HTC One X+ and 8X WP8 lands in November 3

HTC One X+ and 8X WP8 lands in November 3

HTC is set to officially launch the HTC One X+ and the HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 across the region in November 2 to be followed by the release and sale on November 3.

We’ve been invited by HTC to attend the regional launch of these HTC handsets in Singapore.


The HTC One X+ was announced back in October 3 and comes with a bigger 2100mAh battery and 1.7GHz quad-core processor which is a welcome update to the One X.

The HTC 8X is a Windows Phone 8 handset which the company announced in September.

We’ll post updates during the launch itself and update this with local pricing.

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10 Responses

  1. Berkanoshow says:

    I’m torn between the HTC WP8X and the NOkia Lumia 920!

    • paolo says:

      Get the Lumia. Because Pureview. Because 32GB storage. Because Nokia.

      If it’s too expensive (I’m hoping it doesn’t stray too much beyond 25,000 PHP) get the 8X. :D

    • mike says:

      get the Samsung Ativ S

  2. ceegii63 says:

    sir abe official price po from HTC?

  3. John says:

    Might buy the 8X if the price is right. Reckon the Lumia 920 will be higher so… Um. I just need a second phone.

  4. Dumont says:

    How about the 8s? Same release date with 8X?

  5. GlenL says:

    im actually disappointed with HTC One X’ camera.
    Overall the phone is good except for its camera which was suppose to be it’s selling point.
    I hope they improved the camera on the next version

  6. jerico says:

    any updates on the release here in the philippines?

  7. jay says:

    when is this phone going to be available here in the philippines?

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