HTC One X+ and 8X WP8 lands in November 3

HTC is set to officially launch the HTC One X+ and the HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 across the region in November 2 to be followed by the release and sale on November 3.

We’ve been invited by HTC to attend the regional launch of these HTC handsets in Singapore.

The HTC One X+ was announced back in October 3 and comes with a bigger 2100mAh battery and 1.7GHz quad-core processor which is a welcome update to the One X.

The HTC 8X is a Windows Phone 8 handset which the company announced in September.

We’ll post updates during the launch itself and update this with local pricing.

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  1. Berkanoshow

    I’m torn between the HTC WP8X and the NOkia Lumia 920!

    • Get the Lumia. Because Pureview. Because 32GB storage. Because Nokia.

      If it’s too expensive (I’m hoping it doesn’t stray too much beyond 25,000 PHP) get the 8X. :D

    • get the Samsung Ativ S

  2. ceegii63

    sir abe official price po from HTC?

  3. Might buy the 8X if the price is right. Reckon the Lumia 920 will be higher so… Um. I just need a second phone.

  4. How about the 8s? Same release date with 8X?

  5. im actually disappointed with HTC One X’ camera.
    Overall the phone is good except for its camera which was suppose to be it’s selling point.
    I hope they improved the camera on the next version

  6. any updates on the release here in the philippines?

  7. when is this phone going to be available here in the philippines?


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