending their whorshipped OEMs..

    just view the product objectively.. kung hindi fit sa inyo, move on..

  23. Pusang Kulog says:

    Wow! Away! He he he… Maganda yan basagan ng cellphone para makita kung sino talaga the best! Wahaha!!!

  24. fireball says:

    i think lahat naman may pros and cons sa phones even gadgets. so give windows a chance! =)

  25. boyboy says:

    pwede ba maginstall ng mga windows applications intended for pc’s and laptops sa phone na ito?

  26. Nemo says:

    WinMo had its share of innovations and bugs but it was let down by the phones that it was installed on. Unresponsive UIs and laggy interface (think of the Samsung Omnia series) made it crappy compared to even the aging Symbian OS (which had fewer features but was more usable). Apple is really good at repackaging but they did blow away the competition with iOS, a very responsive system, an attractive looking and user-friendly OS.

    I hope Windows Phone 7 can rectify the problems that plagued 6.5 and give Android and iOS a run for their money

  27. Dino says:

    @boyboy, sir syempre hindi naman siguro pwede…but softwares for laptops have their own mobile versions such as MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, IE, WMP, etc. Same as Apple softwares for Macs you cant install them to iPhones, and Android softwares for mobiles and laptops have their own versions also.

  28. jessjr says:


    Bro in case you’re NEW sa viruses on windows mobiles check the link below as one of the many examples. This affects Symbian and Palm as well.



    Since you’re fond of wiki, check the link below. Why would an anti-virus company create a product for such mobile OS if walang virus/malware at all? Virus = Malware = security issue = trash OS


    Guys have you seen a Windows product na walang virus/malware/security issue? Xenix!
    (check your wiki for details :) )

  29. Arvee says:

    @nightcrawler pasali lang din ah.

    Sure, iOS gained its success from the OS’ UI. Pero 2 phones na ang nagdaan, 3 generations ng iPod touch at nagkatablet pa. Walang pagbabago, same interface padin, right? Nakakasawa na yung “eye candy” interface nila.

    Let’s go 10 years back, where Symbian ruled the smartphone world along with their simple yet innovative UI (as of that time, compared to PDAs). 7 years later, they still thought the UI was great, so they’ve only applied minimal changes to the UI. Now, majority of the users refuse to get a Symbian phone because of its unappealing and tad slow interface. iOS just started the trend of the boxed icons. Icons don’t represent the whole interface, as well as the whole OS, of course. So you can’t say everyone is copying off their UI.

    I’m not ditching Symbian here, just try to compare their history with iOS. Don’t brag, especially pag UI ang usapan. Yung UI ng iOS, WP7, Android, hanggang kailan lang ba maganda yan? Till next year? 2 years? 7 years? We don’t know, pero what I’m sure of is if an OS will stick to its current UI, malalaos at malalaos din yan.

    :) IMO lang naman.

  30. mr.bogus says:

    usapang U.I. lang naman to… ok apple ang mga pinaka magandang U.I. sa NGAYUN (sige isama na rin hardware design)!!!!!

    pero pag dating sa features, and functionality wala binatbat yang apple na yan… maraming mas maganda pa…

    sa mga geeks alam nila maraming kulang iphone4..
    pero kung sa pormahan at pogi ponts mo lang gagamitin well bumili ka… pasalamat kayo daming apps na susuporta sa kakulangan nyan…

  31. immaGetAnHTCSoon says:

    I think it’s kinda unfair if we compare WinMo 6.5 with WP7 coz they literally overhauled the OS. They changed everything about the OS. The extreme makeover didn’t really started with the WP7, before this was the hotmail/live online services revamp, Bing, specially Bing Maps, Xbox live UIs (competing with sony’s) & Zune that they made that all come together and be accessible on the WP7. Let’s give these guys a chance. They’re the ones who introduced us to the internet, aren’t they? (not so sure, hehe)

    anyways, i love apple’s design, i love android phones specially HTC’s, i’m still using a nokia symbian Php 3,000.00 phone which is still so reliable so i love nokia. Let’s just admit it to ourselves that there is some OS competition going on right now and we are free to decide on what we wanna get, respect!

    bdw, it will be awesome if WP7 phones is equipped with Kinect! cooolness!

