Smart’s free LTE to end March 31, Php995 afterwards

When I applied for my new UnliData Plan this afternoon, I was told that access to the LTE network is free or unlimited until March 31, 2014 and I have to pay an extra Php995 afterwards to gain back access.

Interviewed the CSR a bit more to get details. The specific instruction was that after March 31, I need to switch my network settings from LTE to 3G. Otherwise, I will be automatically charged an extra fee. Otherwise, I just need to text and upgrade to the LTE 995 plan (text LTE 995 to 2200).

Just this afternoon, a reader also pointed out that in order to enjoy LTE beyond the supposed 1.5GB cap is to subscribe to LTE 995 on top of my plan. Since LTE 995 is a VAS (value added service) and VAS is exempted from the FUP, this promo is not covered by Smart’s Fair Use Policy.

All in all, I will only have to spend Php1,500 (UnliData Plan 1500) and Php995 (LTE 995) on a monthly basis to be sure. Free LTE wasn’t never promised as forever but at least now we know it will only cost Php995, nothing more.

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  1. sana magoffer ang Smart ng plan transfer similar to how credit card companies offer balance transfer. something like yung MySuperPlan 1799 ng globe to All-In Plan 1800. I’d bite right away and happily give up my useless Globe loyalty program plan to switch to Smart.

    I was promised “Unlimited LTE” when I renewed my plan, not “3GB LTE then Unlimited 2G” connection, so their reasoning that my plan is still unlimited since I’m still connected with 2G is not valid.

    • CC companies can only transfer Visa to Visa, and Mastercard to Mastercard. There’s no 3rd party brand on networks, so it would be more difficult to form an agreement like that.

    • it was just a thought anyway, I understand something like that would be near impossible for Smart and Globe to agree upon :)

      but seriously though, anybody have any information on the process of opting out of a Globe MySuperPlan? really wanting that Smart All-In plan as in now. lol

    • You can preterminate, but you have to pay the pre termination fee, na masyadong malaki. Kaya either magpa bad record ko, or wait for your contract to end…

  2. LTE-free

    ef this, I don’t need my minutes, can SMART can convert my minutes into LTE

    • You can register to LTE 995. This service will charged you for P995.00. Just look for the appropriate service code or look for the flexibundles in smart website if your plan applicable for flexibundles to avoid additional charges…

    • SunCell Subscriber

      Just subscribe to Smart’s flexibundles and you can allocate 0 minutes and 995 to LTE.

  3. So it is possible to get a lower priced monthly plan instead of the unli data 1500, and then subscribe to LTE 995 on top of it, reducing monthly cost for internet? or is the LTE 995 only available on top of the unli data plan?

    • Jack, LTE995 is available to all smart subscriber postpaid and prepaid however aside from postpaid All-in plans 1200 and above you can register and consume your allowable to LTE995. If you’re postpaid data plan 1500 or above subscriber LTE995 will be billed on top of your monthly data plan 1500. You can chexk smart website for flexibundles and you can try their plan simulator for you to find out if your data plan 1500 will be charge an additional 995 pesos if you register to LTE995.

  4. Louie O.

    Nothing’s official according to Carlo Ople of unbox. He asked Smart and they’re no such official announcement or whatsoever…

  5. What about prepaid users? I just bought an LTE sim and I can say that the internet speed is faster than the Smart Bro sim I used to have. If I subsribe to LTE 995 (currently subscribed to LTE 50), does it have capping as well? I’m confused.

    • No reason to be confused. There are no data caps for prepaid subscribers, no matter what promo/subscription you are on.

  6. Much better, unlike Globe. Forever the shitty network.

  7. What an ingrate. Clearly, you lack the education you wanted.

  8. clarence

    Hi all,
    I am planning to get a freedom plan, then will opt to have unlimited LTE 995 + call and text combo (mega 250), iniisip ko lang magiging subject ba ako for FUP?

  9. Tess pinga 2

    Thanks grey!

  10. I also recently applied for an “All in Plan 1800” and the CSR explained it to me differently. With the plan 995 you’ll be getting the 3gb cap for lte THEN it’ll switch to 3g until you used the 1.5gb THEN it’ll switch you to 2G. As for the current Unli data users she said that it will also have an amount of lte before it goes back to 3g but I didn’t ask how many gygabites there is. Hope this helps?

  11. so is it better to get a prepaid LTE than subscribe to post paid LTE plans? I thought postpaid always gets better benefits.

  12. OK yung sa Smart. Get an All-In Plan. Ako, plan 1200. Nagenroll ako nung Trinet 400php tapos the rest sa LTE subscription. Ndi ko naman need na everyday naka LTE, so weekly or daily lang. Yun ang isang maganda sa Smart, may LTE na weekly or daily plans so sakto sa budget.

  13. Clarification Please

    So for example i am a prepaid user and i paid for LTE 995 – will i be charged against my airtime if i browse via 3G, HSDPA or HSPA?

    or if i am using UNLI 999, will i be charged if i browse via LTE?

  14. DC1777

    Switched to Smart’s Freedom plan, with the help of Smart’s CSR they changed my current limit from 600 (default for freedom plan) to 1600. This is so it could cover the LTE 995 and Trinet 400 subscription.

    with only 1395 monthly cost for UNLIMITED LTE and 500 min call it’s worth it. O di kaya 995 lang kasi naka-online naman lagi mga kausap ko kaya sulit na sulit..

  15. So is smart vas lte995 not included on data cap? The posts got me confused

  16. sky.walk

    My question, this prepaid LTE 995…i t says that this is unlimited..what if im gonna use this 8 hours a playing online games…8 hours a day..this smart LTE prepaid 995 can sustain?

  17. Hi. Ask lang po about unli data 1500. I read na may cap sya na 1.5gb for the lte.

    My question is. What if i switch my phone to 3g only. Babawas parin po ba sa 1.5gb na cap yun? Or unlimited siya basta 3g lang ang gamit.

    Anyway. Wala dn po kasing lte dto samin unless akyat sa rooftop. Kaya okay na ako sa 3g basta unlimited and walang cap. Wag lang 2g.


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