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Momax Q. Power Pro Wireless Battery Pack with Smart Dock Hands-On

Power banks have become a necessity for every smartphone holder these days. It’s not uncommon to see people holding a device plugged into a powerbank. However, smartphones these days now come with wireless charging, and so wireless chargers are beginning to become a staple in the market as well. Check out the Momax Q. Power Pro Wireless Battery Pack with Smart Dock.

The Momax Q. Power Pro Wireless Battery Pack with Smart Dock has two parts to it: the powerbank and the smart dock. It’s available in two colors, white and black, with our unit here in the latter color. It looks pretty sleek, and quite premium too, with both the power bank and the dock’s smooth and glossy front and aluminum body.

The power bank can be removed from the smart dock, and it will still work as both a wired/wireless charger. It almost looks and feels like a smartphone on the hands, with its rounded edges and matte rear. There’s a slight thickness to the power bank, but that’s probably due to the battery capacity it holds. Smartphones can be positioned vertically or horizontally against the power bank.

On the left side of the power bank, one can find the power button and four charging indicator lights. While situated on the bottom part is a USB-A port, the charging port for the power bank when it’s docked, and a USB-C port. Momax mentioned that the Q. Power Pro could charge up to three devices simultaneously.

The dock itself is small and circular, with a space intended for the power bank. In front of that is a thick rubber strip where one can put their phone for it to charge wirelessly. The front of the dock has charging indicator lights as well, while on the rear sits a USB-C port to charge the smart dock.

The Momax Q. Power Pro Wireless Battery Pack with Smart Dock has an 8,000mAh battery capacity that supports fast wireless charging. All in all, the Q. Power Pro is a pretty modern power bank that looks just like a smartphone; it’s a handy device that works 2-in-1 and can charge up to a maximum of three devices all at the same time. The Q. Power Pro is priced at PHP 2,990.

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