  32. Dino says:


    you read from the ineternet, but ilan ba talaga naka-experience ng virus sa WInMo? I for one never seen it. The thing is, mobile viruses is not a big deal in mobiles…..they only target mobiles, not your desktop. These so called viruses wont do any harm to your phone. Napakadali at napakaliit na issue. Ano ba naman kung i-hardreset mo lang ang phone to factory setting eh di burado na ang virus. Sus phone lang yan, hindi yan laptop hehe. Wiki is also a website…so ikaw din mahilig karin magbasa ng kung ano ano sa websites…without an actual hands-on on a product. Again, nakagamit ka na ba ng WinMo phone? How expert are you in WinMo phones? Eh puro basa ka lang din sa internet eh. Anong phone ba gamit mo why are you in this website, just to bash WinMo phones kahit wala kang alam at puro basa ka lang sa internet? Tulad nga ng sabi ni lawreas…just view the product objectively.. kung hindi fit sa inyo, move on! :)

    Hirap kase sa iba eh wala namang alam, critic ng critic, ni hindi pa naman nakahawak nung kini-criticize nila tsk tsk

  33. Daemon says:

    IOs vs Android Apple lacks Flash Support . Most of the webpages runs in flash. WHos is the king of the web its Google so all google apps is supported by droid phones.Youtube , google maps etc. There are alot of developers for IOs but still Droid phones has the edge in application technology because of being a OPEN SOURCE OS. SYMBIAN and Windows Mo is the PAST.

  34. jessjr says:

    @ dino

    Personal opinion vs facts + reality check. Micro vs macro perspective. Hands-down you’re the clear winner alright.

    But if you’ve been on the IT industry for more than 10 yrs, you know what I’m talking of. Otherwise you need to read more on M$ history.

  35. at my nag react. LOL. no need to provide me references. i know the + and – of tech. stuff. my point is each product has an advantage over the others. ang problem lang. most users are blinded from the past, stuck in Jurassic Age. and masyadong stereotype. puro yung kakulangan lang nakikita. LOL.

    We should sometimes appreciate what the present is offering to us. then dun i weight kung worth-it ito or not.

  36. at my nag react. LOL. no need to provide me references. i know the + and – of tech. stuff. my point is each product has an advantage over the others. ang problem lang. most users are blinded from the past, stuck in Jurassic Age. and masyadong stereotype. puro yung kakulangan lang nakikita. LOL

    We should sometimes appreciate what the present is offering to us. then dun nalang sana i weight kung worth-it ito or not.

  37. nohctis says:

    nu meron?

  38. dino abangan susunod na kabanata says:

    seriously dude. pag may android ka techie ka na? for real dude? anyone can get an android phone. people like it para maiba naman but i dont think they’re techie. and can you make up your mind on this one
    “I want a phone na pag hiniram ng iba, ibabalik sayo kase kamot sila ng ulo at nagtataong “papaano ba gamitin to?” hehe.”
    ” Ang alam kse ng iba dyan Nokia lang…yung “user-friendly” na phones pero pag Windows or Android OS na magugulo na isip nila hehe peace bro.. ”
    user friendly ba talaga ang os mo o hnde? lol.. and besides eh ano kung di alam gamitin ng iba unit mo. ikaw ba nasanay sa computer windows os papagamitin ng linux o mac mapipifigure out mo agad ng ganun kabilis? (i think companies would want consumers to find their units user friendly) and if you really are the techie dude you claim to be. then why not create an app or do something about it. im not taking sides here and i know someday android will be better than the IOS but just dont pretend to know everything when you dont. wiz kids who created jailbreaks and apps dont criticize the units, they make the most out of the units.

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